Um. In his spare time, he's caught hundreds of Pokémon and sunk days of his…, Zombieland: Double Tap director talks doppelgangers, time gap and more, Zombieland 2 Game Revealed with Release Date and Screenshots, Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer, Cast, Release Date, Story, and News, Zombieland: Why It Took 10 Years to Double Tap, Halloween: Timeline Explained for Horror Movie Franchise, The Most Terrifying Magic: The Gathering Cards, Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Films to Stream, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? But like, I’m having some trouble, um, dealing with that so…hence the uh, quitting. (I actually think they are both super talented actors, so this is all in good fun. Okay. Sorry. Even so, the entire movie is just Eisenberg and Cera in Cera’s office over-analyzing Eisenberg’s childhood. However, as we learned in an interview with Zombieland: Double Tap director Ruben Fleischer, the role of Eisenberg’s doppelganger was originally earmarked for another impeccable actor when it comes to awkwardness: a certain Superbad star by the name of Michael Cera. There’s a scene in Zombieland: Double Tap where Jesse Eisenberg’s Columbus and Woody Harrelson’s Tallahassee bump into their doppelgangers, played in the film by Thomas Middleditch and Luke Wilson. You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. But they both definitely fit a horrible neurotic type I have. Is it possible to set a makeover montage at an Old Navy? HOLY COW I AM HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH EISENBERG. In fact, I’m Googling around and I don’t think they’ve even ever taken a picture together. I actually have his photos all over my office cube. Eisenberg, which I keep reading Ginsberg (arrrgghhhh), can go be awkward elsewhere: I didn’t care much for The Social Network… or any of his other films for that matter. Hmmm Cera. With the mainstream appeal of Juno, Superbad, and the (canceled) TV series Arrested Development, it seemed Cera was pulling ahead in the popularity contest. Last year, in the months following the release of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, starring Michael Cera, and Adventureland, starring Jesse Eisenberg, movie blogs were abuzz with posts about the seeming interchangeableness of the two actors. Sorry. It plays like a nice nod to a similar moment in Shaun Of The Dead. Billy is a macrobiotic vegan while Bobby is just a regular vegan. They’re forced to come together when they realize they can crush the competition at the big Battle of the Bands. In Adventureland, his character is again victimized by the failings of his parents, who renege on their promise of financial support, and he winds up working at an amusement park to earn cash. And these are hilarious. Literally choke-snorted on my coffee from laughter when reading the “Stepbrothers” idea. Yeah.”, funny. Great blog! For their consideration! Like, if you want to. In fact, I’m sort of surprised this hasn’t happened yet. Uh, like-like you. Two college friends (Cera and Eisenberg) decide to drive up to one of their family’s cabin in the woods for the weekend. Just like, please don’t break any laws? Can he get this khaki-pants-wearing lost cause ready in time to run for prom king and win the heart of the mute, bespectacled girl in the AV club? “I don’t know if I should say this or not,” Fleischer confided, “but Michael Cera was kind of like the original person [for that role], just because Jesse and Michael are always mistaken. Anyone who talks to me for about five seconds knows I adore an anxious, Jewish puffball known as Jesse Eisenberg. I hate drugs! An unpopular high school dork (Eisenberg) takes an unpopular high school nerd (Cera) under his wing as a dare from his Magic The Gathering playing buddies to teach him how to become…um, I guess slightly cooler than he already was? Michael Cera didn't want to be Jesse Eisenberg's mirror image in Zombieland: Double Tap By Rob Leane | October 16, 2019 | Share on Facebook (opens in a new tab) I can’t even eat a pixie stick without feeling hungover. He is truly all that…or at least, uh, some of that. (“St-st-stop! Recently, I was catching up on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and in the one where he interviews Michael Cera, Cera lamented being constantly confused with Eisenberg. Can either of them ever get a sentence out? Genius! Billy plays the ukelele while Bobby plays the triangle. You may unsubscribe at any time. “I bumped into Jesse on the street once and he told me he gets it once a day,” Cera told the New York Post. Will either of them actually ever talk to a female? You captured both of their shy, anxious personalities very well. But now, with two films opening May 24 (Solitary Man and Holy Rollers) Eisenberg is making a strong move for first place. Hahah these comments are interesting, as is the post. Oi Vey. In the end, though, neither of them dies because the virgin always lives. Anyway. Um. Perf. Billy stumbles and flails when talking to girls and Bobby fumbles and stalls when talking to girls. In the name of the law! When you look at them side by side, I mean, it’s really funny. Not every Eisenberg role is so richly drawn: Roger Dodger, his first film, portrayed him as a more traditionally sympathetic adolescent foil to Campbell Scott's dissolute ladykiller. I’ll be working as a freelance editor in Germany next year (moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Berlin for a year). | Culture. And the parallels are striking. You’re good at this! I’d love to see the indie flick, the romantic teen comedy (which has to be riddled with so many cliches that I’ll have to walk out of the cinema halfway through) or the Brokeback Mountain. they’re both my “type” and my name is also gaby :D. I think you might have a shot with the Buddy Cops idea, actually. Though their past roles may seem nearly identical, there's a difference, and it's what makes Eisenberg (so far) the more interesting actor. A neurotic over-thinking twenty-something (Eisenberg) starts seeing a young therapist (Cera) when he comes back to his hometown after his college graduation. If only they can both get over their shared terrible stage fright. I mean, right? Neither is teen-idol handsome, yet the essential good-heartedness of their characters ensures the audience roots for them to get the girl. If you want. They do this not by coming to terms with the malice in the world (as Cera's characters do), but with the malice in their own hearts. