Chuck Currie Chef. Front Page Africa did such an effective job of exposing human rights violations and corruption that Rodney was sent to prison on a trumped-up libel charge. Lisa LaFlamme Chief Anchor and Senior Editor . She belongs to white ethnicity and follows Roman Catholic religion. Journalism involves human interpretation. In August 2013 FrontPageAfrica shut down due to his failure to pay a libel award of $1.5 million won by a former government minister who sued Rodney Sieh and his paper after the publication of a government audit. So why do these strong, funny, determined women do this work? Lisa LaFlamme: First of all, I’m honoured people trust me. Again, it all comes back to research. In my case, our show is the 11 p.m. newscast, so we have the luxury of time. But I’ve worked on a 24-hour news channel, so I know what it’s like. Since 2009, Rodney’s newspaper FrontPageAfrica has been heavily involved with Journalists for Human Rights, which trains journalists so they can use traditional reporting skills to cover human rights and other important issues in their communities. Head of Music, Canada Council for the Arts (Retd). My most memorable experience was in 2013, in the city of Goma, a war zone in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Night after night, in every province and territory, more than a million of us welcome Lisa LaFlamme-and through her, the world-into our homes. They saved me on several occasions. Reader’s Digest: According to our readers, you’re someone they can rely on. Research shows us that there are strong links between learning music in school and success in life. To review this information or withdraw your consent please consult the. As chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News, the country’s most-watched national newscast, the veteran journalist is tasked with relating the events of the day while making sure the information she’s sharing is accurate and accessible. Jennifer Jones . Lisa LaFlamme summoned the net worth from her job as a television journalist. That’s my job: I’m there for the viewer, to expose what isn’t quite right. I was in Afghanistan on and off from 2006 to 2011 and many of the soldiers I spent time with there died. Neither is Marilyn Denis or Melissa Grelo. In 2014, he was named by Reporters Without Borders as one of its 100 ‘Information Heroes’, and FrontPageAfrica the recipient of a TV5Monde Prize for Press Freedom. This awareness campaign includes a diverse spectrum of successful professionals who share music education in their backgrounds and credit learning music as a key factor in achieving success in their respective fields.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.