If you’re actively tanking anything and need to refill your sanity, use the little golden orbs that spawn rather than your extra action button. Players are subjected to N'Zoth's mental reconstruction of fearsome creatures over whom he has held sway in Azeroth. When N’Zoth goes active again, he’ll spawn little tentacles all over. N'Zoth inflicts terrible anguish upon the player, inflicting 93,164 Shadow damage, draining 10 sanity every 2 sec, and reducing the player's movement speed by 33% while within the area. Contribute as much DPS as you can during the periods in which N’Zoth is stunned. Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you. Five-second version for DPS: Stay out of stuff on the ground, run away from other people when you get a light purple circle around you, and click your extra action button (or collect a shiny orb on the ground) if you run low on sanity. Horde group finder full of all kinds of groups. Buckle up before you hit the wall of text! Stay out of it. As befits the final raid boss of the expansion, N’Zoth does heavy tank and raid damage. For the Fury, taunt after two stacks of Black Scar on the present tank, and then whenever your debuff drops afterwards. Other people should stay away from you. Slaying Psychus inflicts significant damage to the Mind of N'Zoth, destabilizing the current Mindscape. This fight is… just a lot. Know Your Lore: Why N'Zoth didn't start the Fourth War. Projects a Veil of Anguish around N'zoth, the outer rim of the arena, and all Corrupted Neurons. Tentacles in the Physical realm explode into a shower of Corrupted Viscera when slain, inflicting 111,803 Shadow damage and draining 5 sanity from players struck by the debris. Upon expiration, Evoke Anguish leaves behind a pool of Anguish, which grows briefly after spawning. Being drawn into the Mind of N'Zoth severs the link between mind and body. If your raid’s DPS is good, even on Heroic you’ll probably only have to click this once or twice, and that’s mostly for your own convenience during phase two. On phase three, N’Zoth himself does not need to be tanked, but the Thought Harvesters do. Be aware that the downstairs phase is slightly different for each group in phase two; the first group has to avoid a lot of fire on the ground, and the second needs to keep movement to a minimum to avoid extra damage. Tumultuous Burst also reduces their Haste by 33% for 10 sec. Please refer to our loot page for all the loot from the N'Zoth encounter. Avoid other players when this happens: If you’re not affected, avoid the players who are. Once they’re dead, jump down to the center and keep killing the Fury. Tumultuous Burst is only cast when no players are within melee range of a Basher Tentacle. This returns the player to the Physical realm. Disable ads, get exclusive content, and more! DPS the Fury of N’Zoth (the big add), kill the Horrific Hemorrhage (adds on the sides of the big tentacles when they slam down), and kill the little adds that spawn. If the add lives long enough for the debuff to be an issue, your DPS are not doing their job. When your Sanity reaches 0, N'Zoth invades your mind fully, granting Gift of N'Zoth. Harvest Thoughts on phase four looks like something you need to avoid but it isn’t. Retributor-draenor (Retributor) March 19, 2020, 1:20pm #11. So yes, you have to kill Psychus three times this fight, and yes, this is just as annoying as it sounds. Paranoid players must be within 5 yards of their paired partner or suffer 3,720 Shadow damage every 1,857 sec. If you get Madness Bomb (a light purple circle around you), run away from other players, and don’t stand in other players’ circles when they get it. Heals all Exposed Synapses to full health whenever another Exposed Synapse is slain. There are only brief periods in which he can be damaged. All rights reserved. The tanks should keep dragging him to the little tentacles called Exposed Synapses. The previous five events will keep repeating (though not necessarily in the same sequence) until N’Zoth reaches 2%. The raid has to split in two: Group one will handle the first downstairs phase while group two handles the tentacle packs upstairs, and then you’ll switch. People are running away from their Paranoia buddies. Corrupts a player's mind, inflicting 27,865 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 10 sec. When your sanity gets low, click it, stay still for the next four seconds while your sanity refills, and then go back to doing whatever you were doing. Opens players' minds, showing them a glimpse into the infinite mind of N'Zoth. If you’ve gotten tired of killing an Old God’s minions, now you get to kill the Old God himself, and he’ll make it worth your time. After this, N’Zoth will spawn tentacle packs. The Mind's Eye opens, inflicting 18,602 Shadow damage and draining 5% Sanity from all players in the Mind of N'Zoth every 1 sec for 3 sec. The little adds that come out after each giant tentacle need to be tanked. Discipline Priest Azerite Traits and Armor, Restoration Shaman Azerite Traits