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Just…perf. Sorry. I like you. Little do they know an escaped convicted serial killer is lurking in the darkness waiting for his next victims. Learn about us. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. Eisenberg, however, risks losing the audience's sympathy by allowing the character to become actually unlikable, and fully responsible for his own fate. To continue reading login or create an account. He said fans come up to him and compliment him on Eisenberg’s movies, which is hilarious but kind of demoralizing. Recently, I was catching up on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and in the one where he interviews Michael Cera, Cera lamented being constantly confused with Eisenberg. His family consists of his quirky, neglectful mother and his perfect, married older brother. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. At this point, this may be the only way audiences will accept a non-cuddly Cera: when it's clearly a spoof of his normal onscreen teddy bear. Den of Geek I’ll just go now.”). Anyone who talks to me for about five seconds knows I adore an anxious, Jewish puffball known as Jesse Eisenberg. Rob Leane has written for this loveable website for over five years. He also feels like he wants to win over a girl who talked to him once in high school and who has developed the ability to be a beautiful alcoholic who needs saving. The characters Cera and Eisenberg play are most notable for their innocence. Absolutely. It’s something I’ve never thought about before, but I have definitely thought that they look surprisingly alike. Clearly a victim of his parents' narcissism and shortcomings, he's no saint himself, jerking around his own first girlfriend. .cls-2{mix-blend-mode:screen}.cls-3{fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-miterlimit:10;stroke-width:4px}.cls-4{fill:red}, Michael Cera didn't want to be Jesse Eisenberg's mirror image in Zombieland: Double Tap. Not that I think you’re a drug or anything! These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time With A Long-Distance Relationship, Chloé Longuet Wants To Dispel The Myths Surrounding HS: “The Pain Is Not In Your Head”, 7 Signs That It’s Time To Reach Out For Help, I Don’t Know How To Just Be Friends With You, I Never Got To Tell My Best Friend How Much She Meant To Me, The Truth Is, Anyone Can Have A Fucked Up Relationship With Food. Will they ever get up the courage to win the girl? Awkward/macho-y-men-type-people teen/adulty romance (with lots of awkward sex scenes), ….I’d watch all of these movies..they aren’t so far-fetched actually. Here are some potential movie ideas for Mr. Cera and Mr. Eisenberg. Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg Superbad actor Michael Cera has admitted that he and actor Jesse Eisenberg get mistaken for each other on a regular basis. So would I like to see them in a film together? I’m not sure I can picture the horror film but all of the rest would be brilliant. Last year, in the months following the release of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, starring Michael Cera, and Adventureland, starring Jesse Eisenberg, movie blogs were abuzz with posts about the How can these two stellar opposites ever make it work?! But yeah, it’s really true: they’re like weird doppelgangers.”. When Cera has explored less sympathetic characters, it's in the guise of an alter ego, as in the recent Youth in Revolt, where his utterly innocent, good-hearted nice guy tried on the persona of a cruel, reckless, chain-smoking French heartbreaker. Thanks! Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, etc. He falls in love with a truly great girl—and then, again, acts like a jerk. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. I feel you, Gaby! Eisenberg, by pushing the limits of audience sympathy, ultimately wins our hearts. Middleditch, who plays a comedic version of a tech start-up CEO in HBO’s Silicon Valley, is pitch-perfect casting as the mirror image of Columbus, especially when you remember Eisenberg’s star-making turn as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Both actors are exceptional at standing around with squirmy, uncomfortable expressions on their faces while the other characters make asses of themselves. I am aghast. Which, no offense to Cera, is where he belongs. For most of their careers, they've played young, lanky, sensitive types who serve as the moral center of movies where the adults (and other teens) behave in decidedly amoral ways. By the end of the film there's hope he's going to turn out OK, but also the recognition that, at the moment, he's kind of a douchebag. Would I like to have pitched or written that film? I can picture them. So I thought what better way to prove you’re two different people than to star in a movie together? Holy Rollers, on the other hand, is an even darker-shaded performance. Even though Eisenberg's characters are innocent, that doesn't mean they're impervious to corruption. Jesse Eisenberg vs. Michael Cera: Who's Winning? “People think he’s Michael Cera.” […] EISENBERG: “I just…um…I wish I could…you know, uh, quit you. I wanted to help! Can these two unlikely officers come together to solve crime? ), A shy, stuttering police academy graduate (Cera) is paired with a shy, stuttering young cop (Eisenberg) to bust a drug ring being run out of a local thrift store. It's hard to imagine Cera playing the role as anything but cute—a well-meaning kid who found himself in the wrong place in the wrong time. The Essential DanMachi Moments, Zombieland: Double Tap – Michael Cera turned down doppelganger role. Just the visual – like a weird funhouse mirror, is what Emma [Stone] says. There, they encounter an undercover cop played by some loopy manic pixie dream girl who loves record collecting and looking down as she scuffs her Converse toes against the pavement.

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