The McGill Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) is honoured to announce the “virtual” launch of the Sarin-McGill Annual Student Essay Contest on Aircraft Finance and Leasing. Making a grim but forceful analogy, Dr. Schlumberger noted that at this unprecedented moment in history, airlines and policy-makers are like passengers in the aftermath of a plane crash: feeling disoriented and unable to fully comprehend everything that is happening and changing so quickly. The Institute of Air and Space Law is extremely proud to announce that IASL alumni and DCL candidate Mr. Ermanno Napolitano is the one of the recipients of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Canada’s most prestigious doctoral scholarship. Jointly organised with Mr. Gilles Doucet of Spectrum Space Security Inc, the course will feature lectures delivered by world-class academics, legal and policy advisors and subject-matter experts drawn from government, civil society and the commercial sector. By collecting and organising data from various sources, ALERT aims to provide accurate and timely information on measures across the globe affecting air travel. Submit your event today, A Single Burst of Star Formation Created The Milky Way's Central Bulge, Small Water Ice Reservoirs Dot the Lunar Surface, SwRI Study Offers A More Complete View Of Asteroid Psyche, Mobile Launch Tower Visits Pad 39B For Tests, Stars And Planets Grow Up Together As Siblings, The Atmosphere On A Hot Neptune LTT 9779b Shouldn't Exist, NASA JSC SpaceCast Weekly 23 October, 2020, This Week at NASA: Asteroid Sampling and More. Also, immediate efforts will be made to collate information on air travel restrictions and bans, as well as pertinent details relating to quarantine and screening of passengers. “And the fundamental question for the international community is whether there should be a unilateral or multilateral approach to governance of outer space”. The latest brochure about the Institute of Air and Space Law, its history, accomplishments and how to apply. As public men and women tend to be, Manmohan Sarin is a man of passion, and another of his passions has been his role as a global ambassador for Chandigarh, designed by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier as India’s first planned city. Debanjan Sengupta, a software architect and web applications developer, provided great assistance in setting up the website, and is actively involved in keeping the ALERT portal up-to-date. A searchable table allows users to have a useful overview of air travel restrictions. “The central research point for the academic community is to determine whether or not a single State can change the international legal status of outer space,” Professor Jakhu said. please visit the Eventbrite page for registration, Centre for Human Rights & Legal Pluralism, Fortier Chair in Int'l Arbitration & Commercial Law, Jean Monnet Chair in International Economic Integration, Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory, Oppenheimer Chair in public international law, Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private & Comparative Law, Lawyers from other government departments and international organizations, Aspiring law students (aspiring to study law or law students aspiring to employment in this field), Non-lawyers in space-related private or public sector roles. Finally, we welcome Dr. Shakeel Ahmad from Islamabad, Pakistan, who is our Erin J.C. Arsenault post-doctoral fellow working on MILAMOS as well as on his research project focused on negotiating customary international law in outer space. Established in 1951, the IASL's educational programme and research agenda have evolved over the years to address and accommodate rapidly-evolving demands for a global approach to the governance of aviation and outer space. The presence of highly experienced and educated academics and professionals ensure courses on offer at the IASL cover the breadth and depth of aviation and space law. The close proximity to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Airports Council International (ACI), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), makes Montreal, and this renowned Institute, the ideal location to witness and experience the rapid evolution of practical issues and legal challenges taking place in the domains of aviation and space. The solidarity and reassurance provided by the meeting would be a welcome comfort to everyone who is seeking to adjust to the “new normal”. Users are also able to compare laws and policies in place across the globe to gain an understanding of the rigidity of restrictions and regulations in place. Ms. Vilhena received the 2020 Award at the 2020 IATA Legal Symposium, IATA’s flagship conference on aviation law and the world's premier annual aviation law event, held on 19-21 February in New York City. Details of the announcement will, of course, appear here on the IASL website. There is a real danger that outer space will become a wild and lawless frontier. At our Institute, Mr. Napolitano wrote his master’s thesis under the supervision of Professor Dr. Ram Jakhu. The Arsenault Space Law Fund supported many students and rising scholars in their studies and research. 65 Years of Excellence in Air and Space Law The forthcoming McGill Encyclopedia of International Space Law (MEISL), slated to be launched in early 2021, promises to be the go-to and publicly available compendium on key subject-matters of international space law. Recently, the Arsenault Fund provided the seed money to begin preparations to curate the McGill Encyclopedia of International Space Law, the first online compendium on specialised topics of space law in the world.

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