These Shadow Links are created by the Dark Mirror, and one tricks Link into drawing the Four Sword from the Four Sword Shrine, which releases Vaati and splits Link into four. On the Final Day, he is the only one found outside the clock tower; everyone else has fled. In the game's ending, it is revealed that the Owl is a part of the Wind Fish's spirit. Due to her poor sense of direction, Linkle repeatedly loses her way and is drawn into multiple battles where she fights alongside various characters. Kotake and Koume are villains in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Earlier in the game, she is captured by a knight named Onox, who uses her to disrupt the seasons. Additionally, he and his daughter wear pendants that resemble Bowser, and his ranch hand Ingo resembles Luigi. He also appears in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the game, she assists Zelda on her quest by giving her tips provided by the Triforce of Wisdom. Malon[x] has appeared in several games in the series, and is almost always found at Lon Lon Ranch with her father Talon. Fortunately for Link it gets put back on by the spirit Ordona. Initially Midna shows contempt for Link and uses him to further her own goals; however, she grows to like him and continues to help him on his quest. Even in battle, she maintains a happy and cheery personality and is very energetic. He was afraid to stand up to them (in contrast to Link's courageous attitude), so he fled Lorule, hoping to find a hero who could stop Hilda and Yuga. Adaptation villainy: While in the game he's pretty mean but at the end he does show he has some sense of honor. Eve Karpf voices Impa in Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. The plots commonly involve a relic known as the Triforce, a set of three omnipotent golden triangles. At the end of the game, he thwarts Ganon by surreptitiously using the united Triforce's wish to ask that old Hyrule is finally washed away and that Link and Tetra have hope for their own future. In Breath of the Wild, she is voiced by Andi Gibson. In Oracle of Ages, he is responsible for building the bridge connecting Nuun Highlands to Symmetry City in Labrynna. Tingle has gained some notoriety, being ranked first on IGN's list of weird Zelda characters[11] and seventh, one place ahead of Navi, in's list of annoying video game characters. In order to possess all three, Ganon must vanquish the other two. Once Link sells all the masks, he may borrow any of them, as well as a few extras, which are used purely for humorous purposes. Since the original The Legend of Zelda's release in 1986, the series has expanded to include 19 entries on all of Nintendo's major game consoles, as well as a number of spin-offs. At the end, the Skull Kid notes that Link "smells a lot like that fairy kid who taught [him] that song in the woods," suggesting that he is the same Skull Kid as seen in Ocarina of Time. TAKE THIS" from The Legend of Zelda is a popular Internet meme that has been included in a list of the most repeated video games quotes compiled by GamesRadar.[8]. As the King of Red Lions, he is a red sailboat with an expressive dragon-like figurehead, and carries Link across the Great Sea. These three spells are used by Princess Zelda in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Each Goddess has a spell that Link may acquire from a Great Fairy– Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love. He is similar in appearance, and shares Tingle's obsession with Rupees, but can be hostile and unfriendly. He is an ancient, exceptionally large tree, with a humanoid face and big mustache. Damsel out of distress: Nobody rescued Illia after she's kidnapped by the bulblins. Whenever he speaks, he says "Ya!" Malon does not appear in Majora's Mask, but both the child and adult versions of Malon appear as the sisters Romani and Cremia, separate characters who own Romani Ranch in the southwestern area of Termina. A clan of traitorous Sheikah who have a prominent obsession with bananas. Lana is a supporting character in Hyrule Warriors. With the exception of the CD-i games, she was not playable in the series until Spirit Tracks, where she becomes a spirit and can possess a Phantom Knight that can be controlled by the player. The three Golden Goddesses (Din, Farore and Nayru) are responsible for the creation of Hyrule, as well as the creation of the Triforce, which houses a fraction of their divine power. Princess Hilda is the princess of Lorule in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Zelda's counterpart. [19] Like the series' protagonist, Link, and its namesake, Princess Zelda, Malon is depicted with many varying incarnations. These Sages, the keepers of the prison known as Arbiter's Grounds, are a group of identical-looking elderly men who are made of light and wear Kabuki-like masks. She also makes an appearance in The Minish Cap, where Link helps her and Talon back into their house by finding a key, later moving to the town to sell Lon Lon Milk. Here he is unable to deliver the mail on time because he does not have a clock. Hilda, pretending to be Link's ally, instructs the hero to gather the Seven Sages' paintings, free them, and convince them to grant him the Triforce of Courage, which would give her control of all three pieces. The remaining five Sages used the Mirror of Twilight to banish Ganondorf to the Twilight Realm to protect themselves and Hyrule. In Four Swords Adventures, the four Links guide Malon to her father, Talon, when her path is blocked by castle knights. Eluding the guards, Link confronts Kohga himself. When Ocarina of Time begins, the Great Deku Tree is suffering from a curse cast upon him by Ganondorf in an effort to gain the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. They reside in the Southern Swamp, with Kotake running a potion shop and Koume operating a tour-boat service. Since Ganondorf's heart is only in balance to