The thing is some games on the Switch aren't able to fit the whole game on the cart whereas PS4/Xbox One can fit everything on one disc. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles. Do we know if 64GB cards will be possible in the future? Probably not. This is just a show from Nintendo to think that they care about the 3rd party games and it's developers. Comments for this article are now closed. Nintendo, on the other hand, just had a falling-out with the community over the Wii U, and had to make a system with as low a price as possible without sacrificing what it needed to have, power wise, to get some games from third parties while still allowing the system to sport an appealing, and marketable, price tag The 3DS couldn't have served as a fall-back like the other two systems would have for Rock Star, at least not forever, so honestly Nintendo was in the tighter spot. "In either case, it was all business decisions" let the consumers foot the bills for every corner Nintendo and R* has decided to cut. Sure. Oh no poor nintendo shouldn't have to increase data storage capacity. In the best case scenario then, you'd have another Wii U, where a small number buy it but it never really takes off. That's confusing? My solution involves one storage method. Only a day or so ago I was reading a thread full of Nintendo defenders saying they will just buy the physical version of the game to get around the size of the digital version. HA Basically...adding a bigger HHD = Nintendo dies I've heard it all Man... What is the issue? A standard PS4/xbox ships with 500gb of hardrive space which is probably about 14 big games. It's called the butterfly effect. But that's not our problem. Make sure you're registered to vote and know all your options to vote safely! They could make plenty of profit off the Switch's gamers if they tried, but it's obviously not a priority. They didn't have to do this and claim they need to cut cost on an old ass mediocre game that was a flop and didn't make them money. Cheap on both parts, you mean. 3-7 gb and have the best graphics on Switch" LA Noire looks better graphically than both of those games and is also open world, it takes up more room. They must have used Shart Cards... And I’ll see myself out.. Why would Rockstar or any other third party publisher want to opt for a bigger more expensive cart size? Consumers foot the bill in this case... Rockstar has two other systems to fall back on, plus PC, so they didn't need to do anything extra to appeal to Switch gamers. You're point are hardly ever "logical"...they are just excuses for Nintendo. @AngelicToucH "There are games like zelda and mario odyssey where you can roam like a crazy mf and they have like what? We're not asking for the impossible here, a 250-500GB HDD would be cheap and easy to add. They knew what the system was and why it uses Carts. Set in late 1940s Los Angeles, the game allows players to advance through various "desks" at a police department (i.e., Patrol, Traffic Squad, Homicide, Vice, Arson) by interviewing witnesses and suspects, searching crime scenes for clues, and apprehending criminals. I can't stand rockstar anyway lol. Anybody who has a psp,Vita,3DS,DS knows about buying a microsd card or something similar for memory. You'll need a full team of Ghosts and "excellent coordination and communication". They're going to receive less profit anyways, because no one's going to buy the game lol. Gee, no one saw that coming./s If you can't at least give a good counter-debate, then shut up and sit down, because you've already lost what little credibility you had. As a business they need to either solve these problems or continue to get complaints about them. Never miss a thing. Nothing like a physical copy that is essentially useless when server addresses change in the future. You do realize that the Switch would be selling like crap right now if the system had more storage in it, due to the necessary rise in price and possibly even more difficulty in maintaining a steady supply of parts, right? No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. *** Bad example; the Vita used proprietary cards for their stuff, while the Switch uses regular memory cards, which are very affordable. - Chocks it up to "Nintendo defense" like any other troll. For more information, go here. There are games like zelda and mario odyssey where you can roam like a crazy mf and they have like what? It will decrease sales of the port instead of increase it, but that's not a huge concern for Rock * if they don't care about making huge money off of the Switch, in the future, in the first place. The Gamecube also went with a proprietary disk so it seems like Nintendo just doesn't like to pay royalties on CD's, DVD's and bluray disks and would rather that burden be placed on anyone but them, be it the consumer or the publisher. Rockstar's LA Noire is finally releasing on November 14 th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It would solve a lot of problems in a flash. Sure. Day one downloads are pretty much Universal anyway so why does this matter, Thats so stupid if it was an indie i couldnt blame them but rockstar? Meanwhile, you can't play LA Noire's Nintendo Switch … While it’s cheap it’s cheap for Nintendo to not offer a bigger hard drive They should have included the 32GB in the console and at least 250-500GB in the dock When the Switch is docked you can transfer games to select the ones you want to take on the go. Effectively meaning you'd be tethered to the dock to use the content stored