In this post, I would like to introduce to you the top 5 food in Nagoya you should try when visiting, including the best restaurants in Nagoya to try them. Nagoya Cochin is a local brand of chicken. The dish is made from pork or beef entrails boiled in an Aka Miso sauce. I have been living in Japan for 5 years and have made it my mission to find the best local food in Nagoya everywhere I go; I simply love trying the very diverse Japanese cuisine. Are you looking for things to do in Nagoya? So every traveler who comes through Nagoya can try the original Tenmusu at Ganso Tenmusu Senju. Enjoying Tenmusu while they are still hot is the best experience. Personally, I like tonkatsu but it isn’t a dish I’d look for all the time. The other is hitsumabushi. On the contrary, the servers were quite nice and accommodating. It is a really down to earth kind of place with delicious lunch options as well. One of the best restaurants to try Kishimen is at Miya Kishimen on the grounds of Atsuta Jingu, one of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan and a popular attraction in Nagoya. We have to admit, there is great regional food in many parts of Japan, such as delicious Udon on Shikoku, unbelievably scrumptious Okonomiyaki variations in both Hiroshima and Osaka, and the best variety of Ramen in Kyushu and Hokkaido. If you would rather have a private tour just for you, your friends and family we can do that as well. It has a very old feel to it and Dote-ni has been one of its staple dishes for as long as anyone can remember. Address: refer to list of outlets on company website. Misen is a Taiwanese restaurant that started in Nagoya. Kishimen are a type of Udon, just flatter and broader with shorter cooking time; this makes the noodles more tender and easier to swallow. The most important dishes are spoken for in this guide but there are more Nagoya dishes to try like ebi furai, oni manju, and ogura toast. In love with Japan and its amazing food, Lena wants to share her passion with the world. Canada vs Japan: Where’s The Best Country To Be A Ski Instructor. It’s what gives the dish its signature flavor. My all-time favorite Nagoya Meshi is Hitsumabushi. The same is the case here at Yanagibashi Fish Market, the Nagoya’s top food destination (see map). This often includes half a toast and a boiled egg but can include other items such as salad or yogurt or different kinds of spread for your toast. You might have tried Miso before in the form of Miso soup at any Japanese restaurant in Japan or abroad. Uiro is a chewy Japanese steamed dessert made of rice flour and a little sugar. Senbei are rice crackers that can be found all over Japan. Other toppings like cheese, egg, or different kinds of meat and fish are available as well. It is unique to Nagoya and its surroundings in Aichi Prefecture and cannot be found anywhere else in Japan in this form. – Lemony Snicket. I learned how to make udon noodles in a Tokyo cooking class and the teacher specifically told me to cut the noodles thinly, otherwise I’d be making Nagoya-style noodles. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1 local speciality, head to Misokatsu Yabaton - Yabacho Restaurant which has been around for almost 70 years! They garnish their tenmusu with kyarabuki which are butterbur stems boiled in a soy-sauce-based soup. If you want to you can go directly to the sub-categories below. Find out more and book your spot today! Address: 6-9 Esca Underground Shopping Street, Tsubakicho, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya 453-0015 Website | Google Maps, -> Go directly to ‘Where to eat Ogura Toast in Nagoya‘. Pulling from my own world travel adventures and lessons, I share my tried and tested travel tips, so that I can get YOU to take action and fulfil your travel dreams! Hitsumabushi is typically served in a deep circular container known as ohitsu. I recently moved to Nagoya and want to share its food and culture with you! This tiny shop sells only Tenmusu (5 per serving) mostly for takeout, but at some shops, there is a small area to eat in. But drench it in a rich thick miso sauce and it shoots up many spots on my list of favorite Japanese dishes. The chicken meat is more expensive than your regular old chicken meat and can mostly be found at restaurants specialized in Nagoya Cochin such as Torigin. Sorry, you had to scroll so far down the page. Miso is said to be so vital to Nagoya food that Nagoya locals are jokingly accused of putting it on everything. Nagoya is the country's largest producer of fresh water eel (unagi), which are typically grilled, slathered in a rich, dark sauce, and served over rice. 14. Your email address will not be published. Ganso Tenmusu Senju might be the birthplace of Tenmusu. Its texture may be similar to mochi, but feels softer like jelly.Traditional flavours include the yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), matcha (Japanese green tea), sweet bean paste and chestnut paste. Address: 4-10-82 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Price: from 7.40 USD for a pack of 5 tenmusu, Opening Hours: 8.30am - 6pm. It is said that Ankake Spaghetti was invented when a chef in Nagoya tried to adapt Western-style meat sauce to the taste of the locals. Add some Wasabi to give it a kick and enjoy the Ochazuke – that’s what a dish with rice and broth is called in Japanese. Your tray will include a bowl with rice and eel, some condiments like spring onions and wasabi, pickles, a broth and a bowl of soup. Ogura red bean paste is best compared to jam, and a very popular ingredient in all kinds of Japanese sweets such as Manju and Taiyaki. We had to raid the fridge a couple of times while writing this post. Address: 3-6-1 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya 460-0008 Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps, ->Read the full Ebidote Shokudo Restaurant Review. The time I spent hopping between restaurants in Nagoya was one of the best eating experiences I’ve had so far in Japan. The restaurant is specialized in seafood but their Ebi Furai are the most popular menu item by far.

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