companies transform innovative ideas into products and services. “The activities right now, especially in regards to the space resources initiative, are the vision of Étienne Schneider,” Acierno said. submit the PSRF to the Luxembourg Space Agency for review at least 2 weeks before the deadline, receive comments/validation from the Luxembourg Space Agency. Andy Bowyer, CEO of Kleos Space said, “The Luxembourg Space Agency eco system is highly supportive of commercial enterprises, assisting with product development financing and also licencing.”, SpaceX to Use LeoLabs Service to Track Starlink Deployments, AXESS Networks Provides Cell Backhaul for ALTÁN Redes in Mexico, Inmarsat and Orbcomm Extended IoT Partnership Through 2035, Peraton Receives $10M US Space Force Contract for Orbital Analysis, Ansys to Acquire Aerospace Software Company AGI, SpaceX’s 12th Starlink Launch of Year Marks 100th Falcon Launch Milestone, Gilat Wins Cell Backhaul Contract Extension from US MNO, Airbus Ventures Adds Singapore Startup Zero Error Systems to Portfolio, Lockheed Martin Develops UK Launch Operations From Shetland Space Centre, Kleos Space Selects Manufacturer for Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1) Nanosatellite, ABL Space Systems Performs Integrated Stage Test of RS1 Smallsat Launch Vehicle, Ligado Networks Raises Additional $3.85B To Fund L-Band Network, US Army Selects TriSept to Integrate and Deploy Gunsmoke-J CubeSat, Telesat Purchases Mynaric Inter-Satellite Link Terminals for DARPA Blackjack Program, Northrop Grumman Space Segment Posts 17% Sales Increase in Q3, Intel Provides Smarts for First Satellite With Local AI Processing on Board, Firefly Aerospace Signs Launch Agreements with Spire, Geometric Space, Telesat and Lockheed Martin Will Integrate Telesat LEO with SDA Transport Layer, Inmarsat, Hughes Have Been Secretly Collaborating on a Free In-Flight Wi-Fi Service, Lockheed Martin Space Sees Government Business Boost in Q3, Iridium Surprises Investors with Resilient Q3, Raises 2020 Guidance, Intelsat Hits Back at SES’s $1.8B Claim Over CBA Dispute, SpaceX Touts Starlink Success With Hoh Tribe During Latest Launch, Space Force Official Suggests U.S. Luxembourg is home to approximately 50 space companies and research labs. Creating a space agency could provide long-term sustainability for those efforts independent of who is in government. dedicated to the development of secure satellite communications for Luxembourg provides funding via LuxIMPULSE, the national programme, or the governmental users and will be implemented by almost 20 organisations organisations, which must follow certain steps to be eligible. Schneider announced that the space agency will work with other government agencies and the private sector to establish the Luxembourg Space Fund, valued at 100 million euros ($116 million). Launched in February 2016 and led by Kleos Space, a space-powered Radio Frequency (RF) Reconnaissance data provider, revealed that the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) has approved an additional $1.1 million ($1 million euros), non-equity, support for data product development. Only part of the new fund will involve government money. Unlike traditional national space agencies, which support spacecraft missions and scientific research, the Luxembourg Space Agency will focus primarily on building up the country’s space industry as well as supporting education and workforce development. Among the companies that established operations in Luxembourg is iSpace, a Japanese company developing lunar landers. France’s Centre national d’études spatiales CNES and the LSA held a first New challenge for secondary #students launch your #satellite! to early-stage financing and personalised coaching. ENTRUSTED is Luxembourg is holding parliamentary elections Oct. 14 with no guarantee that Schneider will remain in office. workshop by videoconference to consider possible areas for cooperation and Luxembourg is an active participant in the programmes of ESA and the EU to help Congress. That last item will include a new fund for supporting space companies. Economy Franz Fayot signed the Accords. Fit 4 start - SPACE selects the most promising start-ups and give them access According to Euroconsult’s Government Space Programs 2019 report, global government space budgets totaled $70.9 billion in 2018, posting a five-year compound annual growth rate of 5.75%. PARIS — The government of Luxembourg continued work to expand its role in the global space economy Sept. 12 by formally establishing a national space agency, a move designed in part to ensure the effort continues after an upcoming election. Acierno welcomed the new space agency. Due to COVID-19, NewSpace Europe 2020 will be postponed until next year. “The agency will be well-equipped to support industry in their daily challenges, and it leads to the most favorable environment for this sector to continue to grow,” he said, describing its four “strategic lines” as expertise, innovation, skills and funding. The Luxembourg Space Agency will have about 12 people on its staff initially, according to Schneider, with more likely to be added in the future. According to the release, the space sector’s contribution to the nation’s GDP is among the highest ratios in Europe. yesterday 13 October in Washington DC at the 71st International Aeronautical Kleos Space, a space-powered Radio Frequency (RF) Reconnaissance data provider, revealed that the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) has approved an additional $1.1 million ($1 million euros), non-equity, support for data product development. The accelerating pace of technological progress and the emergence of privately-funded commercial start-ups in the space sector have encouraged Luxembourg to explore more deeply the long-term economic potential of space. The agency will be led by Marc Serres, previously the head of space affairs at the Ministry of the Economy. Those employees are split roughly evenly between engineering and business development. Schneider noted that Luxembourg’s recent efforts, most notably the project to attract companies working in the nascent space resources field, had led to 20 countries establishing a presence in the country. representing EU Member States. Serres said that the agency will work with a wide range of other organizations, both within the government and the private sector, to meet the agency’s goals. If a support letter from the Luxembourg delegation is needed, the Luxembourg Space Agency will send it on the basis of the finalised support request form. Your team should have 4-6 students over 14 years old, and be coached by an adult. “I think it would be a huge mistake to stop this venture after the election.”, SpaceX reaches 100 successful launches with Starlink mission, Axiom Space finalizing first commercial ISS mission, Space Force official: Launch scrubs are no reason to despair. begin negotiations on a future framework agreement, A new research project named ENTRUSTED was launched on 15/09/20. At a two-day ministerial meeting held in Seville, Spain this week, the European Space Agency’s member states approved the most ambitious plan to date by agreeing to provide nearly 12.5 billion euros ($13.8 billion) for the next three years to boost … Supporting innovation and business to pioneer the future of space, Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot signs the Artemis Accords on behalf of Luxembourg at the International Aeronautical Congress, France-Luxembourg space cooperation - first CNES-LSA workshop, Launch of ENTRUSTED – a research project dedicated to the development of secure satellite communications for governmental users. Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques’ mission Formed: 1989Annual Budget: $247 million (2018)Canadian Space Agency has contributed their research, technology, and expertise to world space efforts, especially while working with NASA and ESA. At the announcement of the agency, Schneider acknowledged that was a factor. contact Patricia Conti Director - Economic Affairs +352 288 482-18 Mathias Link Director - International Affairs & +352 288 482-19… Schneider announced that the space agency will work with other government agencies and the private sector to establish the Luxembourg Space Fund, valued at 100 million euros ($116 million…

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