Blogger: User Profile: Myriam Francois About Myriam Francois. But his ideas endure; Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. We tweet @SoasCis, By Myriam Francois|September 30, 2015|Speaker's Corner|0 comments, In response to our “Question time” blog on “Should George Galloway get the Muslim vote for London Mayor?” between Prof Maleiha Malik (Kings College London) and Tahir Shah (MPACUK), SOAS-CIS PhD scholar Omar Salha offer his view on whether the London Muslim vote is necessarily a Galloway vote : To vote or not to vote, Galloway is the question. Omar Khan has already highlighted the challenges (and frustrations) for researchers, Speaker’s corner: Omar Salha offer his view on the debate over whether the London Muslim vote is necessarily a Galloway vote, Free speech on British university campuses: Dr Amina Yaqin and Professor Peter Morey respond to the government’s proposals, Speaker’s Corner: Researcher at the Princes School of Traditional Arts, Bilal Badat, explores when and why depictions of Prophet Mohamed become incendiary. The show will examine how Muslim women in Britain are unaware that their marriages aren't legally recognised. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. FM: When Tell MAMA launched in March 2012, looking back, it is easy to describe the experience as launching a project into a cesspit of on-line anti-Muslim hatred that had been developing over years. But what else is there to know about the news correspondent? Islam is a religion, not a race, but the definition used by the Labour Party calls Islamophobia ‘a type of racism’, because of the comparable experiences described by Muslims at the sharp end of group discrimination. and if so, on what basis should it, By Myriam Francois|September 16, 2015|Question Time|1 comments, Fiyal Mughal OBE, founder of the TELL Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) organisation ( comments on recent MET figures indicating  indicating a 70% rise in islamophobic attacks in London. Question time – “Should George Galloway get the Muslim vote for London Mayor?” Prof Maleiha Malik (Kings College London) and Tahir Shah (MPACUK) discuss. #moralmaze, Political neologisms Combative, provocative and engaging live debate chaired by Michael Buerk. And if there’s a spectrum that runs from insensitivity and disrespect at one end to the most hideous kinds of hate crime at the other, where along that line should the law intervene? Here's what we know about her.... Myriam François-Cerrah, 34, was born December 1982 and is a Franco-British writer, broadcaster and academic on issues related to Islam, France and the Middle East. It is 20 years since the term entered the political lexicon and almost a decade since Baroness Warsi declared that Islamophobia had passed the ‘dinner table test’ and become acceptable in polite society; yet, we still haven’t quite decided what it is and what it isn’t. The framework within which such reproaches were deployed held Christian marital and sexual values as, By Myriam Francois|August 19, 2015|Question Time|2 comments, Continuing the conversation on “what’s going wrong in the public discourse on British Muslims?“, two leading voices, Prof Arun Kundnani (NY university) and Rashad Ali (Institute for Strategic Dialogue) offer their analysis. writer, journalist, budding academic I confirm the subscription of this blog to the Paperblog service under the username mfrancoiscerrah. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Read about our approach to external linking. I embraced Islam after graduating from Cambridge. Indeed, in the summer of 2014, the mass media presented numerous reports suggesting that the relations between Europe’s Jews and Muslims were deteriorating following the military action between Israel and Gaza. View our online Press Pack. Recent Posts. Some people – including many Muslims – have a problem with the word itself because they think it reinforces the idea that Islam is something to be afraid of. On launching the project, it was clear that there were thousands of social, By Myriam Francois|September 7, 2015|Speaker's Corner|1 comments, The issue of sexuality in Islam has been a common target of criticism against the religion since the earliest European perspectives. From weddings to drugs scandals & arrests, Woman gives up ironing after £2.50 spray makes bed sheets look freshly pressed, Mums rave about B&Q’s £57 room dividers which give kids their own space, I’m mum-shamed for looking ‘perfect’- I won't be scummy, I love my hair & nails, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. In an age of geo-political disputes, meta-narratives and continued power struggles, By Myriam Francois|September 30, 2015|Ideas Hub|0 comments, Following the recent news that David Cameron will “name and shame” British universities “that give the floor to extremist speakers” – Dr Amina Yaqin, Senior Lecturer in Urdu and Postcolonial Studies at SOAS, and Professor Peter Morey,  Professor of English and Postcolonial Studies at the University of East London offer their response:   Some months ago, we were organising the latest event in the Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue series: part of a research project, By Myriam Francois|September 23, 2015|Speaker's Corner|0 comments, Image drawn from “Muhammad: The Messenger of God”, a 2015 film by Iranian director Majid Majidi.

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