Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. The Z model is available in three body styles; Dolphin, Shark, or Killer Whale. The Z model is the first Seabreacher to incorporate a fully-retractable snorkel, allowing the pilot to perform high speed, 360° barrel rolls. Triton 1650/3: The Super-Yacht Sub can go as deep as 1650 feet i.e. Triton 1000/2- Adventure Sub submarine is to take 2 people deep up to 305 meters. Migaloo submarines customized for security provides the highest possible safety and security for the owner, his family and for valuables. STATUS: This submarine is almost dive-ready, and need a small refitting. Luxury Tourist submarine for sale. It is a heavily upgraded model of SportSub and is modified for the usage of yacht toy. These high-security systems can be used to hide family in dangerous situations either natural disasters or in a nuclear war. The submarine is based in Auckland, New Zealand. WIDTH: 2.7 m (8.8 ft) The Seabreacher-Z is the first Seabreacher capable of performing high-speed 360-degree barrel rolls on the water due to the new retractable dorsal fin. This small tip says big things for you- we are more than satisfied. It is having twin 58-inch hemispherical acrylic domes which provide exceptional views. It is located at Point Richmond, California, United State (USA). Mergo 50 Tourist Submarine for 50 passengers. This submarine is ABS class certified. This luxury superyacht submarine can be well equipped with several toys like surface tenders, mini-submarines, ROVs, UUVs, diver lockout chambers with hyperbaric chambers, helicopters, jet skis, etc. It is very well equipped with features like full life support, vertical and lateral thrusters, VHF and underwater communication, external lights, GPS navigation, etc. It served a 200-foot super-yacht as a toy. It does not have all the parts to build the submarine. Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications, and the sonar system. It is located in United Kingdom (UK). It is located in Austria, Europe. Two-man Sub-scooter is easy to use and operate. ECO-SUB is Eco-friendly 24 Seater submarine for tourism purpose. STATUS: This submarine is still in construction and will be ready by mid-2019. BATTERY TECHNOLOGY: LiFePO4 OPERATING DEPTH: 100 m (330 ft) STATUS: This sub is built to order and delivery about 12 weeks. Asking Price: GBP 485. He was the first one to design this model. Migaloo Kokomo Ailand- Private Floating Habitat is limited to ONE worldwide. It still needs the electronics and the plumbing. The SportSub mini-submarine is basically for personal leisure with 2 seats for passengers and 1 for the pilot. Kindly, contact us for current status. Build time is typically about 60-90 days per watercraft, depending on your model and level of customization. Wrangler ADS is also one-man atmosphere diving suit and need a refitting program. We are determined to provide our submarine broker services with utmost sincerity and dedication. It is very well equipped with the latest technology and safety features. Based on our current build schedule, we could potentially start on your build right away. Simply buy min-Kota 101 trolling motors and oil compensate them with mineral oil. 4-man, 6-man. The Perry Submarine 3-Pax is one-atmosphere submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. Fast & Free shipping on many items! 120 cans with regeneration plates (one can – 64 human/hour life support), full technical documentation. Below submarines are small in size and carry 1 person to 6 people. My staff man, Lefteris, said you deserve a tip so we happily sent you 2K euros. We have built highly customized versions in the past, such as a Hammerhead Shark, a variety of Fighter Jets, a Manatee, and even Bald Eagles. SportSub Mini-Submarine is located at B.C. We made some good cash even after 50% inaugural discount. The Seabreacher Sailfish is the most heavily customized model. Migaloo M5 Cruise Line Submarines are the world luxuries submarines with capabilities to drive through the north pole and can make you discover the unknown. SPT16 T-SUB (Tourist Submarine) is a medium-size multi-passenger tourist submarine, designed for the underwater leisure market. Triton 7500/3: The Deep Diver submarine can take 3 people as deep as 2300 meters in the ocean. $59.99. Oh my dear Vinod, finally we have witnessed the grand opening ceremony of our underwater tourism business. It is located at Sebastian, Florida, (USA). The crew and staff needed are 32-40. This private recreational sub is very well equipped with safety and comfort features that include ultrasonic communications, expanded air supply system, numerous backup systems, fly-by-wire joystick and more. Let’s have a look-. NEREE Submarine Originally, it was designed by COMEX in 1970. ResortSub Commercial Mini-Sub is located at British Columbia, Canada, Scubster Nemo & Pub wet submarine. SPECIFICATIONS It is located at Point Richmond, California, United State (USA). A small, lightweight two-man submarine with an operational depth of 600ft (200m). It is one of the most popular models and is also used in many commercial tourist operations. I and Samantha are on cloud nine. The owners (same owner as that of K-350 trustworthy) also available for any technical help as long as a liability waiver is signed. It is located in Salina, Kansas, USA. Now, this submarine needs a refitting and class certification (is asked) again. The submarine E2 has 2 blind flanges for additional equipment, z. ALERT: ALL filters are working collectively, so use them carefully to get the appropriate result. HEIGHT: 1.6 m (5.2 ft) OPERATING DEPTH: 100 m (330 ft) It has a passenger count of 48 including 3 crew members and is built to a very high specification and designed for safety and total comfort. The typical length of these private submarine superyachts is 175 meters with a capability of 80 passengers. Kittredge-350 (K-350 Rekon) is a half-built submarine. This is a modified Perry submarine that enables commercial and scientific applications for scientists, filmmakers, and researchers.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.