Can handle for sale or use meat products in the preparation of product for sale only if such meat products were previously federally inspected and passed. Authorization of appropriations. Administrative detention; duration; pending judicial proceedings; notification of governmental authorities; release. Repealed. Other Federal laws applicable for administration and enforcement of chapter; location of inquiries; jurisdiction of Federal courts. The last year of the data used in the analysis was 2010, not 2015. §614. "We applaud the USDA for taking this step to strengthen our competitive position.". S.N.S. K�C�vN����yF����#�'�����څ���$�y1L 2. S… Meat Inspection Regulations. “There is no single technology or process to address the problem of food-borne illness, but when we focus our inspections on food safety-related tasks, we better protect American families,” Carmen Rottenberg, USDA’s acting deputy undersecretary for food safety, said in a statement. (a) Examination of animals before slaughtering; diseased animals slaughtered separately and carcasses examined. �w�1pm(�L [%�/`��f�Z�H330�]Ҭ��Z )��-��� �9) §608. h�bbd```b``��S@$3��a�A$�aɔ"Yw��˂�B�D�^���`��`�X�A��[0�DrE�H^a��l� ���4؜f��h)r �7�6S)s��,".���H�`�W ɘ*"D $�5�,���!�%H��m �,D�� H�V �=И����q�v�Qr����' �[ � Inspection of carcasses, meat of which is intended for export. §621. (a) Personal slaughtering and custom slaughtering for personal, household, guest, and employee uses. Berkowitz, a former Labor Department official under Obama, said the plan will also reduce federal oversight that is critical to protecting public health, leaving the industry to police itself. made under subsection 32 (1) of the. Inspectors of meat food products; marks of inspection; destruction of condemned products; products for export. Examination of animals and food products thereof, slaughtered and prepared during nighttime. (a) Authorities under food, drug, and cosmetic provisions unaffected. Reg. Inspection of dairy products for export. Ī\sa`p����h``Q`�@ ��5�?�6 b#��)�0CT������$F�y��6�+� Related: Another Obama Decision Reversed? Plants that opt into the new inspection system would be exempt from the maximum line speed under current federal rules, which is 1,106 hogs per hour. Sanitary inspection and regulation of slaughtering and packing establishments; rejection of adulterated meat or meat food products. (g) Administration of animal drugs or antibiotics; terms and conditions; entry order violations. ���6�DN�H `�4pa@����,��Xdq��g@GE,� EA�w� �a�a The plan "is another step forward in the industry’s ongoing focus on continuous improvement of food safety and cost efficiency,” said Ken Maschhoff, the group's president. Storage and handling regulations; violations; exemption of establishments subject to non-Federal jurisdiction. Application of Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. §672. 1 In these regulations. O.I.C. §671. §679b. Regulations Regulations, directives, notices, and policy decisions enable FSIS to carry out its mission of protecting public health. §617. 1996, c. 6. (c) Labeling: type styles and sizes; definitions and standards of identity or composition; standards of fill of container; consistency of Federal and Federal-State standards. The Obama administration implemented similar changes to the poultry industry in 2014 but decided against a line-speed increase. Interstate shipment of meat inspected by Federal and State agencies for certain small establishments, Subchapter V - Inspections by Federal and State Agencies Recordkeeping requirements. (d) Adulteration and misbranding provisions applicable to inspection-free articles. Assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain persons; murder; protection of such persons. a��D0 ������qp;�"X�!/�)� @ But consumer and worker-safety advocates say the proposed changes will harm those already working in a dangerous industry and make food contamination more likely. §644. Industry groups also contested the notion that eliminating the cap on line speeds would harm workers or consumers. §694. §624. (a) Labeling receptacles or coverings of meat or meat food products inspected and passed; supervision by inspectors. (b) Authority of Secretary to allow shipments, (d) Coordination between Federal and State agencies. Devices, marks, labels, and certificates; simulations. §607. §625. Food and Water Watch, an advocacy group, says the changes haven’t proven to be safe, pointing to a 2013 Inspector General report that said it could not determine whether the pilot program had met its goals because the USDA did not provide sufficient oversight. §676. It is for your personal use and may not be copied for the purposes of resale in this or any other form. (a) Classes of persons bound; scope of disclosure; access to places of business; examination of records, facilities, and inventories; copies; samples. Inspectors of carcasses, etc., meat of which is intended for export; certificates of condition. "There will just be fewer inspections going on, and there are serious concerns regarding food safety because of that," she said. %%EOF 90-180, N.S. “They are still required to meet the letter of the law when it comes to animal welfare, food safety and employee safety.”