Describe how the program will transition technologies from the development stage to manufacturing, production, and insertion into the end system. Since changes to one project can easily impact other projects' technical, cost, schedule, and risk baselines, projects and their program may need to proceed to KDP C/KDP I together. Describe the project's infrastructure requirements (acquisition, renovations, and/or use of real property/facilities, aircraft, personal property, and information technology). Program Requirements on Projects. Develop and document appropriate mitigation plans for the identified risks. Emergency Response Requirements: Describe the project's emergency response plan in accordance with NPR 1040.1, NASA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning Procedural Requirements, and define the range and scope of potential crises and specific response actions, timing of notifications and actions, and responsibilities of key individuals. Describe completed or planned studies supporting make-or-buy decisions, considering NASA's in-house capabilities and the maintenance of NASA's core competencies, as well as cost and best overall value to NASA. 1.5 Program Authority, Management Approach, and Governance Structure. Identify driving ground rules, assumptions, and constraints affecting the resource baseline. In the case of the latter, the Project Plan contains a summary of and reference to the stand-alone document; the approval authority for the stand-alone control plan is the project manager. Additionally, the template details the process for managing and escalating issues, the decision-making process, and the quality assurance process. The plan also identifies the processes that will gauge the work. The project Acquisition Plan is developed by the project manager, supported by the host Center's Procurement Officer, and needs to be consistent with the results of the Agency strategic acquisition process and ASM. Prepare a nuclear safety launch approval plan for any U.S. space mission involving the use of radioactive materials. This section is required only for tightly coupled and single-project programs. If you are a vendor preparing a project plan, you may refer instead to the statement of work you received with the request for proposal (RFP). Define goals and outcomes, as well as key overarching messages and themes. Summarize the project's approach for conducting a series of reviews, including internal reviews and project life-cycle reviews. This project management plan template also provides an outline, so you can include all plan details in one document or attach or link to separate planning documents. Include make-or-buy decision plans and trade studies. Document how the project plans to control project requirements, technical design, schedule, and cost to achieve the program requirements on the project. Download Communication Plan Template - Word. Describe the process for reporting industrial base and supply chain risks to the MDAA. For the project plan, summarize the risk management approach, including the process for identifying risks and the mitigation strategy.

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