there. Some fans have pointed to the game's overall digital size - 29GB - and suggested that Rockstar could have solved the physical copy's need for an additional data download by simply shipping the game on a larger 32GB cartridge. What you suggested would leave content on the dock that then would not be able to be used solely by the handheld as the content isn't on the handheld in any form. The Nintendo Switch version of Rockstar's L.A. Noire will cost $10 more than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, at least for the physical edition. But yeah, shame on you Rockstar. Especially coming right off of something like the Wii U. If you're hoping to download Rockstar's L.A. Noire to your Switch later this month, you'd better be ready to invest in a microSD card for extra storage space (if you haven't already). - Consumers look at the price compared to the tech and decide it's not worth it without tons of multimedia options day 1, which the Switch would not have. that would be confusing as hell for the consumer. Digital FoundrySuper Mario 3D All-Stars: remasters, emulation - or a mixture of both? "it seems more like Rockstar just found a way to pinch pennies to make more profit as opposed to passing any savings onto the customer" Why should Rockstar eat the costs if Nintendo was to cheap to include more internal storage? of course it's an honorary thing for R* to pay more and use the bigger card but the question remains....this is a port of an old game that they want to cash in for the 2nd or 3rd time, why should they spend extra? sure...blame R* for Nintendo's decision. They didn't have to do this and claim they need to cut cost on an old ass mediocre game that was a flop and didn't make them money. It could have very well been a matter of "failing to sell at all". It's not like they can throw a 500gb HDD in there. Just wait because who cares if you need it now. - No more third parties jump on board later. 1-16 of 163 results for "la noire switch" Mystery Investigations 1: Noir Chronicles: City of Crime + Path of Sin: Greed (Nintendo Switch) Mar 6, 2020 | by Just For Games Could it be worse. But you are already splitting content when you have to download part of game on your hard drive despite you having the game in the form of an SD card. would change the fact that no one ACTUALLY would. I could argue to the end of the world, give the most logical points that Spock himself would agree on and even show pierces of evidence that would turn the deepest skeptics of the would STILL defend Nintendo and make out it's not their fault Like Nintendo...get with the times man HDD are cheap as shit these days, instead of giving excuses or the "bu bu but just buy one yourself"...NO, I want Nintendo to give us that in a console we're paying for. If Nintendo was taking a loss on the switch already I doubt it's a huge one so yes including a much bigger hard drive for the internal storage should have been a cost that Nintendo themselves should have took At the end of the day, if cost is gonna get passed on id rather on a system level. With their sales elsewhere, it would have had very little impact on their business as a whole. It's not Rockstar's fault that Nintendo Switch has stupid design. Now, if Rock Star wanted to actually make large profit off of Nintendo gamers down the road with more games, by making their early works sell better through good faith moves, then eating that small cost for an old port wouldn't be a big deal. Oh defending Nintendo...gee...didn't expect that, HDD are dirt cheap nowadays, cost wouldnt suddenly leap up, $50 max. Then they will blame they player for not buying this crap. I'd give it about three years and 64gb carts should be available. Nintendo could have offered more internal storage, too, but it would have also driven up the price of the system, which would have led to a decrease in sales, which would have led to a decrease in popularity, which would have made its success in the here and now a whole lot harder to come by. I'll wait for it to go on sale to purchase. Almost every PS4 and xbox game require a large install and download. investigated the cost of Switch cartridges. Ver más detalles. It's actually likely what Nintendo is counting on. LA Noir Remaster doesn’t go back to the first choice system the game had but instead invents a third new set of choices that put Cole’s dialog into better context. Cheap on Nintendo's part, yes. Imagine when the online for Switch shuts down, goodbye playing the game if you don't have it downloaded already. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Say hello to a $450+ price tag and lower sales+lower popularity as a result, on top of some games not being able to run when detached from the dock, which would hurt its capability as a hybrid device. The truth here, is that Rock Star could have sprung for appropriately-sized carts, but they didn't. Even if you run with your theory of content being split in the way you stated mine would involve two storage methods that could be used by both modes. This is very much just a "dip our toe in for some quick cash" moment for Rock *, not a real investment for their future on the console. The download version of LA Noire on Switch doesn't fit on a Switch, which means you have to buy a microSD card to play it. Better than nothing if someone really wants it on the go, the debate between chris and wonder has me aroused ever so slightly. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV,,, L.A. Noire

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.