Courtesy Leader Collection. [6], In addition to the thousand visitors it was also local residents who were attracted to the pier. By the 1870s, there were already calls to lengthen the pier. Fresh squid were being caught this evening and flathead. A two and one half pound flathead was landed in 1904, a catch seen as a rarity. Courtesy Leader Collection. And judging by the information signs about drawing your reel in for passing boats, and the fish size gauges all along the pier, it still is. The Mordialloc Council contributed $5000, the Chelsea Council $2000 and the State Tourism Commission provided $7000. This link takes you to some nice shots under the pier from photographer Jim Worrall. Reconstruction of pier after a storm, 1963. Mordialloc Pier, 1981. A long walk along the pier lets you see the pleasure boats going to or from the Bay and offers good views along the beach towards the city and Frankston. Twenty three years later the pier was showing its age. The local newspaper promoted the pier for those ‘fond of the rod and line’ [9] reporting good catches of schnapper from one to two pounds in weight. He pointed to the reefs on either side of the pier which would be exposed, creating a dangerous situation for boats using the creek. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. I noticed other press clippings from more recent times of cars tipping perilously close to dropping into the water, so the problem hasn’t gone away totally. Put a bin there, and that would quickly become full to overflowing; but have no bin there at all and some folk will always do the anti-social thing and leave their stuff behind. Lots of shark sightings were reported in brief, plus in 1891 a ‘large whale’ was seen close to the pier. It’s hard to imagine really, but it was 3am or so, and the guard at the end of the pier was only a couple of inches high apparently in those days. People have been fishing here since the first jetty was built at the end of Mordialloc Creek in the 1850s. However the question of who was to pay was not resolved. Or do you just have good memories of a romantic stroll, a school visit, or maybe a holiday trip that involved a visit to the pier? Jack Pompei, a local boat builder and advocate for the Mordialloc Creek, launched a petition to keep the pier’s existing length. Do you need to book in advance to visit Mordialloc Pier? You could shelter a little bit on the covered benches about 20 metres from the end, but I reckon the waves come right over the pier sometimes, judging by the bits of seaweed tucked away in corners of the boardwalk all the way along. Pets seem off limits according to the signs along the way. Popular with fishermen, but also for a casual stroll. And I’m guessing those rather stylish benches near the fishing end of the pier might have been put there for, maybe even by, the fishermen? The long, straight finger of Mordialloc Pier has been stretching out into Port Phillip Bay since the mid-1800s. It’s a busy little stretch of water, too. Very pleasant and refreshing but could be lit better. Peter Spyker, politician representing the Mentone district, lobbied the Minister for Transport and called upon the Council to reconsider its decision. wind was from the north/north west. Some of the repair work required on these occasions was described as substantial, demanding not inconsequential sums of money. [1] A government tender for a more substantial construction was issued in 1869 and it was still being constructed in 1870. It’s a tricky one to manage, though, isn’t it? It had been seen in the area for several days but eventually swallowed the bait used to lure it to its death. It’s a popular place for all sorts of people, too, if my half hour there was anything to go by. The fishermen trying to land the catch thrust a life-saving hook into its side. A survey of the pier revealed piles supporting the pier riddled with worms and greatly reduced in circumference due to natural erosion and corrosion. There were a handful of guys down at the very end of the pier when I came along, too. The sheltered seats were strewn with burger cases and coffee cups and the like. Well worth a walk out to the end , you will be rewarded with beautiful bay views , boats moored along the Mordialloc creek and at night the lights of melbourne around the bay . What are your memories of this place? The plan was for the well-equipped vessel to call into Williamstown after leaving the city and proceed to Port Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda, Brighton, Sandringham, Black Rock, Mentone and Mordialloc piers. We recommend booking Mordialloc Pier tours ahead of time to secure your spot. There were several boats heading out into the bay from Mordialloc, and even a sea plane flew just overhead as I turned to head back to land. Can you even remember far enough back to when the sea baths were still here? However, it was believed that it would not have survived because of the injuries it had sustained. I bet people do on hot summer’s days though. I am kind of glad the health and safety police haven’t cracked down on Mordialloc Pier yet. This time the poor fishermen spotted the body of a man floating near the pier; it turned out to be the owner of a Melbourne sweet shop. Work colleagues travelled from interstate dinned earlier in a very hot restaurant