Biographical information "[1], Darth Vader and Ensign Nanda watching the remains of Alderaan, Upon their arrival to the Alderaan system, Nanda detected the Audacity, a Venator-class Star Destroyer with a former Imperial scientist named Tag Rogaren on board. Nanda soon realized that Bircher was actually related to Mon Mothma, one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance. It’s a popular picnic activity but Nandi Hills and Kemmangundi seem to be in the middle of a tug of war between two departments. Doubting the veracity of this information, Nanda tried to convince Vader that it was probably pointless to go there. Brown[1] Nanda's first task was to fly their shuttle to the Data Center on Coruscant. She was the older sister of Teckla Minnau, and the mother of Jeremy Addu, as well as the wife of Paddy Accu . When Vader came back from his personal quarters, the Sith Lord ordered Nanda to set a course for the Alderaan system where, according to Intelligence reports, a X-wing starfighter would have been spotted along with an old Star Destroyer. Featuring expanded science bridge officer seating as well as tactical improvements over other Ferengi warships, the Nandi is durable, stylish and extremely desirable. (STO video game: The Iconian War) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Several hours later, the young ensign piloted their new ship, the corvette Archer, to Bothawui—where Vader's stormtroopers quickly took care of several Bothans who were suspected to be the wanted data slicers. In 0 ABY, shortly after turning 21, Nanda was appointed by Darth Vader, the Emperor's second-in-command, as the commanding officer of a squad of six elite stormtroopers, whose purpose was to deal with the mysterious slicers who had inserted a Rebel Alliance spy, Kell Bircher, into the Imperial Navy.[1]. Nandi Minnau was a female Human who worked as a waitress in Varykino resort, Naboo 's Lake Country, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. [2] At the end of the day, they said goodbye to the young couple and left the two alone. She also successfully used her diplomatic skills with an unidentified deck officer upon their arrival to the Data Center on Coruscant, which earned her a "Well done." [1], Nanda proved to be a good pilot, flying the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle and the Assassin-class corvette Vader and his team of elite stormtroopers were traveling on across the galaxy. The Nandi-class warship was a Ferengi starship type in service in the early 25th century. Prior to arrival of Darius Malakai on Dathomir, Nandi was the Clan Mother of the Fire Mountain Clan and responsible for imprisoning Raynard Quinn before the fall of the old Republic. Nandi and Teckla then finished their schooling and went on to work for Senator Padmé Amidala as servants at Varykino, Amidala's family retreat. [1], In 22 BBY, Amidala and her Jedi bodyguard, Anakin Skywalker, used Varykino as a sanctuary after two failed assassination attempts on the Senator's life. Early in his career, he led an Imperial task force against the Crimson Nova pirates on F'Dann IX. After leaving the Kuat Drive Yards facilities, Nanda spent a certain amount of time alone in the corvette's cockpit. Nanda was a Human female from Naboo who served as an ensign in the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. [Source]. Vader brutally dealt with the command staff of his former flagship, the Devastator, with Ensign Nanda watching the scene with wide-eyed terror. Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. She eventually complied when the Sith Lord insisted to go to the system "at once. It involved members of the Kalenjin ethnic group, mainly from the Nandi section, and elements of the British Army. When the six troopers came back with their new prisoner, they suddenly turned on Vader, who immediately attacked them with his lightsaber. Naboo[1] Since her graduation, she had been working on the Super Star Destroyer Executor. A few months after the Battle of Yavin, she worked as Darth Vader's aide during a five-day mission to find and punish every person the Sith Lord considered as responsible for the infiltration of Rebel agent Kell Bircher into the Imperial Navy ranks.

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