Mars Opposition literally means that these two objects are on opposite sides of Earth. On September 10th, 2020, Mars came to an apparent halt in our skies and is now moving opposite to how we might instinctively expect it to move. (NASA). You can also use the free online version of this useful tool to track the planets and other celestial wonders. Hello trevor! That light only travels a few millions of kilometers/miles instead of many light-years of distance. So be ready with your binoculars and/or a telescope. As the planets go around the Sun, they travel in a counterclockwise direction, as viewed from the solar system’s North Pole. However, you have made one error in the article. The opposition will occur at 2320 UT on October 13, 2020, when the diameter of Mars reaches 22.4 arcsec. All systems require design, construction, and testing, but no scientific breakthroughs are required to send humans to Mars and to sustain life there. They would track Mars on its journey through the heavens, but suddenly, for a couple of months, it would become “indecisive”; it would stop moving, back up against the background stars, stop again and then resume its normal travels in the sky. The worlds of our Solar System shine by the reflected light of our Sun. You write “If you are wondering when Mars is closest to Earth in 2020, it’s October 13.”. View and share your boarding pass. How do you go about temperature stability when observing mars? If you’re near the Great Lakes in North America (say, the Chicago/Toronto area), and looking east at about 19:00 h (7 pm), Mars should have just risen; by about 20:00 h (8 pm) it should be sitting about 15° above the horizon. NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission is on its way to the Red Planet to search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to send back to Earth. Was this some portent of disaster for these early superstitious observers? From my location in Canada, Mars is the biggest and highest its been in the sky since 2003! See your frequent flyer points. Mars orbits the sun in 687 Earth days. At sunset, Mars rises on the eastern horizon at exactly the same time (during this period). stars) are very prone to distortion, so they are not nearly as steady. Haul out your reflector telescope, camera adaptor, hot cocoa, and get ready for some nice images! At the time of Opposition, Mars is going to be one of the brightest objects in the nighttime sky, outshone by only Venus and the Moon. Mars is my favorite planet in the solar system, other than our home planet, of course. It amazes me that scientists and engineers are able to send a rocket into space that meets up with a planet in orbit many months later. You may have started to notice a bright “star” in the night sky in the east. The date the two planets are closest is October 6. Mars, as seen from my backyard on Sept. 20, 2020. Don’t forget to collimate your telescopes for extra crispy views! NASA APOD March 2, 2014. There is also a great deal more of it, thus it easily passes through our atmosphere. To find out where and when Mars will be in the night sky, you can use a free planetarium app on your smartphone like Stellarium. (Celestron Edge HD 11). I’ve been photographing Mars over the past few weeks from my backyard. Watching it fade to just a dot by next October is just as revealing as seeing it now, at its brightest. Tracking the brightness changes of Mars brings home the point that its brightness is distance-dependent, unlike Jupiter which is always bright simply because it is so darned big. I have been capturing the images using a monochrome CMOS camera, the ZWO ASI290MM Mini. As you pass it, it appears to be going backward for a moment as you’re nearby. Earth is traveling at 30 kilometers (or 19 miles) per second as it orbits. Times will vary depending on where you are observing from. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. Mars will bright and beautiful in the October 2020 night sky. Interestingly, this was also a very confusing time for the Ancients who studied the skies centuries ago. Humans are always looking for meaning in things. I hope you get a chance to take a look at Mars over the coming months through binoculars or a telescope. “Apparent retrograde motion is the apparent motion of a planet in a direction opposite to that of other bodies within its system, as observed from a particular vantage point.”. Send Your Name to Mars. NASA October 2020 is all about the glory of Mars as the glimmering red planet puts on a show in the night sky. Is there a reason why I should not use a RASA telescope to photograph Mars? The telescope used for my images of Mars. The reason it is so bright is that is nearing its closest approach to Earth, or, opposition.

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