Thanks Kal for the interest. If we are discussing te same location, I can tell you where the inscription is. 1. We had the correct location, we had the mine site, and if the legend was correct there had to be a stone house at the head of the north trending canyon. 14. [17] Note that tombstone pictured shows birth year as 1808. The trail on the Stone Maps leads from the cliff above the Carved Priest on the floor to the Heart about 2000 yards south. The popular TV show, "Unsolved Mysteries" aired an episode about the Lost Dutchman's Mine on March 15, 1989. Mike one other thought, our story is just as much about our teams journey over the last 4-5 years as it is about finding the LDM.. Magill's adventures were chronicled in the book The Killer Mountains, by Curt Gentry.[28]. Gary congratulations on finding the mine, so if you have found the mine you of course you must know that there are things there that are over 750+ old. I am sure it would have made sense, that he was at her place. You are just stringing us along. And there are so many misinformed stories about him, his mine, his history, etc. You only have to submit ore from the two gold sources Waltz described that were in his mine. Here is the thing Mike I have seen everything found and presented before, compared to what we have( and we are not done) and it not close. He said the mine lies in a north trending canyon that is shaded most of the day. There is a slow running spring that feeds into a hard rock pocket pool. 10. If there was no stone house … then, dammit it, it had to be … but if I couldn’t find. I need to be more careful because details are important, especially, when it comes to the LDM saga. As you’re aware, the only way to prove it’s the LDM is to compare it with existing ore, which even then isn’t a %100 percent verification. But our tale will be told honestly, and if we are wrong, that will be shared completely, it would be part of the story. We will be posting some information about the book in an upcoming post. They won almost every match on Sunday. I am legally Disabled but managed to get in without too much difficulty. You don’t have to give away any locations, or show pictures that might give too much info. It was best I was alone. Regards Matthew. We know where there are several samples of the actual rich ore from the candlebox under Waltz’ Death Bed at Julia Thomas’ Place………..and Julia was not at his side when he died. The earliest Lost Dutchman's mine in Arizona was said to have been near Wickenburg, about 180 km (110 mi) north-west of the Superstition Mountains: a "Dutchman" was allegedly discovered dead in the desert near Wickenburg in the 1870s alongside saddlebags filled with gold. The majority of my research has been focused on Jacob Waltz and the history surrounding his story as it relates the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. The Latin Heart is a Treasure Trove of individual vaults set in the shape of a Heart, which was made from the tailings of the 9 plus mines in the canyon. [7] A man named Miguel Peralta and his family did operate a successful mine in the 1860s – but near Valencia, California, not in Arizona. The very reason I haven’t said anything is because of what it would do to the Superstition Mountains themselves. [1], The Lost Dutchman's is perhaps the most famous lost mine in American history. Please try again. Part of the reason for this is that the topography immediately surrounding the mine is so severe and dangerous that it can take days to explore short distances. (St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona Territory [Ariz.]) 1885–1903, September 8, 1892, Image 2", "Arizona desert searched for missing Denver man seeking gold mine", "Mother of missing treasure hunter holds onto hope", "Body of man who hunted legendary 'Lost Dutchman's' gold mine believed found in Arizona mountains", "3 Utah men still missing on Arizona treasure hunt", "3 Search for men looking for Lost Dutchman's gold suspended", "More remains found in Superstitions; may be hiker's", "The Lost Dutchman's Mine – History and Bibliography", Arizona Mining Scams and Unassayable Ore Projects of the Late 20th Century, "Skeptoid #347: The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine",, Articles lacking reliable references from June 2017, Articles with trivia sections from June 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. That is when Dick Holmes got the ore from the candlebox. The mine has never been found. The stone house exists—amazing. Is there any more info about your book? I can tell you I found where Jacob Waltz mined out the top portion of the end of the vein above the mine so No One would find it. It is easily accessible about 40 miles east of Phoenix via U.S. Highway 60, the Superstition Freeway. We know what we have, and it is more that just a piece of ground. Afterwards, Waltz fell ill (he was rumored to have contracted pneumonia during the flooding). The soldiers are alleged to have presented some of the gold, but to have been killed or to have vanished soon after. This land grant was the basis of the James Reavis Arizona land swindle (Reavis became Willing's partner and continued to try to prove the authenticity of the land grant for years after Willing's death). We have spent a lot of time and money. 2. Jeff. If that passes, then we can XRF Test it. Even if it passes all of that, it is not 100% that it is LDM Ore. Not 100%, but it will be enough to be taken more seriously than the multitudes of others that appear online claiming to have found the LDM. So safe travels on your next trip Yes! Yes! This was totally unanticipated. After our second expedition in the spring of 2016, the pieces of the puzzle was starting to come together, we were matching clues to the land – site. He pursued mining and prospecting, but seems to have had little luck with either. Some searchers for the mine have disappeared in likely wilderness accidents. After one hundred and twenty- five plus years incredibly, the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine has been found, proving that the legend is more than mere myth and as predicted by Jacob Waltz himself “No miner will ever find my mine”. Famed Apache Geronimo is sometimes mentioned in relation to this story. After traveling to the region, Ruth stayed several days at the ranch of Tex Barkely to outfit his expedition. