Her first appearance was in the first episode of season 2, The Shadow Phoenix. [92], The character designs and outfits have attracted some controversy. Let's help her prepare for this lovely afternoon. It premiered on 28 January 2004, becoming a ratings success in Italy and on Nickelodeon networks internationally. According to Iginio Straffi, the film has a more comedic tone than the previous two films. The team is made up of Bloom, the red-haired leader with flame-based powers; Stella, the fairy of the Sun; Flora, the fairy of nature; Tecna, the fairy of technology; Musa, the fairy of music; and Aisha, the fairy of waves. Possibly according to Adelaide, after the  events of season 5, Layla now suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), but in a more severe form called complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or C-PTSD, which is when the victim has to suffer repetitions of psychological and emotional abuse. Her wings are light blue and lavender with pale violet borders. The two are shown to genuinely care for each other and constantly try to do right by the other. The whole of the world. [8] Roxy, the fairy of animals, occasionally joins the Winx and all three of the show's production companies refer to her as the Winx Club's seventh member. [44] Straffi said of the season: "It will be a privilege to partner once more with Nickelodeon on this. [148] Magical Fairy Party was released as part of Nickelodeon's partnership with D3Publisher. However, Layla wishes to become independent from Adelaide. Her fairy dust is an aqua-marine bottle surrounded by a green ring with an aqua-marine knot on top. [39] Nickelodeon debuted four one-hour specials (also co-produced with Rainbow) summarizing the first two seasons, the first of which premiered on their flagship American channel on 27 June 2011. After her best friend Anne moves away when Aisha is young, her only friends are the pixies of Pixie Village. The change to younger-skewing networks followed Rainbow's lowering of Winx Club's target demographic to a younger audience than the earlier seasons. Her love for the ocean is shown to be so strong that she stated, "I can't be a single day away from the ocean." The revived series began with four special episodes that summarize the first two seasons of the original show,[41] followed by the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. [50], The eighth season of the series was not produced immediately after the seventh. She shows a deep love and caring for the pixies, who are obviously her close friends. In a 2011 interview with IO Donna, Straffi stated that Britney Spears served as the basis for Bloom, Cameron Diaz for Stella, Jennifer Lopez for Flora, Pink for Tecna, Lucy Liu for Musa, and Beyoncé for Aisha. [11] She was originally drawn with glasses and a lighter skin tone; for the full series, her glasses were removed[11] and she was given darker skin to look "more Latin". Beginning in 2010, episodes of Winx Club have been jointly written with Nickelodeon's American team. [118] Its television premiere was on 20 May 2013, on Nickelodeon in the United States. She is unstable because of her very short temper and becomes extremely angry if she is ticked off. [25], To rework the concept, Straffi's Rainbow team hired Italian fashion designers, including some from Dolce & Gabbana[28] and Prada,[29] to restyle the show and give the characters a more modern appearance. [21], Straffi's pilot, which was titled "Magic Bloom,"[22] featured the original five Winx members in attires similar to those of traditional European fairies. In the original series (seasons 1–4), the characters' mouths were animated to match the Italian voice actors,[2] who recorded their lines in Rome. [135] As of 2014, Winx Club merchandise licenses generated around €50 million annually,[136] with most of the revenue going toward product licensees rather than Rainbow itself. The specials and seasons 5–6 were animated to match the Hollywood-based cast,[2] who recorded their lines at the Atlas Oceanic studio. The characters' outfits were modeled on those of traditional European fairies,[4] while their appearances were loosely based on popular celebrities of 2001. [124], World of Winx is a spin-off series that premiered in 2016; Straffi described it as one "with more adult graphics, a kind of story better suited to an older audience"[125] than the original series. Her hair gains streaks, and is braided around a cyan forehead tiara (also bearing pearls that are the color of Morfix), before flowing into pigtails. Around this time, Winx Club's popularity attracted the attention of the American media company Viacom, owner of Nickelodeon. He instead shifted his focus to live-action projects aimed at older audiences: Nickelodeon's Club 57 and Fate: The Winx Saga. She continuously shows this caring nature throughout the show, comforting Musa after her conflict with her father, and calming Flora's nerves when she experiences qualms about her feelings for Helia. The characters have appeared in a variety of media, including the spin-off series World of Winx, a comic book serial, and platform video games. [4] Reruns later began airing on Rai Gulp, a sister channel to Rai 2 aimed at children and teenagers, shortly after the network launched in 2007. As such, Adelaide reverted back into Layla willingly. She considers herself just as good as the specialists at sports and sword fighting and has similar interests as them. [4] The Winx fairies' male counterparts, the Specialists, were created in response to a request from RAI that the series should feature male leads.