the Triforce of Power, it breaks in three - Power given to Ganondorf, Courage given to Link (who was in a seven-year unconscious state at the time), and Wisdom to Zelda (who has gone into hiding as Sheik). In one instance, the Great Fairy and Link go through a variation of, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, "The 100 Greatest Video Games of All Time", "The Top 100 Video Game Villains: 77. Link uses a cucco to wake him up and then hurries back to find Malon. One of the Gossip Stones in Ocarina of Time (found in the Sacred Forest Meadow) says he is the reincarnation of an ancient sage. In Spirit Tracks, Linebeck's grandson, Linebeck III, runs Linebeck Trading at the Trading Outpost in New Hyrule. Her largest appearance is in Ocarina of Time, where she interacts with Link on various occasions when he visits the ranch. In Majora's Mask he's part of the Gorman Troupe set to play at the Clock Town Carnival. His Ganon form is extremely fast in spite of its size and can ram through the stone pillars in the throne room you fight it in like they aren't even there. These statues are arranged in a triangular shape. Once inside, Dampé's ghost challenges him to a race. She is a cheery ten-year-old girl who calls herself the "Princess of Bugs" and lives in a house in Hyrule Castle Town. He uses it to try and shoo bees away from a honeycomb but is chased off by the angry swarm, leaving Link to take the honeycomb. These wield the vicious sickle and attack through teleportation and speed. In this era, the Sages' chief duty is protecting the Triforce of Courage from the forces of darkness, as only their combined power can reveal its hiding place. In a desperate move, the Sages sent Ganondorf to the Twilight Realm, in the hopes of keeping him trapped there. Also, don't even think about trying to harm Zelda or Midna, as. [according to whom? [21] Soon after the events of Ocarina of Time, Link met the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods, who was one of the Skull Kids who work for the Baga Tree, the evil rival of the Deku Tree. The Happy Mask Salesman[s] is a mysterious man who travels the world collecting masks. In Twilight Princess, the character Purlo was designed as a more realistic version of Tingle. In The Minish Cap, Beedle appears in Hyrule Town selling Picolyte after Link fuses kinstones and clears the area with the Gust Jar. Though he wasn't exactly sane from the start, only keeping a calm facade. The Seven Sages (originally called "Wise Men") are first mentioned in A Link to the Past. Groose is a bully from the Knights' Academy in Skyward Sword, initially jealous of Link's relationship with Zelda. He has a short stature, a large mustache, and wears a red shirt with blue overalls. After Link and Tetra are returned to their world, Link looks off into the distance, where Linebeck's ship can be seen sailing away. She has no relevance to the plot. In actuality, he's a textbook Gentle Giant who is also an excellent chef. A female knight who scouts out the Snowpeak region in search of the Yeti tribe. Tingle is a eccentric middle-aged man who is obsessed with fairies and believes himself to be the reincarnation of one. He first appears in Ocarina of Time, where he can be found sitting atop Death Mountain, scratching at his dry eyes. In Majora's Mask, he plays a more integral role. He helps Link get over the mountains and into Gerudo Desert. He eventually assumes his black orb form in this game. In Four Swords Adventures, he is seen briefly when Link returns Malon after rescuing her. The owner of the Fishing Pond at Upper Zora's River. She asks Link to find the Sleepy Toadstool to make some Magic Powder to give to Link and instructs him to use it on unlit torches. ], In all Zelda games except Breath of the Wild, the player can name Link, and NPCs will refer to him by that name. However, even though he got his heart pierced, it didn't quite kill him, as the mark of the Triforce of Power somehow appeared in his hand, and reanimated his body. IGN ranked him number 14 on its list of the Top 20 Weirdest Zelda Characters.[15]. They do not appear in Twilight Princess though allusions to their names are found in the names of three of the Light Spirits and their respective provinces: Faron (Farore), Eldin (Din), and Lanayru (Nayru). He also values his consumers with rewards discounts. Runs the Boating Minigame at Upper Zora's River. Three humanoid women of the same name exist in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. With his mission accomplished, Ghirahim is revealed to be the spirit of Demise's sword, given life so he could resurrect his master. Initially, Ravio will only rent items to Link and will send Sheerow to retrieve any rented items should Link fall in battle. her empty body near the end of the game, while Zelda's soul is secretly keeping Midna alive. The result literally sends Midna flying. Later, if Link heads to Lon Lon Ranch, he can participate in a mini-game to earn a bottle of milk. If Link returns without enough Rupees to repay the Happy Mask Salesman, he will become enraged and kick Link out of the shop. An evil wizard who allied himself with Cia. An enigmatic and snarky imp who has a mysterious connection to the Twilight that has enveloped Hyrule. [1], .mw-parser-output .legend{page-break-inside:avoid;break-inside:avoid-column}.mw-parser-output .legend-color{display:inline-block;min-width:1.25em;height:1.25em;line-height:1.25;margin:1px 0;text-align:center;border:1px solid black;background-color:transparent;color:black}.mw-parser-output .legend-text{}  = Does Not Appear. However, all the carpenters have scattered across the highlands and he asks Link to find them so they can build the bridge. Characters In- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [] Main Characters: [] Link []. After the defeat of Kohga, they use the much stronger demon carver.

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