Living in Romania - country-level data from the European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) Working life in Romania - key characteristic of working life across a range of parameters. Eurofound strives to strengthen the ongoing link between its own work and national policy debates and priorities related to quality of life and work. A trade union organisation is considered to be representative at national level if the affiliated organisations account for at least 5% of the overall number of employees in the national economy and it has territorial structures in at least 50%+1 of the counties, including the capital, Bucharest. A wide range of acts provide the legislative framework that ensures equality and non-discrimination at the workplace: Law 202/2002 regarding equal opportunities among men and women; Government Emergency Ordinance 137/2000, which sets the framework for the prevention and sanction of discrimination; and the Labour Code through a special chapter regarding equality of treatment at work. With these in mind, we’ll check out some of the prices for various things in Romania, then talk about my family’s monthly expenses in order to have a clear picture about the cost of living in the country, no matter if you choose one of the larger cities or a smaller one. My parents belonged to a post-war generation which built up an American economy based on over-consumption.

The months since have been spent driving my wife to her appointed rounds, playing computer chess, watching YouTubes, going for long walks, and in the summer and fall I was able to work two days a week in a friend’s vegetable garden. Individual employment relations are the relationship between the individual worker and their employer.

We personally found them to be on par with those in Hungary, Spain and even Germany (although there are some products here in Romania that are way cheaper). The most important issues in collective bargaining in Romania are wages and payment for overtime. Source: Eurostat, [hsw_mi01] and [lfsa_eegaed] * Ministry of Labour and Social Justice. Still, Romania is not that traditional in this direction, such as Turkey, for instance. The cost of living is pretty cheap in general. Trif, A. The law stipulates the creation of Health and Safety Committees in companies with more than 50 employees. It’s amazing how much the price has crept up. But still doable, at least short term (up to 3 months, I would say). The employee is obliged to present the medical certificate and documents that attest to the number of days spent on sick leave.

When I am in Bucharest, usually few months per year (as non-EU I am limited), I am living in a nice hotel for 600EUR per month, with all expenses included (AC/Heating/electricity/Internet, soap…), plus breakfast and coffee for up to 3 of us. Anyway, food prices in Romania are still low compared to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world, even though – in supermarkets or not – they have grown a lot lately. The main reason for the increase of prices in 2019 was the sudden and significant increase of the minimum wage in Romania, but also increased inflation. We might as well add inflation to death and taxes as things in life that are certain. Many prices are influenced by seasonality as well (as it is the case everywhere), so you might be able to find them a lot cheaper or more expensive, depending on when you buy. Friends and neighbors who started similar businesses closed their shops and moved on, but he was a proud man and it was his personal victory to be the only one left in his circle who still has the original shop….
The minimum wage that is set by the government is compulsory for all employers. Not really bad, I would say, all things considered – and having in mind that it’s three of us living on this!

The price per square meter for land in a decent neighborhood in Bucharest is about 600-1000 euros. So making a choice will be difficult. All in all, I believe that a family of two (or even 3, with a younger child) could keep the monthly food budget to around 300 Euros if they don’t eat out a lot and cook at home from base ingredients. The inspections carried out by labour inspectors aimed at identifying cases of overtime which, in the case of part-time workers, constitute undeclared work. utilises cookies so as to provide you with the best experience possible. Tripartite social dialogue is organised at national, territorial and sectoral level.

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