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of clues, from countless sources. I wouldn’t try selling a book without a LOT of proofs of your find. Yes! James Reavis tried to assert that the Peralta family had a Spanish land grant and a barony granted by the King of Spain, which included a huge swath of Arizona and New Mexico, including the Superstition Mountains. I was thinking she was his caretaking during his last six months, until the end, I should have been more specific, she was there for him, just not at the last minutes of his life. If anybody ever did find the mine they would be quietly getting rich and wouldn’t ever dream of stringing honest people along like this. Jeff. An alternate view which better fits the lost mine legend is that he periodically appeared with large amounts of gold, The Sterling Legend by Estee Conatser reports that a Jacob Walzer sold $250,000 in gold to the U.S. Mint during the 1880s and had $1500 when he died in 1891. The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is a fabled gold mine located in the Southwest, though it's exact whereabouts are unknown. Nickel/Gold and the only parts of natural Gold/Quarts are the inlays. [8] The mine was quite profitable, earning about $35,000 in less than one year; Blair described this as "an unusually good return" for such a small gold mine to earn in such a relatively brief period. . Please don’t ask my location. Jeff. I think it is fun to explore the Superstition Wilderness and can be quite challenging. I knew where it was supposed to be. Barkely repeatedly urged Ruth to abandon his search for the mine, because the terrain of the Superstition Mountains was treacherous even for experienced outdoorsmen, let alone for the 66-year-old Ruth in the heat of the Arizona summer. Let me guess Copper/Gold Mike do we have the Dutchman mine, I believe, we really do, because of the overall entities we have, but we are not done gathering proof. The first time we saw the tank was with one of our drones. What we can share for now is some documentation that will not give away mine’s location, or that is not proprietary to our book. History is replete with other people that have looked but not found the LDM. Our team did make two attempts to reach the stone house at the head of the north trending canyon, but they were repelled. Arcana Exploration has done this; keep in mind that we continue to find new things that match. Quick question: If the mine faces Northwest and you are standing in the mine entrance looking out how does a compass read 220? in the canyon. You can see it from the cave, along with the mine. I’ve only been following it over the last few years and I truly hope you have found the exact mine that Waltz was talking about. At that time, we will need permission to retest the Dutchman’s gold, but this is not as easy as you might think. I think it will interesting and also fun read. Thanks Jeff. Your email address will not be published. I’m thinking that maybe you guys are out there now? [16] A man called Jacob Walz was born in September 1810 in Württemberg. The location of the Lost Dutchman Mine is shared with the AHRF by John Palmer. Ruth did not return as scheduled, and no trace of him could be found after a brief search. Give me a break lol. Yes! [5] One Lost Dutchman's mine is said to be in Colorado, another in California; two are said to be located in Arizona. We do only what is permitted which includes not mining for gold. There was a catastrophic flood in Phoenix in 1891, and Waltz's farm was one of many that was devastated. I look forward to reading your book and following your research! Jacob Waltz said: Over the decades, this tale was gradually absorbed into the Lost Dutchman's story. *  The cave Waltz and his partner most likely stayed in is above the mine and to the side. The enigma of the LDGM is that it has been a puzzle with many pieces that, up until now, no one has been able to solve. This again is correct, but you have to see the place to understand what he meant. Hi guys, if you have found the true mine well done, my only message is to stay safe as a lot of people have died trying to fine it or getting to places they think it is and as they say you can’t take it with you. Sorry, but you haven’t found the Lost Dutchman Mine, I’ll stake my Life on it. Dr. George M. Willing Jr. paid Peralta $20,000 for the mining rights for an enormous swath of land – about 3,000,000 acres (12,000 km2) in southern Arizona and New Mexico – based on a deed originally granted by the Spanish Empire in the 18th century. and with one day to go (Sunday’s single’s matches). Everything below matches what we have found on the ground, and most importantly, it is all in one generalized location. [13] In most versions of the tale, Jacob Waltz located a rich gold mine in the Superstition Mountains (in many versions of the story, they rescue or help a member of the Peralta family and are rewarded by being told the location of the mine). 11. I had to give up reading the replies because they change with every different question to answer. Ruth disappeared while searching for the mine in the summer of 1931. Hiking and camping are popular activities. I have literally made more trips than I had money for but I always got positive proof of what I was researching. [9] As of 1975, ruins of the Peralta mine were standing.[9]. Hello Jeff, I too am from Ohio and an heir of Jacob Walz. It’s my understanding that the LDM was located a few years back, or I should say rediscovered.

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