Ludo Kressh[1] Usage and history Lightsaber-resistant[1] Though they had won his approval for all intents and purposes, Ludo Kressh's slaves were not above his wrath; he frequently beat them while in the midst of drunken fits of rage. [1], Commanding the attack, Kressh ordered his ships to attack and destroy Sadow. Type Ludo Kressh's War Sword was a Sith sword used by Sith Lord Ludo Kressh during the Great Hyperspace War. After Kressh's retreat from Khar Delba, Naga Sadow began a vast militarization of the Sith in preparation for a war against the Galactic Republic. Naga Sadow and an older Sith Lord, Simus, believed that the two had valuable information and should be kept alive. >> [8] Kressh was trilingual, as he was able to speak Galactic Basic Standard as well as the Sith and Massassi languages.[15]. Meanwhile, amidst the chaos of the battle, Naga Sadow allowed Jori Daragon to take control of the Starbreaker 12 and flee the Sith Empire. However, the Dark Lord returned to the Sith Empire with a diminished fleet after suffering a defeat at the hands of the Republic. 7 0 obj Click here to find out how you can help this site grow. In addition, the KOTOR Campaign Guide Web Enhancement 4: Heirloom Items states that the weapon is a War Sword, a standard single-bladed sword. If you found this thread interesting, check out my Naga Sadow and Marka Ragnos respect threads. Affiliation(s) But I do encourage you to either allow ads for my domains, or if you really don't want ads, please consider supporting my work in another way. [1] This blade was used against Naga Sadow while the two disputed who was to be the next Dark Lord of the Sith. %PDF-1.3 After the fight, two outsiders landed in the middle of the funeral: hyperspace travelers Gav and Jori Daragon. Skin color In 3951 BBY, over a thousand years after the Sith Lord's death, the tomb was visited by the exiled Jedi Knight Meetra Surik. ] However when there is a site that I want to support, I will either allow ads or donate to them, as long as they don't hurt that trust. Sadow, however, proclaimed that the time had come to fight back and pronounced himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Kressh and his rival disagreed repeatedly over the matter of the Daragons. The new Dark Lord protested to Sadow to stop the ship, but it was too late. [5] Kressh believed that the Sith would be polluted by other species if the Empire moved past the Stygian Caldera, but would remain untainted if they kept their own region of space. Moreover, Sadow had been the one who had killed Simus, shooting him with the blaster and planting it at the scene to make it appear like a Republic assault. Whether Revan brought it back here or not is unknown, but it wouldn't be for thousands of years until it was discovered yet again. /Pages 3 0 R >> Sadow, seeking to make his dream of a war with the Republic a reality, staged a false Republic attack on the Empire. Gender Ludo Kressh—the new Dark Lord of the Sith—informs Naga Sadow of his return. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In these appearances, Kressh was illustrated by Dario Carrasco, Jr. During these two story arcs, Kressh played a major role, and his clash with Naga Sadow was a major storyline. €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Sith Sword (Str+2D), Expensive Robes FORCE SENSITIVE€€Y FORCE POINTS 6 DARK SIDE POINTS 16 CHARACTER POINTS 17 Description: Ludo Kressh was a male Sith Lord in the years leading up to and during the Great Hyperspace War, and was also the father of Kressh the Younger. [Source]. Sometime after the sword was discovered by Revan, it found its way back to the planet Yavin IV. However, the Sith Lord soon discovered Sadow's treachery and along with his allies, attacked his fortress on the planet Khar Delba, but was subsequently outwitted and defeated by Sadow. When Seelah failed to cure an infection which resulted from an injured ankle Kressh received in battle, the Sith Lord began executing her family, causing the Human to flee for her life.[9]. << /Type /Page Ludo Kressh's War Sword (W) - Simple Weapon, Heirloom Item. Sadow soon launched his fleets, following a beacon he had placed on the Starbreaker 12 to find the Republic. During the Jedi Civil War when Revan searched for the Star Forge, he had to go through the tomb of Naga Sadow to find one of the Star Maps. Revan likely took the blade from the tomb, but the exact fate of the weapon remains unknown. He saw his rival's more progressive views as potentially harmful for the welfare of the Sith Empire. stream Ludo Kressh is capable of shattering a Sith sword by smashing it onto a surface. /Resources << Kressh's forces have arrived at Khar Delba and have opened fire at Sadow's apparently defenseless fortress. /MediaBox [0.000 0.000 595.280 841.890] Upon being angered, Ludo Kressh destroys a huge statue with merely a clenched fist: Ludo Kressh duels evenly with Naga Sadow: Ludo Kressh is among the ancient Sith Lords, whom Kreia claims are vastly superior swordfighters to the Jedi and Sith of her age. [8], The Daragons were jailed, and a council of ten Sith Lords was called to the Sith Citadel on Ziost to discuss the prisoners' fate. [15] In battle, Kressh utilized a Sith war sword that he infused with the power of the Force before a duel. Ludo Kressh subsequently sent Massassi guards to the Starbreaker 12's impound dock on Ziost to guard it. However, Tron never revealed to them the truth of the matter, until recently when the fake was broken into pieces.

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