Here is a list of all the interiors someone found. Southern Fried – 7th and Parkview (interior) You might drop your hat if you get shot in the head. Bus Depot – Los Angeles and 6th (interior) The Sharpshooter I commented it down below too, but you can find it here:

Auto Club – El Centro and Santa Monica (interior).

Hard Boiled Detective:, The Murphy:, The Untouchable: Rapid Bug – Vermont and Beverly (interior) Damn... Do you know of any games that would be able to be modded to play like L.A. Noire? It ensures that you don’t take damage from fistfights or show bloodstains. Golden Boy This outfit is available once you are promoted to the Traffic Desk. This means there are four new detective suits in total: Hardboiled Detective: unlocked by collecting all of the novels, makes you look like famous yellow-hatted detective Dick Tracy. Every DLC and Bonus preorder content is included in the Remaster, plus four new outfits and two new collections. You should now be able to login within LA Noire. D’assine – Whitney and Hollywood (interior)

Joes Diner – Santa Monica and Wilton (interior) Creepy House – 2nd J at the east end of Figueroa (interior) I guess is at that military base in that Arson desk case. I was holding the block button, rather than dodging every attack. Unlocked by dodging twenty punches without ever being hit. This outfit is automatically unlocked at Rank 13 when Cole gets transferred to the Arson desk. This suit is available once Phelps joins LAPD as a beat cop. So come on! It can be accessed by only the members of the Rockstar Social Club. You also get a outfit for visiting the social club in game from the main menu! 7th Street Aqueduct – (interior) Diner – Melrose and Vermont (interior) Another great suit! Goldberg’s – Main and 2nd (interior) Dewey’s Car Sales – Wilshire and Figueroa (interior) Some of these outfits also impart special features to the character. Tareldson House – Last right on Lucas, if coming west – 2nd house on right (interior) American Legion Stadium – Cower and Selma (interior) Anyone have … Meanwhile do check our other L.A. Noire Guides: Newspapers Locations, Gold Film Reel Locations, Landmarks Locations, L.A. Noire Weapons and L.A. Noire Vehicles. Numbers operation – Sunset and Bronson, behind Joes (interior)
Just looking for clarification.

Pink Hotel – Sunset and Salim (interior) Pawnbroker – Main and Third (interior) Gas – across from Southern Fried (interior) Is there another trick to it or am I missing something? A long-time gamer, his favorite game series is the Gears of War but when he's not ... Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, Serious Sam 4 Review – If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review: New Life To An Unseen Gem, Dirt 5 Designer Talks “Exciting” Post-Launch Plans; New Playgrounds Items In The Works, Dirt 5 Designer Confirms How DualSense Features Simulate Real-World Racing, Haven Does 4K/60FPS On PS5, Uses DualSense For “Rich” Immersion, Moonray Dev On Power Difference Between PS5 & Xbox Series X, 4K/60FPS, More, Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed To Ensure “Every Version Runs Smoothly”, PS5 Loads Sackboy: A Big Adventure Levels “In Just A Few Seconds”, Valorant Update 1.11 Brings Skye To Live Servers, Fortnite Update 2.91 Fixes Party Royale Issues. Reggie’s – Beverly and New Hampshire (interior) By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don't really understand what they've accomplished. 111 Club – Hollywood and Carlos (interior) The Murphy Un-built building – across from Goldberg’s (interior) Only registered members can share their thoughts. This LA Noire Outfits Unlock guide will tell you how to acquire each and every possible outfit for Cole in the game. 1st congressional Church – Hoover and 6th So if you screw up once tailing someone you have to restart the game to get the suit?

Southern Fried – De longpre and El Centro (interior) Where is this army obstacle course? Miniature Golf – Between Santa Monica and Romaine The Untouchable It is part of the Complete Edition and Remastered versions of the game. Mcombo Club – Hollywood and Sycamore (interior) Gulliver’s Travels – Santa Monica, off of Western (interior) The Hard-Boiled Detective This outfit is unlocked if you are able to finish the Obstacle Course at the Army Base in less than 3 minutes.

Just Picked Fruit - Bottom triangle of Los Angeles and Alameda (interior) Mirror Press Diner – 2nd and Broadway (interior) Hollywood Masonic Temple – Hollywood and Orchid It appears they can extract textures and subtitle files. Reggie’s – Fountain and Gower (interior) The Egyptian Theatre – Hollywood Blvd and Las Palmas Join the community today (totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right) and join in the conversation. I'd appreciate your feedback and help at any rate, thanks. Rawlings Bowling Alley – Grand and Olympic (interior) Reggie’s – El Centro, by Santa Monica (interior) Western Union – 2nd and Hill (interior) Joes Diner – Sunset and Cahuenga Blvd (interior)

One post is in XeNTax and apprently they have been already extracting the ps3 files and one is in gtaforums. Chicago Lightning suit The Hardboiled Detective is perfect for an idiot like me! I wish I knew how to start. This suit gives all weapons extra ammunition. Sunset Strip Hotel El Mar – on Vine, 2 blocks south of Sunset (interior) There appear to be 14 total suits in the game now, up from 9 in the original game (including DLC), and the now-usable 'Patrol' uniform. L.A. Noire PC Mods (Forums: Suggestions: L.A. Noire PC Mods) Locked: Thread Options dizney23. – Hollywood Blvd and Highland (interior) Here is a list of all the interiors someone found. It helps you be more stealthy Makes when tailing persons of interest. Bank of Arcadia – El Centro and Santa Monica (interior) Thanks for this! Bank of America – 7th and Olive (interior)

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