While Kit Fisto is the Jedi's cool kid (with a neat name) Savage Opress is the Sith's edgiest edgelord. First played by Alec Guinness and then Ewan McGregor, Obi-Wan quickly became a fan favorite for both generations of Star Wars fans.

, 10:17 PM like the warrior is a soloer, the Inquisitor got powerbase and entire sphere of the sith empire etc. maybe i didn't got the JC story right.

The Separatists continued to run into trouble over the years and Nute Gunray was not afraid to run away from the fight. He took to this role like a fish to water and became so adept at manipulation and assassination that he was able to take out an entire platoon of stormtroopers without being seen, allowed himself to be caught, and then convinced the Emperor himself that not only did he not deserve to be executed for his crimes, but that he had earned a place in the Imperial navy. Sure, there are advanced versions of battle droids, but the base model was a poor excuse for a soldier. As if that gives them certain rights. While it may have been seen as lazy writing to have Rey excel at almost everything without having prior training, her skillset just proves how in touch with the Force she is.

His demise came about as a result of Vader needing to destroy an entire village in order to get Infil'a to use both his hands in an attempt to save it, causing him to lower his guard. I love a good Star Wars villain. Qui-Gon was a beast, incredibly skilled in the Force and with a lightsaber.

He followed his masters passing wish for him to train Anakin and believed he failed, fleeing to live as a hermit on a desert planet while watching over his former best friends son. Shaak Ti was a background character in most of the Starwars shows, aside from an Arc in Rebels in which she featured front an centre.

Darth Plagueis became obsessed with the idea that he’d grown too powerful and that the Force would one day betray him for abusing his control over life and death.

inside a voice mystic body.

That wouldn't stop him losing a fight, but it would stop him dying as a result. Soon after, Revan and Alek, now going by the name of Malek, were swayed to the Dark Side by Emperor Vitiate. That didn't stop him from pathing the way to future victory and unlocking the secrets of immortality, however. Absolutely not. The Jedi Knight is stronger than the Smuggler, at least pre-KOTFE. Without Koon it's likely the Jedi Order would have been eradicated far sooner in the war, and his loss struck a final blow to the already decimated Jedi.

and other tiny bitty stuff. Sith warrior do same thing on chapter 3 at voice while following the command of the emperor himself which got himself trapped !

He was eventually made into a clone, which was even more powerful than the original Galen Marek. Arcann is said to be undefeatable by the current player character in chapter 12.

Only something about the cloning process was bad and wrong, leaving C’boath erratic and with an ever loosening grasp on his sanity.

First appearing in Star Wars- Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Watto seems like he was smart enough to know when he was being tricked.

Fans had high hopes for Captain Phasma since she was a shiny new female Stormtrooper Captain.

The epic space opera has become so expansive and vast that it’s now resorted to telling the origin stories of its original beloved cast.

The leader of Inquisitor's this Pau'an made it his mission to eradicate every single surviving Jedi of the purge, and he quite nearly succeeded.

While Darth Maul may have been the best part of The Phantom Menace, Jar Jar Binks was one of the worst. Holdo may have sacrificed herself to save the Resistance, but her plan and actions were both incredibly weak. He even bested his would-be killer Obi-Wan by murdering his oldest friend.

As we know the most powerful being the the swtor time period universe is the Sith Emperor but.. he is mentally unstable and using servants instead of acting himself, he lost a battle vs a Jedi knight (was the voice actually) and bottom line he so far lost the grip on the empire.

Despite being one of the most physically powerful members of the Star Wars universe, Palpatine’s true strength is in his masterful planning and manipulation skills.

Whether it's Yoda's high flying circus antics, Darth Maul's wicked two-sided lightsaber or Kylo Ren's vicious aggressive force powers, everyone has a favorite Jedi or Sith. To this day, his favorite comic lines are Saga (yes, he is hype for its return), X-Men (Gold and Blue, Red looks promising as well), and, of course, Sandman.

What amounted to his training was Obi-Wan blindfolding him and then throwing stuff at him essentially before his mentor became one with the force. Considering the Jedi Knight defeated him, I think the JK is the most powerful playable force user in the game. The Grand Inquisitor is only a title, but it's all we have to go on as this Sith's real name was never revealed. He eventually got to see his apprentice redeem himself and continues to watch over the galaxy within the Force to this day. He butchered Qui-Gon with capitalizing on his youthful energy and superior strategy, but was cut down by Obi-Wan when he got too cocky. These are the most powerful Star Wars Sith and Jedi ever. 'I am offended by that.' And she still has at least one movie’s worth of exploits to develop in. Yoda has proven himself extremely knowledgeable with the Force battling both Darth Sidious and his apprentice Count Dooku. After taking a shot from Chewbacca's bowcaster, which we've seen is essentially the star wars equivalent of a .50 caliber rifle he uses his anger and pain to fuel himself. And then, following a long weekend’s worth of lessons, she was able to beat him in combat, help kill Supreme Leader Snoke, and fought alongside Kylo to wipe out some of Snoke’s elite soldiers and personal guard. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than here. I don't think she's an interesting character and I found her kind of annoying as Anakin's apprentice. His calculating mind planned out an attack on the Jedi that took decades to actually pull off and must have been originally planned by him in his childhood. Too many possibilities, no way to tell who's stronger than who. From Darth Vader to The Grand Inquisitor Star Wars has managed to cultivate a collection of some of the most evil and interesting villains in the galaxy. close this message. She nearly caused a speed up of Palpatine's plan when she came after Anakin and the young Jedi Knight nearly fell to the dark side then and there.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. Something that Luke has never had to deal with are straight up assassins bent on wiping him off the map. The fact that the Force has always been a nebulous and poorly-defined concept, largely by design, doesn’t help the curve. Count Dooku was a powerful Jedi and an even more powerful Sith. Originally a humble guard at the Jedi Temple, the Inquisitor was secretly a Sith agent in deep cover in the Jedi Order.

Such is the power of neutrality.

You can pick any single class and say they are the best.

From starting the Clone Wars to infecting Anakin Skywalker with fear and hate, he played all his cards perfectly to keep himself and his goals as safe as possible, something nobody else could have done. During the Clone Wars, he instead meditated and grew closer to the Force and when Vader came hunting him he cut off the Sith's leg and hurled him off a cliff, vowing he'd find out who his master was.

But the way I figure it, everyone can establish their own headcanon that applies to their own characters/legacy. Lore-wise requires a player character and an Alliance of the most powerful Sith/Jedi and random characters to defeat his dark half.

He started with superhero comics, but quickly discovered Neil Gaiman's Sandman series which lead him to research independent and art house comic titles. On top of that, while not technically a Sith, he does have access to some of their unique powers and is even shown as being more proficient in the use of Force Lightning than anyone in the series, capable of redirecting it at will and shooting it in a controlled burst. Not only did lightsabers not harm him, but he could also touch lightsaber blades without being harmed. First appearing in Star Wars: Rebels, the Grand Inquisitor was given the job of hunting down the Jedi who survived Order 66.

When he started out Luke's greatest accomplishment was being able to lift some rocks, now he's able to do all sorts of crazy things. The Force Priestesses live in the Wellspring of Life and are often considered to be the living physical form of the Force. I could list what happens to the warrior and give it some shiny and big words to make it seem the strongest, same with the jedi knight, consular, agent, and smuggler. Though he’s never physically shown in the entire series and is only mentioned by name, it’s clear from the reverence with which he is spoken just how unbelievably powerful his unnatural powers were.

We rank them from worst to best. Working with Ventress probably didn't help, but when he was captured was when his corruption was completed by Dooku's manipulations.

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