. Prohibition of subchapter I inspection of articles not intended for use as human food; denaturation or other identification prior to distribution in commerce; inedible articles. (c) Payment of storage, cartage, and labor charges by owner or consignee; liens. � Can sell to consumers only. Subchapter I - Inspection Requirements; Adulteration & Misbranding. §615. Inspection services; refusal or withdrawal; hearing; business unfitness based upon certain convictions; other provisions for withdrawal of services unaffected; responsible connection with business; finality of Secretary's actions; judicial review; record. Inspection extended to reindeer. Marking, labeling, or other identification of kinds of animals of articles' derivation; separate establishments for preparation and slaughtering activities. Compliance with section 36 45. L��j�Y�W��5B��кe�"���Y��D@�"����`���J� ��-�J�"�D�^���q�a�$�,U٧U���&����4�����ϧ������"�m�Bf ��7�EO�������I*�M�4 Z ���0�i�+��x� � 263 0 obj <> endobj §605. ���9� ���`?�����ʆ�g�ݻuR��y��$i �PJ�}��d��f�:*��esu�t�e'�S^��o��ӳ����I��g�� ���o�5K��>���w��J� �q��Wcp#}"�r���)���J'��?N�ӛ���@���݉�|�+�k���0�; ���'hrg�upp_�x_�� }�&w��3tvX���q��eZ5P��G��/� 9p���4���I��7�! Under the new system, plant employees would be the first to identify and remove unfit carcasses coming down the line, replacing USDA inspectors who would be freed up to conduct off-line inspection activities that are “more effective in ensuring food safety,” the administration said in the proposed rule. Labeling, marking, and container requirements. §679. Advisory Committees This section contains links to reports from the National Advisory Committee on Meat & Poultry Inspection as well as the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria For Foods. ������@Oxl�Le�&�3PLj/���B��d�DA!�8 �����`�e2�S҃��cd�SZ ����hj� 1��� -�Ac�6Yf"������)���@�:��8'� ���*��la*��&�vk�@M�y�t���¯ �|���� Registration of business, name of person, and trade names. (The analysis was based on self-reported data from a small fraction of all pork plants.) Regulation of transactions, transportation, or importation of 4-D animals to prevent use as human food. The National Pork Producers Council, a trade association representing meatpackers, welcomed the proposed changes. Meat Inspection Act. §622. §604. §675. Omitted. ET): An earlier version of this article misstated the final year of data used in a USDA analysis. (a) Proceedings in rem; libel of information; jurisdiction; disposal by destruction or sale; proceeds into the Treasury; sales restrictions; bond; court costs and fees, storage, and other expenses against claimants; proceedings in admiralty; jury trial; United States as plaintiff. §609. §678. The Meat Inspection office governs and regulates the statutes on meat slaughter and processing plants to assure a safe, wholesome, and properly labeled meat supply for consumers. The changes are also likely to reduce contamination by shifting USDA inspectors from visual inspection tasks to off-line testing for pathogens like salmonella, officials said in the proposal. Now It’s About Food Safety. Compliance with Meat Inspection Act (Canada) 44. The dollar value of sales of product to other than household consumers (hotels, restaurants, institutions, etc.) §613. Clearance prohibited to vessel carrying meat for export without inspector's certificate. endstream endobj startxref §674. §677. Post mortem examination of carcasses and marking or labeling; destruction of carcasses condemned; reinspection. 46/90 (February 13, 1990) Interpretation. endstream endobj 264 0 obj <>/Metadata 24 0 R/Pages 261 0 R/StructTreeRoot 36 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 265 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Thumb 22 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 792.0 612.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 266 0 obj <>stream For workers, it will definitely increase the number of serious injuries they already face," said Debbie Berkowitz of the National Employment Law Project, a Washington-based research and advocacy group. Seizure and condemnation. Examination of carcasses brought into slaughtering or packing establishments, and of meat food products issued from and returned thereto; conditions for entry. ; certifications. (b) Territorial exemption; refusal, withdrawal, or modification. �R����=]W�F7l��T�!�A�@��A h>������ \'T�,�����`�a�o��`�dPhTaYٜ����������: Payment of cost of meat-inspection service; exception, Short URL for this page: Imports. Bribery of or gifts to inspectors or other officers and acceptance of gifts. Federal court jurisdiction of enforcement and injunction proceedings and other kinds of cases; limitations of section 607(e) of this title. Expansion of Food Safety Inspection Service activities, Subchapter IV-A - Inspections By Federal and State Agencies, §683. (e) Use withholding directive respecting false or misleading marking, labeling, or container; modification of false or misleading matter; hearing; withholding use pending proceedings; finality of Secretary's action; judicial review; application of section 194 of title 7.

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