so we walked along the pier amongst the many people fishing to cool off. If you were a parent or teacher, you’d want pretty strict rules on the kids not wandering off too far, though, as there is no barrier all along the left side as you head out into the bay; just a very low footing to stop you from slipping in. Have you seen many changes to Mordialloc Pier over the years? Today I noticed the fish rulers here so that people can see what size fish they can take. You can approach the pier along the beach or by the Mordialloc Creek. Graham Whitehead’s piece on the City of Kingston Historical website has great history, including information I found nowhere else on the 1980s campaign to save Moridalloc Pier. The waters were a beautiful turquoise on the day of my Mordialloc walk. Ticketed parking for minimum one hour at $3.60. Back at the start of the walk leading to the pier, there’s an information board, where I learnt that there were once sea baths at Mordialloc (so many lost round Victoria, so sad). Damage, for example was reported in 1901, 1903, 1910, 1922, 1924 and 1934. Frank McGuire, a local historian, stressed the historical significance of the pier, a feature that had been part of Mordialloc for over a century attracting thousands of visitors in the summer months. Cycle paths run right along the bay past Mordialloc Pier. It was a calm day in November for my visit, but I can imagine in a storm it would be pretty dramatic down at the end of the pier. Mordialloc Pier in a Storm 2009. A few years later a ten foot shark was hooked. Tour de Cafe sits on the roadside right at the land end of Mordialloc Pier. Tell us here. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era…. What restaurants are near Mordialloc Pier? And it has had to be rebuilt a couple of times – most recently in 1986 and then 2009, I believe – so in a way we are lucky still to have this piece of vintage Victoria. Hotels near Kevin Hayes Reserve Fenced Dog Park, Kevin Hayes Reserve Fenced Dog Park Tickets, See all 1 Mordialloc Pier tours on Tripadvisor, View all hotels near Mordialloc Pier on Tripadvisor, View all restaurants near Mordialloc Pier on Tripadvisor. small fishes and saw other people getting ready to set their lines. City of Kingston acknowledges the Kulin Nation as the custodians of the land on which the municipality is a part and pays respect to their Elders, past and present. [12], The final resolution was that the last 60 metres would be repaired for $22,000. on a clear day. The baths had been washed away in the 1934 storm and not replaced leaving the pier as the sole remaining Mordialloc historical landmark. Jack Pompei stands beside a bill-board calling for donations to save the Mordialloc pier, 1986. Jack Pompei, a local boat builder and advocate for the Mordialloc Creek, launched a petition to keep the pier’s existing length. The news in 1986 that the government and council had finally agreed that the original length of the pier should be maintained was welcomed by the community. more. He argued that if the pier was shortened it would make the entrance to the Mordialloc Creek a death trap. He pointed out that at other watering places government money had been spent in an effort to attract visitors. Andrew and Peter Mollison fishing off Mordialloc Pier, 1966. Courtesy Leader Collection. As a child I always loved the thrill of reaching the boardwalk when you could see the water through the gaps. Cr Etheridge suggested steps should be taken to obtain a grant for public works for this purpose. Mordialloc Pier, 1981. [3], In January 1875 residents asked the Shire of Moorabbin council to approach the government for money to extend the pier by three hundred feet. He argued that if the pier was shortened it would make the entrance to the Mordialloc Creek a death trap. Page 1 of 3 - Mordialloc Pier and surrounds - VIC - posted in VIC: hello all, new member, first time writer, went to mordi pier sunday 1/6/03 only person trying for squid, got 3 in about ten mins, all about medium size, great eating. Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Is this attraction a good place to visit on a, Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, Beach Rd, Mordialloc, Kingston, Victoria 3195 Australia. Jack Pompei said ‘It proves what I said all along – the pier belongs to the taxpayers of Victoria, not just the ratepayers of Mordialloc.’ [13]. [11] By August 1985 Pompei reported 2000 individuals had signed the petition but he expected the number to increase substantially His intention was to present the petition to the Minister of Planning and Environment, Evan Walker, and the Minister of Transport, Tom Roper whose portfolio took in Ports and Harbours. Courtesy Kingston Collection. He said as the councillors initially agreed to the plans to shorten the pier but changed their minds so they should bear the cost. They have a 1920s look to them, I thought, but no information on any of the signs nearby, so if anybody knows, do tell us in the comments below. [8]. The Mayor, Cr Atkinson, said the council had little time to consider the plans and felt if they hadn’t approved them they would miss out altogether in funding for the necessary refurbishment. water was clear, waves about 1/2 a metre, about 30 mins before dark..

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