Now yes, space is a virtual vacuum. On this mission, Kathryn Sullivan became the first U.S. woman to perform a spacewalk and Marc Garneau became the first Canadian in space. This was supposed to be my night of triumph, and now here was my girlfriend giving me that withering “I left you alone for 10 minutes, why are your balls in the Yeo Valley” look. image caption Artwork: A highly magnetised rotating neutron star. It’s a beautiful, yet haunting sound that music legend Hans Zimmer would be jealous of. Fri 11 Jan 2019 23.07 AEDT signal was first spotted in 1977 and has gone unexplained ever since. “What happens when you combine science with entertainment?” asks Bernd Breiter, CEO of BigCityBeats and founder of WORLD CLUB DOME, who had the vision to connect the magic of space and the magic of dance music. This site rocks the Promo Skin for Thesis. Not many details are available about the document, except for the fact that it is real, and published in the NSA database via their technical journal. It was either aboard the UFO and managed to remain undiscovered for 57 years, until Robert nearly stepped on it or it was planted at a later date by a different alien crew. Message decontamination is impossible" – suggests that it would be practically impossible to remove that danger. “Lt. Together looking into the future, into a new dimension – what better way is there to do this than combine space travel and one of the most popular music styles in the world?”The dance music community of BigCityBeats has more than half a million followers. It is my dream that one day, every human can once in their life see our beautiful planet from Space. Cinnamon and honey are among the most powerful and versatile miraculous foods by Mother Nature, and their combination is a superb remedy in the treatment of various health issues. Sorry lads, you’re breaking up. Strange signals detected from outer space are becoming quite popular, especially within the past couple of years alone. A four page U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and NSA report describes the encounter in detail. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. Drink Water On An Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up. What you’re about hear is actual sound in space, nothing has been added. There was no document to be found that actually describes what exactly they found out, and what that translation was. Astronomers say one of … Let’s all work together to make this dream come true.”. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? I hope not. IX. Regions of space such as this are where new stars are born from a mixture of elements and cosmic dust, Nasa's Mars Rover Spirit took the first picture from Spirit since problems with communications began a week earlier. Furthermore, both of the pilots involved discussed the event years later. Cinnamon and honey are among the most powerful and versatile miraculous foods by Mother Nature, and their combination is a superb remedy in the treatment of various health issues. Drink Water On An Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up. On September 4, while scouting a remote area for potential prey, Robert saw a small rock covered with dirt. We’re a species that has realised we’re going to die of global warming – and have decided to burn the old fossil fuels more than ever. or no symptoms at all (up to 40% of people infected with the novel coronavirus may show no signs). Young caucasian woman wearing surgical gloves putting face mask on, protection from spread of Coronavirus “If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use […], You’ve heard of the common symptoms of coronavirus: Cough, fever, and shortness of breath. One metal triangle, if I remember correctly had a depression just off center and this depression looked not only like this rock but if my memory is correct could possibly be a housing for that type of stone. Is it some kind of message or an alien key? The world’s first message from outer space to the electronic dance music community has been delivered by the International Space Station‘s current Commander Alexander Gerst. in a simple format are adequate," they write. Researchers suggest that it could be possible to build a "prison", that would constrain the message so that it could safely contained. The battery of tests performed on the Roswell Rock were unable to determine whether its origins were alien or terrestrial. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. And it finds that it would be impossible to know that a message was dangerous before we opened it. With the World Club Dome Zero Gravity club project this year, Bernd Breiter already proved that science and entertainment can be brought together in a way that is mutually beneficial. ESA astronaut and Commander of the … If the rock is indeed alien, the fact that it was found near the place where a flying saucer crashed (or was shot down) in 1947 could mean one of two things. What NASA did was design special instruments that could record these electromagnetic vibrations, and transferred them into … They’re not afraid to lose © The […], Cinema is a fascinating and absorbing art of illusion. A new paper explores how we might read and understand a message that came to us from space. Who knows, maybe watchful aliens did see us turn a corner during the 1950s and decided to send out a message of friendship, not realising that the message would be answered 70 years later by President Trump: a man we can’t trust not to try and phone-bang the aliens during first contact. “Dr. Link to something new and exciting! That being said, may of of these “UFOs” could be, and probably are, highly sophisticated, black budget (Special Access Programs, human craft). The next bad decision came moments later, when I remembered that yoghurt helps cool down your mouth when you’ve been eating hot food. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Likewise, Dr. Fauci is especially worried about four states right now that are […], Coronavirus cases have spiked across the U.S. this summer, with the country now reporting more than 40,000 new diagnoses a day. Little did he know he would chance upon a strange artifact that has since been dubbed the Roswell Rock. It’s great to see the messages of support for space coming from the world’s top DJs making us see the future with a visionary spirit. We want to bring the fascination of space travel to a new young audience. Couldn’t they have shown up during the 2012 Olympics or when Britpop was at its height? The image was taken by Nasa's HiRISE camera, which is mounted on its Mars Reconaissance Orbiter, NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman shared this image of Yellowstone via his twitter account, This near-infrared color image shows a specular reflection, or sunglint, off of a hydrocarbon lake named Kivu Lacus on Saturn's moon Titan, Although Mimas and Pandora, shown here, both orbit Saturn, they are very different moons. Earlier this week, astronomers announced that they had observed repeated bursts of radio waves coming from deep space, with some experts suggesting this could be evidence of alien life. You will be surprised how many hidden meanings you missed in some of your favorite movies, […], RUSSIA’S DEEP LAKES ARE POPULATED BY A RACE OF GIANT UNDERWATER HUMANOIDS. The following is transcribed from Page 21, Appendix: Recently a series of radio messages was heard coming from outer space. When inspecting the engravings, we notice the rock features a crescent with a smaller circle underneath it. When he cleaned it and noticed the strange symbols carved on its surface, Bob knew he had found something special. BigCityBeats, the company behind WORLD CLUB DOME, has announced a new collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) for 2019, combining the universal, unifying and boundless natures of electronic dance music and space travel. ESA astronaut Frank de Winne (Head of ESA’s European Astronaut Centre) noted on the WCD & ESA collaboration: “I would like to thank all the top DJs and WORLD CLUB DOME for bringing the message of Space to such a large community. I didn’t see the tests I just remember them talking about the tests and how impossible it was to understand this stuff.”, “These objects could be bent easily they could even be folded but they would return to their original shape afterwards. 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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.