It also gave me a very good introduction to observational errors and observational accuracy, dealing with errors and accuracy, as well as being a good astrometry course. Oh, I don't really remember too much. The late astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, who died in 2018, was known as the “Mother of Hubble” as her Large Space Telescope initiative led to the creation of that telescope. I think Newell had a major role in organizing that too, although I'm not positive. Staying with Uhuru, there's another theme that I want to get into, especially with COSPAR and that is international cooperation. It was run by the Business and Professional Women. Did you have high school counselors who suggested any college? Oh, this was a minor thing. Of course Space Telescope is the instrument that's being designed to provide that. Celestial mechanics, plus such things as use of Ephemerides and that sort of thing. But I wasn't involved in any of the ill feeling. I really had an amazing amount of freedom. I think it was just a sufficiently new field so that we hadn't learned how to make things reliable. Absolutely, I certainly have enough record of that. The European Space Agency. I knew many of them before from Washington. I just heard here and there that there was initially a little bit of reluctance but then you came through very quickly. You were basically an internal consultant in astronomical matters. Yes. You don't want man perspiring — in the Infrared, water is a very serious contaminant, and you don't want it anywhere around you. He was building a model of the spiral structure at the time. So up until the Space Shuttle, where both the military and NASA wanted to use the same vehicle, it was still a military vehicle, and we bought them from the supplier, often going through the military to do it. Looking back over your NASA career, what mission or participation in NASA has been most satisfying to you? Yes. Then he joined Civil Service. Basically they were all people in science administration, in government, and they brought in a number of speakers — some from government some from the academic area — who tried to give us an understanding of science as seen from the political system, the political system as it affects science, a historical perspective on the interaction of science and politics, that sort of thing. Identifies development of astronomical interests at NASA, early advocates of space astronomy, and the evolution of the NASA astronomy programs and relationships with other space interests at Kitt Peak, National Science Foundation (NSF),and elsewhere. We had very few lights. I could see advantages and disadvantages at both places. And they had airplanes. And the type of thinking, the approach, is so different. No. Well, they started to come in about '61, if I remember rightly. But that appealed to me. I think the answer is that we certainly were funding him for X-ray optics in that period. Did you find that it was sometimes difficult hiring astronomers at a level where they would handle hardware? They are beginning to get seriously interested in the world around them and the universe. But even back in '59 and '60, they were trying to develop pointing systems for rockets, so that they could go to a particular source and get observations. I certainly had enough so that I understood the two body problem, and I had some knowledge of perturbations. I know we're jumping ahead. Yes. Having gone to a girls high school I very definitely wanted a coeducational college. Well, it wasn't a cheap dumb Explorer by the time it was finished. They claimed since that they did know it, that what they wanted all along was to do a sky survey in X-rays. They tried to add things like "dress design" and so forth. The one thing I do remember is that they just didn't understand a woman who wanted to go into science. In addition, we tried to get a little science involved in the manned program. In spite of the fact that I was the only one taking the course van de Kamp regularly lectured for two hours each week. Yes, but at least it wasn't a classified program and at least he was in on the problems. No, that's not what I meant. Yes, I think they felt that NACA was a close knit functioning organization, and that grafting NASA on top of it really overwhelmed it. We took the telescopes apart, cleaned them, put them back together again, adjusted them and used them for visual work. The dean of women was not particularly interested in women who wanted to go into science, so she sent me over to the astronomy department. I may be wrong. I've heard rumors that the imaging X-ray telescopes on Einstein had been proposed well before 1970, although the 1970 proposal was the one that of course finally went. Well, no, it was really to become adept at building exceedingly sensitive radio receivers. Did you volunteer for them? Not where it should be going, but where it could be going. I enjoyed the spectral classification. These are pretty big guns on the opposite side. I vaguely remember that it came up. As NSF started partially phasing down, and as Kitt Peak wanted to grow, they came to NASA. They wanted to hold onto a missile program, and of course in the end they did. I found that the only way I got through history and German was because I never had to study math and astronomy. I presume they've continued it. This is in the early fifties through '54. In fact, writing Congressional testimony to support the budget is something we all get involved with. I think I found them compatible then. It had nothing to do with NASA. Instead of a carbon copy. Tremendously increased expense? We didn't fund those. I think so, in the long run I guess partially because science isn't a terribly nationalistic field. No, they didn't get into that. It certainly is fully capable of getting any journal you want. I don't mean that. Largely this was a reflection of the unreliability of satellite hardware in those days. In 2018, we lost a proud AAUW member and true American hero — Nancy Grace Roman.

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