Architects are difficult people, to say it politely, its part of their charm. Thanks for the interview, I have learned a lot with both Mir and Luxigon… Who´s next? First launched as a way for me to connect with fellow 3d artist worldwide, it quickly became the place to share and learn about architectural visualization. What tools / software did you use on this one? Congratulations. We’re going with what seems to work the best and if possible make it a little spicy. =) amazing, ronenbekerman! It is really nice to get a glimpse of how the work is organised, what are the attitude of those key players in industry. archiviz, art and business altogether ! These interviews are very informative. The interview with MIR I published almost a month ago, followed by great feedback from the community, has driven me to keep exploring the studios I consider interesting and inspirational.

Let me know what you think about reading the interview this way… I might integrate Readability inside the blog in a better way if it works for you.

MIR means peace and world in Russian. I first interviewed Trond Greve Andersen & Mats Andersen, co-founders of Norway based architectural visualization studio MIR, back in March 2011 and had the pleasure to chat with them both following their presentation at SOA’s #AcademyDay5 in Venice last week. not depict the Roman Alex and Viktor as inspiration …. Unfortunately the Iceland bank system just collapsed a few months later. Projects are not always on the same levels, some are competitions, some are presentations, some are sensitive and some are jokes.
Better to jump in cold water, no?

That aerial visual of the Tena Tower project is so impressive I really want to learn more about it. There were no helicopters but I think I can still hear them. The jury — led by City Mayor Ms Hélène Mandroux — se... St. Petersburg Pier | BIG Location: Tampa, USA ... Mir makes portraits of unbuilt architecture. Unlimited space to host images, easy to use image uploader, albums, photo hosting, sharing, dynamic image resizing on web and mobile. We have a certain “expertise” that just can’t be acquired because the software is faster or easier to use. For 3D modeling, 3d rendering, free models in 3ds format, free textures/Best quality in graphic design at affordable prices.Easy, fast, low prices. Who do you consider as a source of inspiration… Where do you go to find it? Mir is a small creative studio tucked in between mountains and fjords on the west coast of Norway. Our fees are sometimes too high for them and unfortunately an office doesn’t run on clear water. EBC: It depends. *testing mid day sunny scene now* , Trond’s lecture was so refreshing one… I was trilled to be there and hear how guys are thinking and doing theirs job with so much emotions and how they transfer it in meaningful and beautiful visualization product.
How old is LUXIGON? Go ahead and read the full 2011 interview…. Actual daily things – any interesting stories in this department? I thank Mats & Trond for this interview and the SOA team for making this happen. It’s very often “boy! It’s very well programmed software and it’s only crashing once a year or so. Good job , receiving project what amazes me even more is knowing that we mortals, when we think we’ve seen the best images in CG .. has a small studio but with the highest quality … Danish firm BIG will expand the headquarters of Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet by adding a spiralling museum that coils up from the landscape. For all of you thinking about applying to work at MIR, I asked Troned what is it they look for in an artist.

EBC: We’re doing very little previews, normally only one, before we attack the final renderings. I prefer theory over practice. happy that my question (5 years future) got asked.

We’re trying all sort of software. We’re not all candy. We’re still inscribing CD’s and DVD’s with small hammers and wood chisels though. He studied Furniture and Spatial Design and I was trying to become a graphic designer/illustrator. And then, Laurent Ménabé joined us as a Partner, and later Benjamin Dawidowicz as the “consigliere”. Let’s talk about it all! First launched as a way for me to connect with fellow 3d artist worldwide, it quickly became the place to share and learn about architectural visualization. Thanks for that! People are everything! LT: luckily, we’re often asked to do what we like. I learned a lot from this one and the MIR interview too. He just said «Ok, I will come back early, just have to finish my cocktail and cancel my plane tickets to get new ones». Keep these coming!!! But we’re not doing graphism for graphism, it has to serve a purpose.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.