MOLLY [00:16:09] Thanks so much to Rick Hasen and Rachel Rodriguez for joining us. ANCHOR: “Welcome to what we hope you’ll find to be the clearest and up-to-the-minute election night analysis anywhere on your dial.”, ANCHOR 3: “Almost three quarter of the nation's precincts have now been reported. As we sat in her living room, news about President Trump’s cabinet nominations played on TV, and Gladys shared her opinions with me. Thanks so much. We received an email question from Tom, in California asking, “I vote in California. MOLLY [00:15:43] I guess as a takeaway, if listeners were going to remember two things about what to expect election night this year, what should they take with them? October 27, 2020. Here’s Thomas from Indiana.

Learn more about Weinberg/Newton Gallery and view the Anthem exhibition here: Find out about voting in Illinois this election: Find out more about registering and voting in Illinois: Find out about ACLU’s work around the country to protect voting rights: Find out more about the importance of vote by mail across the country: Illinois Must Ensure Children in DCFS Receive the Health Care They Need, DCFS System for Providing Health Care to Children and Families Continues to Struggle to Ensure Timely, Necessary Care, It’s Time for Real Sentencing Reform in Illinois, Learn More About Voting In The 2020 Election. I'd like to know what voter protection/rights issues voters and poll workers should be looking out for at the polls? If a candidate declares victory, the supporters might believe that that candidate has won, but it really is not official until the states certify their results.

“You've seen the stats. Not sure how to vote by mail?

MOLLY [00:10:15] So if we go back to 2000, some of our listeners might not even have been around then 18 year olds who can vote wouldn't have even been born yet. MOLLY McGRATH [00:00:07] From the ACLU, this is At the Polls. If it turns out that Pennsylvania or Michigan or Wisconsin is the key state and it's really close and there are disputes over whether particular kinds of absentee ballots should be counted or whether there's polling places that shouldn't be kept open, then certainly there could be litigation in state court or federal court. I’m Molly McGrath, a voting rights lawyer and organizer and your host for this series. RICK [00:11:42] And so we then entered into a 36-day period where it was uncertain as to who won the election. Election Day is soon, and we’ll see you At The Polls. It was not lost on me that we were discussing an election she was not counted in. Some of the folks that we have identified who are currently locked up include an Army veteran who was given 17 years in prison for stealing a $450 HP laptop. Voting by mail might be the safest option for many voters, and more than 83 percent of voters have that option this year. NEWS ANCHOR: “State question 805 will limit or end the use of sentences for nonviolent crimes. There are lots of legal challenges that could be brought. So get your ballot back as soon as possible, and make your plan whether that’s to hand deliver it, to use a drop box. Every American’s voting rights are put at risk when states legislatures enact ID laws that cherry pick the forms of IDs deemed acceptable based on whether a racial or ethnic group is more likely to have them. The weather is cooling, leaves are turning and late last week a Harvest Moon rose in the nighttime sky. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we not only protect our health but also our civil liberties, including our fundamental right to vote. MOLLY [00:11:55] That’s Al-Sharif Nassef, the campaign manager with ‘All Voting is Local’ in Pennsylvania. COVID-19 and schools: What’s really going on? Join this talk featuring ACLU voting rights attorney Molly McGrath to learn more about the fight to restore voting rights in the battleground state of Wisconsin and what you and the Lewis & Clark community can do to champion these efforts. Check out what Molly McGrath will be attending at 2018 Hunger and Health Summit See what Molly McGrath will be attending and learn more about the event taking place Apr 9 - … But in the end, after more than a dozen lawsuits, including two trips to the Supreme Court, Al Gore conceded defeat and George Bush was declared the president. MOLLY [00:06:20] Thanks, Becky. Thanks, Bobby. And so that we shouldn't let the forces out there that are trying to intimidate us win.

LISTENER QUESTION: “If you are receiving an absentee ballot, can you change your mind and go vote in person?

Our democracy is diminished every time a disabled voter can’t get to the polls, or a voter can’t afford to pay for unnecessary or redundant documents that a state requires to prove citizenship before issuing an ID. My first entry into the Voter Suppression Diaries for the @aclu” To answer Dana’s question, we reached out to an election administrator in Wisconsin. MOLLY [00:12:59] That’s a great question, Jordan.

With less than a week to go, the only thing we can be sure of is that this Election Day will most likely look, feel, and be different than previous years. RACHEL [00:07:19] It's not going to look like that in a lot of places in November. Most states allow voters to vote by mail every election cycle, and more have expanded access to vote by mail for the duration of the pandemic. Here is Gladys with one of the forms of ID that she brought to the polls. Because of the ongoing pandemic and to discourage the prospect of unhealthy congestion at polling places, the governor of Texas has added six days to the usual two weeks of early voting. RICK [00:01:50] Well, most importantly, we're running an election in the midst of a pandemic. RICK [00:10:45] It came down to the Electoral College votes of the state of Florida. And it's really kind of a celebration of that civic ability. The most important thing is to make a voting plan that’s going to work for you. If you haven’t planned how you are going to cast your … And we would do that maybe once or twice a week to be able to mail out our bills or pick up anything else that might be coming in. In early January, Congress counts the Electoral College votes and declares a winner.

INTRO: “The White House, the Congress, the prospect of change.” “The importance of each and every vote.” “Protect and to preserve our voter system.”.

With many political leaders and lawmakers across the country refusing to authorize and fund no-excuse, mail-in absentee voting, and concerns remaining about the USPS, the COVID-19 pandemic has become yet another tool to suppress the votes of poor people, people of color, people with disabilities, young adults, and the elderly. RICK [00:10:34] Sure. MOLLY [00:09:28] I think a lot of our listeners are gonna hear this even from across the country and say, what can I do, how can I help make this pass? Along with partner organizations like the League of Women Voters and volunteers, I search for would-be voters, document cases of disenfranchisement, and offer the support and resources people need to get IDs and get to the polls. MOLLY [00:03:59] Judging from our inbox, there are a lot of people like Thomas who are concerned about election security. And can you talk a little bit in particular about some of the obstacles to voting that folks who live in the tribal areas face when trying to cast a ballot? I am concerned based on the reports of voting interference, how can I confirm that my vote has not been altered after submission? MOLLY [00:15:56] I know. CHRIS WRAY: “I’m Chris Wray, director of the FBI. It could end up in the Supreme Court. If you want to volunteer from your home, to join the ballot measure efforts in Nebraska and Oklahoma, join us at Sheila no longer drives and has had health problems that make it difficult to get around.

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