[12]. Like the other Winx Club girls, Aisha has barefoot sandals, connected by flower-shaped buttons. She can generate Morphix that travels as water. After "Ophir" saves her, they start to bond much to Aisha's shock. Later layla finds out he is actually Nabu. But we strongly believe in Winx. On each episode of the revived series, Nickelodeon approved scripts and all phases of animation. Aisha's Believix outfit consists of a turquoise blue tube top, of sorts, with a lime green elbow-length right sleeve and a pair of turquoise blue pants that stop below her knees with lime green tutu-styled ruffles on both the bottom of the pants and around the waist below a teal waist band. This is likely because of an arranged marriage from her parents, mentioned in episode 9, but only brought up again in episode 18. [129], In September 2005, a live stage musical called "Winx Power Show" began touring in Italy. [108] In 2015, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited Rainbow's studio and wrote that "the Winx are a beautiful story of Italian talent". She can trap her enemies with bonds of solid Morphix. At the end of the movie she is seen dancing with Nabu after helping Bloom regain Domino. Unlike their female counterparts, the Specialists do not have magical powers and instead train how to fight using laser weapons. Aisha in 17 years old at the beginning of Season 2, and 18 in Season 3. [55] The international coordination, which has continued through 2019,[55] intends to make scenarios depicted in the program multicultural and accessible to viewers from different countries. [49] In 2019, Iginio Straffi commented on the two studios' near-decade of continued work together, saying that "the know-how of Rainbow and the know-how of Nickelodeon are very complementary; the sensibilities of the Americans, with our European touch. She learned to love art through Layla. "[56], The first stage in the production of an episode is developing its script, a process that can last 5–6 months. In a 2019 interview,[6] Straffi explained that decreasing viewership from older viewers and an increased audience of young children made this change a necessity. She can cause Morphix to explode and reform into a continuous explosive attack. Aisha's transformation color used to be green. They thought that she wanted to avenge the death of Nabu but she was not evil enough to go through with it. Her wings are light blue and lavender with pale violet borders. [38][39] Viacom financed and staffed the revived series, dividing production between Viacom's Nickelodeon Animation Studio[40] in the United States and Rainbow in Italy. Her Adelaide personality manifests itself whenever Layla feels an abnormal amounts of stress, or, in some cases, whenever Adelaide wants to take over her body. Layla can control the sea and storms as she sees fit. [35] Viacom originally planned to buy out the entire Rainbow studio[36] but wanted to keep Iginio Straffi at the helm, leaving Straffi with 70%. In February 2011, the American company Viacom (owner of Nickelodeon) became a co-owner of the Rainbow studio; Viacom bought 30% of Rainbow for 62 million euros (US$83 million). [122] The plot follows the Winx venturing through the Infinite Ocean to rescue Sky, who has been imprisoned by the Trix. In June 2017, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) fined Nickelodeon's Pakistani channel after it aired an episode where the Winx are shown in "indecent" swimsuits. The series uses a serialformat that has an ongoing storyline, with individual story arcs comprising each season. After "Ophir" saves her, they start to bond much to layla's shock. The 3D computer-generated segments and Hollywood voice actors were deemed too costly to keep using. Layla can create, shape and manipulate bubbles (including liquid-, soap-/anti-bubbles) and foam, a substance that is formed by trapping pockets of gas in a liquid or solid. When she does choose to speak, it is often very blunt. Her feet are covered in a pair of shin-length, teal and pink high-heeled, lime green platform boots. [111] "I feel a certain pride in having annoyed such a giant. [6] Straffi explained that "the things we had to tone down [in season 8] have been emphasized in the live action–the relationships, the fights, the love stories." She and the Winx Girls later go to Domino and comfort Bloom when they find out that Sky broke his and Bloom's engagement. [145] Other tie-in books unrelated to the comics have been produced, starting with character guides distributed by Giunti Editore. [138] The announcement followed a Winx Club advertising campaign on which Nickelodeon spent US$100 million. [9][10][11] The main male characters are called the Specialists, a group of students and later graduates of the Red Fountain school who are romantically involved with the Winx fairies. It premiered on 28 January 2004, becoming a ratings success in Ital… She also fights with the Winx and the Specialists against the Trix and the Ancestral Witches. 726", "Le Winx compiono 10 anni, tra marketing ed ecologia", "Winx Club - Il Segreto del Regno Perduto: Le protagoniste", "Winx Club: i nuovi episodi dal 15 Aprile su RaiDue", "Fairies worth more than a billion dollars", "Iginio Straffi: le mie Winx sono le ragazze d'oggi", "Iginio Straffi, padre delle Winx, ad Affaritaliani: così ho rilanciato il cartoon made in Italy nel mondo", "Iginio Straffi: l'Italia non dimentichi la sua capacità creativa", "Straffi's animation firm crosses borders", "TIVÙ Iginio Straffi racconta le sue Winx ambientaliste", "Borsa addio, alle fatine Winx non riesce mai la magia di Piazza Affari", "Kids TV producers turn to style specialists for design innovations", "Il papà del fenomeno Winx: "Così ho sconfitto i giapponesi, "When the Drama of Fiction Enters Politics, It Turns Into a RAI Sitcom", "Animazione: perché l'Italia resta indietro? Her theme colors are turquoise/blue-green and violet-pink. Layla are 17 ani şi îşi face prima apariţie la începutul sezonului 2, în episodul „Fenixul întunecat”. Winx Club is an Italian-American animated series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon. At the end of the season she decides to remain at Gardenia together with the other Winx girls. She is able to shape Morphix into a number of projectiles, such as. At one point, she even takes control of the Wind Riders from Riven. Aisha and the Winx Girls (minus Bloom) all fight against the Trix during the Alfea and Cloud Tower's orientation. [6] Season 8 was also the first-ever season without the involvement of Rai Fiction. [84] The premiere of the fourth season set a record for an animated show's audience on Rai 2 with 500,000 viewers. The first, Konami Europe's Winx Club, was released on 15 November 2005. She is 17 years old when she is first comes to Alfea and her birthday is on June 15th.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.