With the Triforce finally united, peace is restored to the Kingdom of Hyrule. You think Nintendo had this all planned from the beginning? It features three separate timelines, multiple characters with the same names, a couple of different civil wars, and a whole slew of alternate dimensions. There also has been suggestions of how exclusive aspect from each timeline exists, such as the Koroks from the Adult Timeline, the Lynels from the Fallen Timeline, and Wolf Link from the Child Timeline all existing at the same time. After an encounter with Zant, Link revives Midna and obtains the Master Sword from the Sacred Grove. The events of Skyward Sword occur. In the ending, Zelda chooses to remain on the surface instead of going back to Skyloft, with Link presumably deciding to stay with her. Nayru gives it order. Meanwhile, Link travels away from Hyrule and the events of Majora's Mask occur. Theory warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. Any of the games within the Adult or Defeat Timeline would be merely treated as a Legend, with any item used as if they were ceremonial. The timeline is depicted as follows. This is supported by the fact that Lynels are only present throughout games in the Fallen Timeline, and that Lynels are present in Breath of the Wild. These events create the split in the timeline and this section of the Timeline is to be known as the Adult Timeline. However, the Princesses spirit stayed with Link and helped the young hero reach Anjean, who gave the pair instructions on how to restore the Tower. With the location of the Triforce only known by the Princess, who was in an eternal slumber, the Kingdom of Hyrule slowly decayed and eventually decreased in size. After hearing Zelda I's story, Link vows to save her. Eventually, he reaches Termina, where Majora's Mask takes place. He then traveled into the Twilight Realm and confronts Zant. After a failed execution, Ganondorf is sent to the Twilight Realm. The hero, who now had proof of true Courage, told the Princess about Ganondorf. Link was unsure if the adventure was a dream, however, he then saw Linebeck's ship off into the distance. Hyrule settles into ruin. A theory suggests that Breath of the Wild exists after the events of Spirit Tracks. The prince and a Magician questioned Princess Zelda, who refused to reveal the location of the Triforce; in anger, the Magician cast a sleeping spell upon the princess, killing himself in the process. Just as real-world legends are retold with different variations (e.g. First she creates Fi, the spirit of the Master Sword, to aid a hero that would appear in the future. Multiple timelines emerge, diverging from one another based on the actions that Link takes during Ocarina of Time. Link hops back and forth between his child and adult selves along the way via time travel. All three timelines end with some sort of peace happening over Hyrule, with the placement of Hyrule being one of the only major differences, and. The game shows how the seal was broken by Ganon with the help of his alter ego, Agahnim, and about Ganon's defeat and Link's possession of the whole Triforce. The Princess Zelda in this game is not the same Zelda as in the first game however. In that sense, this infographic does help to keep the basics of what we know of the chronology in one place, and maybe not lose our minds in the process. Much of the backstory of the creation of Hyrule was revealed in the games A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and A Link Between Worlds. According to The Hyrule Historia, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages take place immediately following A Link to the Past, and star the same Link as both that game and Link's Awakening. It stars the Link of the previous game nearing his 16th birthday and discovering a Triforce mark that has appeared on his hand. This timeline is a continuity in which Link is defeated after awakening the Seven Sages during the events of "Ocarina of Time". If this isn't confusing enough, it is also considered that the events that occurred in Ocarina of Time (Link going back 7 years in time in order to defeat Ganondorf) split the series' chronology into three timelines, all branching into the events of Breath of the Wild. As Link confronts Ganondorf, the spirit of Hyrule's old king makes a wish on the Triforce: "Wash away this ancient land of Hyrule!" Hundreds of years passed since Ganondorf had been sealed beneath the ocean, the Demon King broke the seal and sought out to kill the two Sages, to diminish the power of the Master Sword. Centuries later, civil war breaks out. That gets rid of Ganondorf, but it also destroys what's left of Hyrule, leaving Tetra and Link without a home. The King believed that after his death, the power of the Triforce would be misused, as if it were to be in the wrong hands, evil would take over Hyrule. As previously mentioned, Nintendo’s comments on. The princess falls to the ground in a heap. The events of The Wind Waker occur, immediately followed by the events of Phantom Hourglass. In a last effort, the seven sages of Hyrule, including Princess Zelda, sealed Ganon within the Sacred Realm. Afterward, during an "era of chaos" the Sacred Realm is sealed. After finding all the instruments, Link made his way up the Tal Tal Mountain Range towards Mt. Hyrule begins a long, slow decline. To prevent Ganondorf getting his hands on the Princess, the King kept her within Hyrule. It claimed that Link's Awakening took place during The Adventure of Link, during the period where Link crosses to Eastern Hyrule.

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