Monk also testified she had no knowledge of how Nichols earned her living. Just two years later, Mary Ann Nichols had begun working the streets in order to earn a living. Leather Apron proved to be an elusive character but would eventually be identified as John Pizer by the police, who then downplayed his role as a suspect. Around 1880/81 William and Polly separated. Dominic Sandbrook is a historian and presenter. Site by i3MEDIA, 88 Whitechapel High Street, London, London Borough of Tower Hamlets E1 7QX, United Kingdom. Death would have been instantaneous, and all her abdominal injuries, which would have taken less than five minutes to perform, were made by the murderer after she was dead. 19th December 1887 - 29th December 1887 - Returned to Lambeth Workhouse. [64] Although the matron of this workhouse was unable to identify the body, a workhouse inmate named Mary Ann Monk positively identified the body[65] as that of Mary Ann Nichols at 7:30 p.m. on 31 August. "[30][31] Holland noted Nichols seemed unconcerned about her prospects of earning the 4d. Upon inspecting the object, Cross discovered the tarpaulin was actually the body of a woman. He also examined the road, but saw no marks of wheels. You can unsubscribe at any time. Llewellyn estimated the injuries would have taken four to five minutes to complete, and also expressed his surprise at the small amount of blood at the crime scene, "about enough to fill two large wine glasses, or half a pint at the outside". When parish authorities attempted to collect the maintenance money, William explained his wife had deserted her family, leaving their children in his care, and was living with another man, earning money through prostitution. "[89], Nichols's murder had occurred within a 300-yard radius of the previous murders of Emma Smith and Martha Tabram, and all three murders had occurred in the space of less than five months. Upon encountering PC Jonas Mizen at the corner of Hanbury Street and Baker's Row,[39] Cross informed the constable of their discovery, adding: "She looks to me to be either dead or drunk, but for my part, I believe she's dead. [20], In April 1888, the matron of Lambeth Workhouse, a Mrs Fielder, found Nichols employment as a domestic servant to a Mr and Mrs Cowdry in Wandsworth. Local rumours that a local Jewish individual known as "Leather Apron" may have been responsible for the murders were investigated by the police. [96] This individual was known to have carried a knife and to have frequently intimidated local prostitutes. Due to his habit of wearing a leather apron, he had been nicknamed ‘Leather Apron’. ‘The Star’ newspaper ran the headline, “The third crime of a man who must be a maniac” and spoke of “great local excitement” surrounding the case. After the post-mortem, Dr Llewellyn concluded that the murderer must have had “some rough anatomical knowledge” and that the wounds would have been the work of a single killer, taking only a mere four or five minutes to inflict.

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