Go up and at the top head right to an area with a cube. We now have to deal with the other turret so that we can get up to grab another cube. As it is coming back turn around and look above you to the platform near the roof going perpendicular to the others. There will be a platform with a generator there. 0. Charge the cube on the ledge in the corner the same colour as the platform, this causes the platform to pull the cube once it reaches the far wall. Charge the top panel so that it is sent up again, then charge the cube so that it is sent up through the glass. Pay attention to the beams a platform rides on to determine how they might move. You are now going to have to do some quick charge changing. This raises the two glass windows in front of the cube generator with are across from the outside walls of the mod cube. You immediately need to jump down to the lower ledge where you charged the platform before. As soon as you are passing it you need to change the charge to the opposite so that it pushes you forward. Charge the cube, then fire the same charge at the wall to pull the cube over. Jump back on and recharge the platform to continue moving. Around the corner there is a console that you activate that opens the door above it. Lovecraft. Look underneath and charge the bottom panel of the mod cube so that the top and bottom are separated. Take the first path you come to to reach the last dead end. Charge the generator then charge the cube in the middle of the floor to the opposite charge, which will send it through the glass blocking the door, allowing you to exit the level. This drops the platform. Stack both cubes on top of the launcher and change the bottom one so that it is the same charge as the launcher. Take that cube and place it on the same spot the explosive cube was. Jump through the two rocks on your left and get back on the platform. Hello everyone, I am now the assigned overseer for this walkthrough and will be here to assist the author in making this walkthrough the best it can be. You need to mess with the generator a bit, but once you get it up to your level and attracted to the platform you’re on jump onto it. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and at Google+. Charge the second platform the opposite as well so that it holds your platform above it. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. Once they are near each other jump on the vertical platform. Grab the cube on your right and use it on the launcher to send yourself over the next monster. Take the cube and place it on to, then get on that platform. Your target is on the very top. Once they are at the end you will need to create a charge on the wall ahead of the left platform so that it is pulled ahead more. Magrunner: Dark Pulse ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap (with Walkthrough) Level 29: Darkness . Once it’s all the way to your side place a charge on the corner panel of the walkway to hold the turrets platform there. Take your newly acquired cube and stack it with the other cube on the yellow square on the floor under the ledge. Place two of the cubes in the generators on the ground and charge them the same. This level involves some tricky manuevering with created fields and platforms. Return to the corridor, keeping close to the right side. This attracts the charged asteroids to them which destroys them. Take the cube from there then walk over to near the underside of the mod cube. Shoot them with opposite charges to push them apart. Remove the charge on the panel so that it moves back up, then pick up the cube then go into the next hallway up as you pass it. There will be an enemy that spawns in front of you so you need to get up top and going the other direction. Turn around and go grab the cube from the opposite end of the area, then place it on top of the first cube. Use the two platforms and their generators to cross the gap to the other side. Charge the first platform to the opposite charge of the generator, then charge the cube to that same charge so it is propelled up and attracts the platform, pulling it down. Move over to the other side, then charge the cube and place a charge on the wall to pull it over the gap. But, what should be the chance of a lifetime quickly becomes a horrific nightmare. Charge all three platforms with red, then stand on the one farthest from the wall. Once you hit the platform on the other side and stop put a charge down to hold the platform in place. After a while you should hear "cling". Turn around and use the platform down in the sunken area to get back to the other side of the room. Take both cubes and place them on top of the platform so you can easily take them back to the first area. Once you get to the top move onto the ledge. Charge them to the same colour as the generator. This level is short but annoying. Take the cube and place it in the other generator. Use the two stacked cubes to jump over the rock wall in front of you. Use this cube on the launcher to take yourself over to the exit. Now walk the second platform out in the same manner so that it pushes the closer one near enough that you can jump on it. After the cutscene look in the mirror and charge the platform and it’s generator the opposite so that the platform is pushed upwards. Jump on the middle platform , then change the colour of the one closest to the wall to green so that it drops down. Take it into the room on your right. You need to charge the platform and generator opposite so that the platform is propelled up the path towards you. Go around the large circular pillar to get to another platform. Get on the platform and charge it. Now look down to the botton of the circular path. Charge the bottom panel, then put a charge of the same colour on the yellow square on the ground to pull that side down. Long journey awaits. Jump up onto the ledge. If you look down below you on the far side of the path there is a vertical platform. An Illustrated FAQ/Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide. Charge it and the generator under it so that the cube is propelled up so that you can grab it. Move forward and down into the lower level of the area. Once it’s charged you need to move around the green charge underneath the platforms so that it pushes the three platforms up so they are attracted to the field above you. The Magrunner Dark Pulse walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this first-person action-puzzle game on the PC, and later Xbox 360 & PS3. At this point turn around to face the next set of platforms and place a red charge on the edge of the next area to pull your platform up, allowing you to move to the next area. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. This can take a few tries as the cube occasionally goes in random directions. Place all four small cubes in the alcove to get a large cube again. Wait for the fan to fall then go down and grab the cubes that fell and stack them underneath the platform by the door you came in. Walk up the left side and continually place red charges in front of you to push the cubes away. Charge it whichever way you wish, then use it to jump up to the platform beside it. Quickly jump off and grab the cube, then place it on the platform. Launch another explosive cube at the boss, then watch the right side of the platform for another rock platform coming up from underneath. You can place a charge that is the same as the platform directly in front of you if you wish so that the platform is attracted to it, making it easier to get on. There is a turret up on the ledge that you need to avoid. In this level you won't find lot of riddles, but flooded corridors. Get back up into the middle of the cube then move onto the now accessible ledge. Move through the gate and as you pass through it change the charge on one side so that it closes behind you. You do this by pulling and pushing the platform with the field generators that are on the left wall. Remove the charge on the platform so that it drops down, then as soon as you pass the lower area charge it again so that you are pushed up.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.