and Armor, Assassination Rogue Azerite Traits and Armor, An Important Word on Logs and DPS Rankings, Shadowlands Pre-patch Week 2 DPS Raid Rankings and Analysis, Dave Kosak Leaves Blizzard After 12 Years, Recap of All Class Changes from Shadowlands Beta 9.0.2 Build 36294, Classic Paladin Reckoning One-Shot Combo on Retail, Total Possible Unique Combinations of Customization Options for Each Race/Gender in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch. Even a level one cloak is enough to prevent this, so don’t be lazy. Either way, keep your cooldowns/trinkets up as N’Zoth starts getting low, because it’s more efficient to just kill the boss at that point than worry about the adds. By moving, the player is in contempt of Queen Azshara. If they’re moving towards the wall, get close to N’Zoth, If they’re moving towards N’Zoth, get close to the wall, Tank and kill the Basher tentacles (the biggest ones), Kill the the little Spike tentacles once you’ve dealt with the other two. What happens when you run out of sanity? N'Zoth taps into players' minds and evokes their darkest thoughts, inflicting 93,011 Shadow damage every 0 sec for 8 sec. You have an extra action button called Azeroth’s Radiance, which on LFR has a one minute cooldown. (EDIT: This has now been hotfixed and you are required to have the cloak.) By accepting you agree to our privacy policy. After the first downstairs group kills Psychus, N’Zoth is again stunned for 30 seconds, and will then repeat the cycle of Mindgrasp/spawning tentacles/spawning Mindgate. NEXT | They will either go towards N’Zoth or toward the edge of the platform, and indicate which direction you’re going to get pulled in. Void Lash does heavy damage and you may want to cooldown or trinket through the casts. On phase one and your “downstairs” phase, kill little tentacles to debuff Psychus until he reaches at least five stacks, then kill Psychus. You should use. Probes the mind of a random player within 30 yards, inflicting 55,806 Shadow damage. N'Zoth bends reality, converging Ny'alotha and the Chamber of Heart on Azeroth. Make sure whichever tank is heading “downstairs” isn’t immediately occupied with one. Every time N'Zoth the Corruptor casts Evoke Anguish, all other pools of Anguish grow in size. When N’Zoth regains his immunity, you go through events #3-7 again in the same sequence. Sorry, there are no alternatives. The probe chains to players within 5 yards, also inflicting 55,806 Shadow damage as it chains. © 2020 On Click Creative, LLC. Placement of the Creeping Anguish ground effect is also mostly on you, so make sure Psychus is in a good spot (in other words, not in the middle of the raid) when that goes out. Because the raid kills Psychus three times during the fight, you’ll get three Shattered Egos, so plan accordingly. Keeping yourself from going insane is a key part of this fight. These are the big mechanics to be aware of: The fight is over when you get N’Zoth to 2%. It also inflicts 55,806 Shadow damage to and drains 20 Sanity from all players every 2 sec. The cloak is an upgrade for everyone, so get it if you haven’t! What raid would you like to see get a Timewalking version? N'Zoth reaches into the minds of the players before him, giving them a glimpse into the infinite mind of the Corruptor. N'Zoth draws players into a vision of the shattering of the World Pillar, and the fearsome power of Deathwing corrupted by the Old God's relentless whispers. Inside dwells Psychus, the defender of N'Zoth's infinite Mindscape. In general, just keep out of everything else. When you’re “upstairs,” kill and interrupt tentacle adds. N'Zoth selects pairs of players and fills their minds with all-consuming Paranoia for 15 sec. N’Zoth will be immune to damage for all of phase one (when you’re downstairs fighting Psychus) and most of phase two. These rotate slowly around N’Zoth. It does have a two-minute cooldown, so you can’t just use it whenever you run into trouble. This can be a little messy as the taunt windows overlap with periods in which you’ll be picking up tentacle adds, so if you’re the Fury tank, be prepared to use a cooldown/external/trinket if your co-tank is occupied for a few seconds. Blizzard Watch uses minimal cookies to improve your experience and is in full compliance with the GDPR. The little adds on phase one slow the tanks considerably and can interfere with taunt swaps. NEXT | It helps to mark the focus target with a skull so DPS know which tentacle to kill. the group i tried for lulz got him to the very start of p3 with everyone dead and going insane … It will also drain your sanity so make sure you don’t touch it. Minuette-zuljin 10 March 2020 17:22 #1. But there is a way to deal with it. Mindgrasp. One very important note for both encounters: You must have Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve equipped. When the third Psychus dies, N’Zoth gets another Shattered Ego and both he and any remaining tentacles will be stunned for 30 seconds.

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