As soon as you enter you get 1 clue right off the bat. Dispossess and proceed to collecting more evidence. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. In the hallway, on the left from the staircase, there lies a sheet of paper on the floor. An attempt to kill a demon may fail. The third Boiler is in the niche by the stairs to the first floor of the building where you fought with your killer. Go to the exhibit number 3 - this is a Gun. Go to the alley where you got to after going out through the tenement window. For starters you have the task to find an answer to a question: Why was the killer here? Look into apartment 3B, where it stands in the corner of the room with a kitchen and a TV. You cannot do anything more here. The way to the third floor is open. Go into the next room and talk to the ghost sitting in front of a TV. The sixth Boiler can be found on the top floor of the tenement, at the end of the corridor. With both demons executed, check the floor of the corridor for Julia’s Thoughts 1/38: Lillian and Lillian. Go straight down the corridor until you reach stairs. You get the clue: Possible Target, to case Apartment 4A, thus approaching the conclusion of the main objective "Find the Killer's Trail". Before doing anything else on this floor, first execute the demons patrolling the corridor. This will give you Apartment 1A Clue 1/7: A Mysterious Murder. Dispossess the policeman and look to their right to find another policeman questioning a woman. Investigations are types of locations featured in Murdered: Soul Suspect.They are locations where Ronan O'Connor must use his heightened sense of perception to search for Clues at a crime scene and come up with a conclusion using clues found that are most relevant. In the same room, next to a knocked stool, there are some Sketches scattered on the floor. Turn around and approach the television. Possess one of them and Eavesdrop. When it turns around, approach him from behind and kill it. Look on the table right next to the door inside the apartment to find Apartment 1A Clue 2/7: Note from a Neighbor. Down the hall you will see a woman and a man. Get to the gas station and head east and then walk through the burning house. Once you talk to her she will tell you she wants to find her body and she needs your help. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. Climb up there and take the door 2F. Chapter 1 - Old Boilers . Take a look at it, and you get the clue number three: My Gun. Enter the Pool Room. Walk around the wooden boat and turn right. You get the clue: Hiding Witness, to the case Apartment 4A, and to the answer for the question: Why was the killer here? Murdered Soul Suspect Apartment 1A Case Guide. Murdered: Soul Suspect Game Guide by Murdered: SS Guide. In its northern part there is a Plaque. Do it immediately. You have to decide what may make the Officer uncover the Obscure Photos. You will now be taught how to escape from demons. Collectibles. Pick it up and activate a side case: "Julia's Thoughts". You can possess her and find out what she is thinking. You are on the second floor. Select the question: Do you like scaring children? Approach the woman and possess her. Return to the corridor. Head to the living area and possess the man sitting down. Dispossess the woman and you’ll be prompted to Conclude Investigation. Select Hiding, Watching and Frightened to receive the clue. To complete the main mission, you will need 4 more. You can pass through walls inside the building. Select: Searching for someone/something and Purposeful. Enter apartment 4A for a cutscene and Apartment 4A Clue 1/16: Baxter Looking for the Girl. To find the answer to this question you need 10 clues. Head into the kitchen to collect Profiler’s Memories 1/6: Concern for Joy’s Safety from the worktop by the sink. These are: mind reading and influencing people's thought. Dispossess her and conclude the investigation using The Old Woman’s Secret, The Old Man’s Secret and A Mysterious Murder. If you want to get rid of it, you have to approach it from behind and while holding the possess button, simultaneously press two random buttons. In the closet next to the rocking horse you’ll see a ghost. While most are dedicated strictly to the main storyline, some others are side investigations to help other Ghosts find peace. Inspect the Photos on the table and select: Analyze Details. Check your Side Cases and you’ll also have received Ghost Abilities 1-3/14: Pass Through, Possess and Investigate Skill. You must enter the building from where you were thrown out. Eavesdrop the police officers talking on the west from the officer interrogating the woman. The main objective "Exit the Apartment" is complete. Once you’re back on the street, try to talk to the people in front of you. The second Boiler is in the Pool Room on the first floor of the building from which you were thrown out. 7. This way you will get the clue: My Only Lead and Apartment 4A case will also be concluded. You will encounter a demon, from which you will escape into the room with the rocking horse. In the corner you’ll see a glowing object. Frequent characteristics are yellow police tags marking evidence, floating white text asking the question needing to be answered, and flashbacks to assist Ronan. Enter apartment 3A and check the wall in the bedroom for Ghost Girl’s Messages 2/23: Coffins. You have to find the answer to another question: Where did the girl go? Sneak up behind the demon to learn how to execute it. You must answer the question: What was the girl doing? You can only execute while you are unseen by both demons, so time it carefully. On the right from the entrance select Reveal, and a silhouette of a man will appear. Possess them and read their minds. Select: Hiding, Frightened, Watching. You activate a side clue: "Truth About Baxter". You will gain a clue: Shattered Window. Question him to unlock: Now go across the hall into apartment 2A. In the laundry room of apartment 1A you will find a ghost girl you can talk to. This guide will help you solve the case one the first attempt! Select Exit. If you do not hide fast, you will die. You will gain a clue: The Church. You will get the clue: Missing Persons Request. Share Tweet. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. Conclude the investigation about: Why was the killer here? In the laundry room of apartment 1A you will find a ghost girl you can talk to. Head back out into the corridor and up to the next floor. On a table next to them you’ll find Info About My Killer 1/39: News Article #1. When you get inside select: apartments. At the same time this is the first clue out of 10, which will bring you closer to finding the answer to the question: Why was the killer here. In the bedroom, on the wall with a radiator, select Reveal. You activate a side case: "Ghost Girl Messages". You must leave the place. Dispossess him and focus on the photos he revealed. When you walk in through the door, this will be in the room on the right. You already have 11 out of 14 clues needed to complete the main objective. The indicator on the left side of the screen tells you how many meters you are from the church. You will also have received Ghost Abilities 5-6/14: Reveal and Remove. There are plenty of police officers and civilians here. Inspect the gun lying on the floor near the entrance to the apartment. This guide will help you solve the case one the first attempt! This is the first item you find in the game. You unlock "Poltergeist" achievement. Your first mission will involve not only a thorough examination of items at the crime scene. Turn right and walk through the wall on the other side of the pool table. You can move between the glows. There will be an opportunity for that, because a man walks inside. Now from three possible answers you need to choose the true one. Talk to her (Help). Unfortunately you cannot rest on the armchair. The main mission "Get to the Fourth Floor Apartment" is complete. Exhibit number 5 is Shell Casings. Murdered: Soul Suspect is a dark, detective thriller with a supernatural twist: solving your own murder from the afterlife. You activate a side case: "My Life". Head out into the corridor and go to the North Stairwell.

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