The Medium wordmark is an important expression of our brand identity. In the event the logo is used in a co-branded campaign, usage must be in accordance to the standards set forth below. Ollo. >Shop now at AMAZON.COM>Shop now at Ad placements intended for Amazon DSP should feature the Amazon logo or the appropriate text link CTA when linking in to Amazon. When placing the logo in a composition use half the cap height (X/2) as the distance to the margin. The Medium logo, wordmark, and symbol are important expressions of our brand identity. Do not stretch or alter the proportions of the logo. Do not use the logo in color under any circumstances. Using the name or branding elements can help you get results. Do not layer other content on top or below. “Gold Box Deal Of The Day”), but requires approval from Amazon. For more information about the Medium logo, wordmark and brand guidelines, please go here. Typeface & Sizing: Amazon Text Link CTAs should always be set at one of two sizes – Frutiger 57 Condensed at 11.5 point for small applications and Frutiger 67 Condensed at 14 point for large.Recommended small applications include small IAB ad units (Micro Bar, Button 1, Square Button, Half Banner, Full Banner) or custom units such as site stripes, mini marquees, etc. In order to prevent customer confusion between what is the site and what is an advertisement, branded buttons are not allowed (Advertiser branded buttons or Amazon text links only).2.

Ollo is so into color and typography, it turned its style guide into a game. This is the Medium wordmark.
For example: if you were to place the logo, sized 30px tall, in the top left corner of a composition, the distance between the top and left sides of the logo and the top and left edges of the composition should be no less than 15px. Click here to see LinkedIn’s brand guidelines. Because these elements are such recognizable and highly visible brand assets, it is vital that that they are always applied consistently. For example: if you were to place the Medium logo, sized 30px tall, in a logo pool next to other logos, you should ensure that the Medium logo has at least 30px of clearspace on all sides. The Amazon logo must be no smaller than 1” wide for print or 72 pixels on screen. Off AmazonCreative may not use Amazon branded buttons unless expressly approved by Amazon. These few simple rules will help you use our logo, wordmark, and symbol to communicate the Medium brand most effectively. It is our primary graphic device and should be the first choice when choosing a graphic element to represent the Medium brand. However, the brand is one of our most valuable company assets, so we require advance review of creative materials. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e91f55a1817233d Medium’s Distribution Guidelines: everything writers need to know Updated: October 2, 2020 . Use of the Amazon logo must be approved in all cases. Brand development of Allowing me to own this part of the brand development, plussing our existing work, for their previous contributions in order to lay the foundation for this development. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. – “One Click Install”). All imagery used must be owned by the advertiser or cleared for use in the ad unit prior to campaign launch. Non-specific or inaccurate CTAs are not allowed. Product imagery provided should not be downloaded from Google or any other search engine site. The same general rules for clearspace and margins that apply to the logo and wordmark also apply to the symbol. It should be used sparingly and with care. The use of Amazon proprietary words, phrases, products, etc. The exception to this is the use of Amazon branded buttons in eCommerce ads like ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Add to Wish List’, ‘Shop now and ‘Clip coupon’.

*This article has been updated as of 10/22/20. Amazon should always be in title case (all capitals or lowercase is not allowed). The logo’s clearspace defines the distance between the logo and any graphic element it may be sitting next to in a composition. Off AmazonVerbiage in the call-to-action button is incorrect. Do not rotate any single part of the logo.

For margins, use half the cap height (X/2) as the distance to the edge of a composition. that directly tie into Amazon functionality or features is allowed (e.g. Link at least one consistently-branded social media account … Do not modify or recreate the provided artwork.

Recommended … Use the cap height from the wordmark as a reference for the appropriate clearspace. Medium Branding Guidelines Wordmark. • This is not the primary expression of the logo — it is an option when a composition may need more dynamism. For clearspace, use the cap height from the wordmark as a reference. Here are the elements our editorial teams consider in evaluating story quality: Does the story meet a high editorial standard Advertising and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Approved third party ad servers and technology providers, Remarketing and conversion pixel requirements, Sponsored ads creative acceptance policies, Sponsored Display creative acceptance policies, Similar phrases (e.g. For approvals, send requests along with examples of usage to your account representative.
This may be suitable to do when the symbol color matches the illustration color, and the wordmark color matches the headline or typography. If you would like to use the Medium symbol as a standalone element, please contact us at for additional guidance and recommendations. With written approval, we permit our advertisers to use Amazon branding elements within the requirements outlined in the document below. Do not apply gradients, shadows, or other effects. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Any product imagery including Amazon products such as the Kindle must be approved by Amazon and non-Amazon vendor products not owned by the advertiser must also be cleared by the company who holds the rights.

The same general rules for clearspace and margins that apply to the logo also apply to the wordmark. White should only be used on top of the more vibrant colors.

Click the link below to … This includes but is not limited to: Additional guidelines regarding technical specs, eligible ad units, advertiser types and more can be found at: technical guidelines. Our monogram is the reduced form of our wordmark. The symbol can be used on its own in certain, very specific situations when the context and association with Medium is clearly established and controlled (example: the Medium app), or when the Medium brand is meant to take on a secondary, supporting role (example: an individual’s profile or a publication surface on Medium). Below are some examples of logo presentations which are not allowed. Please send requests for approval along with examples of usage to your account team. It should in no way be distorted or... Monogram.

The logo may be used as all black on white or all white on black. Medium’s Design team book recommendations, The Easiest Guide to Webflow for Beginners. It should only be used when the wordmark is too small to... Clearspace and Positioning. Outside of this context, use of Amazon branded terms or similar statements are not allowed unless expressly approved.This includes but is not limited to: The “Subscribe & Shop Now” message could easily be confused with the Amazon Subscribe & Save program. It is possible to alternate the color of the symbol and the wordmark, with five colors supporting both black and white on top of them. This is a suggested margin, do not place the logo any tighter — but in certain instances the space can be increased. This is the Medium logo.

This is where clearspace and margins come in to play. On AmazonThe Amazon logo is strongly discouraged when the advertising placement is on the Amazon site. Do not place the logo on a patterned background. It never takes on any additional colors, but may be placed on top of any color within the Medium brand palette with the exception of placing a white logo on top of yellow or any of the light colors within the palette. Clear space is based upon the bold letter ‘o’ in the logo.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.