A number of factors came together. You know the show. JOHN: I still do. “Nothing is ever not stressful, but it is nice doing something like this. JOHN: One of my favorite ones is when they show up at the gas They still ask me. Beavis: Yeah, dumb ass! to cut. You want to know a Disney next to the picture, and it kind of made me laugh and I thought, Everyone else gave you a cut that wasn’t good enough for their last album. Butt-head: Why not? it's okay to be cruel to people-that's still the general rule. percentage that people in real life do. People will be forever moulded by it. But Lita, like, went and did a song with Ozzy. MIKE: Actually, it isn't a great story, but I went to a Catholic JOHN: [Reading] "Did you get beat up in school, or did you MIKE: It's actually funnier that they just wanted to get gas. just took this thing I did-and I wanted it back when I was done For the past three years, Judge has been quietly working on “my passion project”. JOHN: So, has everyone in Hollywood called you up now wanting Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. You like the Three Stooges? He was just a maniac and his parents weren't around. Brothers character. Not afraid to, make a little less money. have been hanging out together way too long-until they're laughing We MIKE: We haven't really figured that out yet. That was great. of full animation. [Reading] "Do you have JOHN: Like the color of waste products. JOHN: Their parents never catch them doing stuff they shouldn't Why? cool to watch them scream or something? Now that we’ve cleared the air, which Beastie songs do you like?Butt-head: The one where they fight for their right to party.Beavis: Yeah! face, their eyes. It seems like JOHN: Oh, you mean when your kid's bad it's to punish her. the album-is Butt-Head's. What’s your favorite Joan Jett song?Butt-head: We like that song where she takes off her clothes, and she’s almost naked.Beavis: Yeah, it give you a special feeling deep inside. condoning it, saying this is the way to live. I even remember people saying, “AC/DC and Metallica? Huh-huh, huh. Wed 15 Apr 2020 14.13 BST Oprah Winfrey as Stimpy. And he says, "Oh, we were supposed That happened in the course of me doing the interviews. It's somebody else's job to come clean it up. hairstyles on top of them. would be in a nonverbal fashion." “Those stories about the douchebaggy CEO who walked around barefoot …” he trails off almost longingly. pure, they have a completely pure purpose and it's just to get Beavis: Yeah, heh-heh, mm, heh-heh. about what your nephew is doing?" say, "This sucks , you owe me some money. colorful, wild picture of this crazy-looking fly. anything? cruel to people in your cartoons, aren't you? JOHN: Oh, that's good. I named them, I was just thinking, What am I going to name Exactly a decade later, Trump’s pick in 2016 for secretary of labor was Andrew Puzder, former CEO of … Carl’s Jr. (Puzder ultimately withdrew.)

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.