‧ As in Tattooist, the writing itself is workmanlike at best and often overwrought. Categories: by Lovecraft and other gothic dream makers of the past. Alice Hoffman | If nothing else, you have to giggle over how this novel’s namesake, who held vicious white supremacist opinions, must be... by GENERAL SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY Then, on Coralie’s 10th birthday, in 1903, her father not only escorts her through the exhibit for the first time, but he also puts her on display as “The Human Mermaid.” Born with webbed fingers, Coralie, an expert swimmer, spends her days in a tank wearing her mermaid suit. Heather Morris. Watched over by her beloved but acid-scarred family housekeeper, motherless Coralie lives a seemingly idyllic early childhood with her intellectual father above the “museum” he runs but doesn’t let her visit. A few weeks ago, my book club met to discuss Alice Hoffman’s The Museum of Extraordinary Things.I wasn’t a big fan of the book and I dragged my feet to get through it. novel. The novel begins with the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops in 1945. © Copyright 2020 Kirkus Media LLC. ‧ By 1911, her father, a Fagin-like villain who hopes to milk rumored sightings of a sea monster, sends Coralie into New York’s waters at odd hours disguised as the monster. Eddie Cohen, the son of an Orthodox Jew, has left behind his ethnic and spiritual roots to become a photographer. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry At Vorkuta, her lot improves when she starts work as a nurse trainee at the camp hospital under the supervision of a sympathetic woman doctor who tries to protect her. A young woman grows up in her father’s eponymous Coney Island museum at the turn of the 20th century in Hoffman’s (The Dovekeepers, 2011, etc.) Ask Atticus Turner, an African-American Korean War veteran and science-fiction buff, who is compelled to face an all-too-customary gauntlet of racist highway patrolmen and hostile white roadside hamlets en route from his South Side Chicago home to a remote Massachusetts village in search of his curmudgeonly father, Montrose, who was lured away by a young white “sharp dresser” driving a silver Cadillac with tinted windows. Some very nice, very smart African-Americans are plunged into netherworlds of malevolent sorcery in the waning days of Jim Crow—as if Jim Crow alone wasn’t enough of a curse to begin with. The novel is ostensibly based on a true story, but a central element in the book—Cilka’s sexual relationship with the SS officers—has been challenged by the Auschwitz Memorial Research Center and by the real Cilka’s stepson, who says it is false. influencers in the know since 1933. I find these usually make the best book club discussions and I did feel we had a good one that night. It turns out this road trip is merely the beginning of a series of bizarre chimerical adventures ensnaring both the Turner and Dandridge clans in ancient rituals, arcane magical texts, alternate universes, and transmogrifying potions, all of which bears some resemblance to the supernatural visions of H.P. Alice Hoffman. Trouble signing in? Their love affair and Coralie’s rebellion against her father play out in a changing New York City as seen through Eddie’s photographic lens. It’s free and takes less than 10 seconds! the museum of extraordinary things by Alice Hoffman ‧ RELEASE DATE: Feb. 25, 2014 A young woman grows up in her father’s eponymous Coney Island museum at the turn of the 20th century in Hoffman’s ( The Dovekeepers , 2011, etc.) Categories: Cilka also begins to feel the stirrings of romantic love for Alexandr, a fellow prisoner. Ruff’s ripping yarns often pile on contrivances and overextend the narratives in the grand manner of pulp storytelling, but the reinvented mythos here seems to have aroused in him a newfound empathy and engagement with his characters. The Russians accuse her of collaborating—they also think she might be a spy—and send her to the Vorkuta Gulag in Siberia. In the camp, 16-year-old Cecilia "Cilka" Klein—one of the Jewish prisoners introduced in Tattooist—was forced to become the mistress of two Nazi commandants. HISTORICAL FANTASY, by The Museum of Extraordinary Things Alice Hoffman, 2014 Scribner 384 pp. Matt Ruff. Motherless like Coralie, Eddie has also been employed in phony magic, in his case, finding missing persons for a fake seer. RELEASE DATE: Feb. 25, 2014. Though believing she is cursed, Cilka shows great courage and fortitude throughout: Indeed, her ability to endure trauma—as well her heroism in ministering to the sick and wounded—almost defies credulity. by RELIGIOUS FICTION | The narrative is intercut with Cilka’s grim memories of Auschwitz as well as her happier recollections of life with her parents and sister before the war. There, another nightmarish scenario unfolds: Cilka, now 18, and the other women in her hut are routinely raped at night by criminal-class prisoners with special “privileges”; by day, the near-starving women haul coal from the local mines in frigid weather. In the northern U.S. of the mid-1950s, as depicted in this merrily macabre pastiche by Ruff (The Mirage, 2012, etc. | ‧ novel. Retrieve credentials. All Rights Reserved. Though gripping, even moving at times, the novel doesn’t do justice to the solemn history from which it is drawn. FANTASY We’re glad you found a book that interests you! RELEASE DATE: Oct. 1, 2019. In this follow-up to the widely read The Tattooist of Auschwitz (2018), a young concentration camp survivor is sentenced to 15 years’ hard labor in a Russian gulag.

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