"The A–Z of Judge Dredd," by Mike Butcher (Hamlyn, 1995). [25], In 2113 a referendum was held in which the people were allowed to decide whether to restore democratic government, but by this time the memory of democracy had become so distant that the majority of citizens did not bother to vote, and most of those who did opted to retain the status quo.[26]. Baghdad was the largest city from 762-1930 AD with a population of one million. Lacking the terror tactics of the blitz agency, assassins do all they can to keep themselves, their target and their client as far from the prying eyes of the Law as much as possible. Although the price or rent may seem high, it's all made up for with a view of the Flatirons from pretty much anywhere in the city. Only a few Judges had escaped his brainwashing program, most of them from the Academy of Law, and under Dredd, they formed a dedicated rebel force that eventually brought him and his alien Klegg mercenaries down - just in time to stop Cal executing the entire city. Stories in earlier issues would link Dredd to the chronology of the Invasion!, Ro-Busters, and Harlem Heroes strips: Mega-City One's construction is mentioned in Ro-Busters once it had moved to 2000 AD, and in a story that follows from Invasion!, while Mega-City One appears in Harlem Heroes and its lead character Giant is the father of Judge Giant. Defence-Div Judges, as seen on cover of Extreme Edition #17, The original United States Armed Forces no longer exist. Underskeds are single-lane roads, often reserved for public service traffic only, that pass underneath skeds. The diversity in Bellevue is also amazing. The alien Zhind launched a massive attack on human space in 2138, considering humanity a dangerous 'child race' that needed to be violently quarantined. Burbank is a very quite and somewhat isolated place. [36], That year would be blighted by two major crises that required Judge Dredd to stop. The Citi-Defs (Citizen Defence) are a reserve force composed of citizens. The Justice Department of Mega-City One has also been faced with groups arguing for a restoration of democracy to Mega-City One, who've used tactics ranging from banned literature to nuclear terrorism. Millions streamed into the city and it ramped up its immigration laws. The laws are enforced by the Judges, who are a combination of a judge and police officer. The internal geography of Mega-City One has often been ignored or changed, for the needs of any given story. Organ Leggers: If a criminal organisation can break into the market, it will find there is a huge trade in human body parts across the entire world and, sometimes, beyond. This lead to the rollout of the Judges in 2031 - a proposal backed by the citizens, who voted out the congressmen who opposed Eustace Fargo and President Guerney's plan.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.