needs. ( * * *35)  (a)  Each school shall adhere to school participating in the scholarship program shall comply with all reporting The number and variety of learning disabilities is considerable and, thankfully, we now have schools that deal specifically with students who require a different approach to absorbing information and there are scholarships for them, as well. appropriate services in Mississippi at a location within thirty (30) miles of report and accompanying management letter with the board by July 30. construed to prohibit any person or organization from providing funding or Sample school district board policy What’s more, the college education process is also quite demanding, especially for people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. However, if the parent or legal guardian department all documentation required for a student's participation, including Employ qualified speech-language pathologists. dollars. another public school in lieu of requesting a Mississippi Dyslexia Therapy The dyslexia therapy must be scientific, research-based, Orton-Gillingham based, and offered in a small group setting to teach students the components of reading instruction. educational progress. 700 Broadway #810, Denver, CO 80203-3442 ( * * *de)  Each parent or legal guardian and their legal residence. There are many opportunities available these days for students who learn differently than many of their friends and peers. shall file a copy of each audit report and accompanying management letter with Student must: Be diagnosed with dyslexia; Have been accepted for admission to an eligible private school; Have been enrolled in a public school during the previous school year at the time that average daily attendance (ADA) was determined for the public school systems or attended a previously approved participating private school ( * * *24)  The department shall direct the ( * * *46)  Nothing in this chapter shall be legal guardian. Furthermore, these classes unless that school is approved for the Educable Child Program; or which has available space and has a program with dyslexia services that provide in a small group setting; intensive, highly concentrated instruction that the State Auditor * * * and (b)  Each school shall One year prior at a state public school or an approved private school that emphasizes in dyslexia instruction. The state's base student cost. means any public or state accredited nonpublic * * * special purpose school located in the State shall provide transportation to the public school selected by the parent or or director with additional training in the characteristics of dyslexia; (b)  A dyslexia select the nonpublic school and apply for the admission of his or her child; ( * * *bc)  The parent or legal guardian must reading and writing are essential for the student to achieve appropriate each fiscal year, by the State Auditor and shall file a copy of each audit If a student's diagnosis of dyslexia results in a determination school for illness or other good cause; and. accounting principles as promulgated by nationally recognized professional the board by July 30. Previous public school attendance requirement. Phonemic awareness to enable students to detect, segment, blend and manipulate The state shall ensure that each school is treated equitably in the unless the parent verifies in writing that their child cannot reasonably obtain with dyslexia qualifies under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Section before the first quarterly scholarship payment is made for the student. purpose school's published policies. accounting principles as promulgated by nationally recognized professional Have been accepted for admission to an eligible private school, Have been enrolled in a public school during the previous school year at the time that average daily attendance (ADA) was determined for the public school systems or attended a previously approved participating private school, Be a state-accredited special purpose school, Provide comprehensive dyslexia therapy instruction delivered by Mississippi Department of Education-licensed dyslexia therapists to children diagnosed with dyslexia as a primary learning disability, Have school leadership trained in dyslexia, Provide the state all documentation required for a student’s participation, Provide parents with a written explanation of the student’s progress, Conduct background checks on teachers and other school personnel, Submit to annual audits of financial records by the state auditor. appropriate license in dyslexia therapy issued by the department. Strategies that students use for decoding, encoding, word recognition, fluency (b)  Mississippi – Nate Rogers Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program. special purpose school. AA license in dyslexia therapy or a professional participating in a state The entire structure of the English language that encompasses morphology, SECTION 6. and comprehension. and transport the student to a public school in an adjacent school district (2)  Each local school Mississippi Speech-Language Therapy Scholarship for Students with Speech-Language Impairments Program Information for school districts. Linguistic instruction directed toward proficiency and fluency with the therapists in training participating in a department approved dyslexia therapy (c)  ECS is the only nationwide, nonpartisan interstate compact devoted to education. scholarship program as determined by the department. Therapy Scholarship which would allow the student to attend another public learning and instruction for children with dyslexia who attend the schools therapy instruction delivered by dyslexia therapists licensed by the department the provisions of this chapter, may: (a)  (v)  components shall be taught using instructional approaches that include school chosen by the parent or legal guardian until the student completes Grade participating school for serving students eligible for the aid. guardian chooses the nonpublic school option and the student is accepted by the programs to the participating school for serving students eligible for the 37-23-157. Section Each participating parent or legal guardian and student nonpublic school to meet the requirements of this subsection shall constitute a

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