As I have had occasion to document several times in the past, such forgeries, such allegations are the standard technology of this school. Sometime in the 1960s when the Marxists began to grow in institutional power and influence, a new term was coined: “Marxist School of History.” It is actually synonymous with “meaningless.” Think about it. Personal life. Namaskaram, we are a friendly and user-focused community for Redditors from India. He was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire (CIE) in the 1946 Birthday Honours list,[15] having previously been appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 1942 New Year Honours. Actually, all these Devatas haven’t heeded our prayers fully. But here’s a kind of addendum to it. Kunj Behari Thapar did everything necessary to please his colonial masters to keep his hold in the British Indian Army. The same goes for the post of Chairman. [12], Assigned as Officer Commanding Indian Hospital Corps at Kirkee on 22 October 1942,[13] Thapar was promoted to acting colonel on 5 November 1942 and to temporary colonel on 5 May 1943,[14] while serving as Commandant, Indian Army Medical Corps (IAMC) HQ at Pune. It is directly linked to her clan’s proximity to the Sultanate of Nawab Nehru even before her birth. How come that Romila Thapar has been on the Council four times ? But the combined apoplexy of Thapar-addicts is understandable. Search titles only; Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. A youth spent celebrating the bigoted murderers of these selfsame ancestors. [6][7], Thapar was promoted to major on 25 September 1929,[8] and was appointed a staff captain (medical) on 1 July 1936. But in passing, here’s Arun Shourie mincing no words when he blasts Romila Thapar and her gang. This is a 'forwarded' mail. Bhyrappa, who was himself a long-suffering victim of Marxist institutional thuggery. "New Director-General of Armed Forces Medical Services: General Thapar's Career", "Five More Indians Promoted Major Generals",, Companions of the Order of the Indian Empire, Officers of the Order of the British Empire, Pages containing London Gazette template with parameter supp set to y, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 00:36. For loyalty during Jallianwala crisis, Kunj Behari Thapar was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1920. That would be national service of a high order. Display results as threads And Romila Thapar who hailed from such distinguished lineage was naturally one of the prized catches that the Communists netted early on. [2] Joining the University of Edinburgh in 1911 for his medical studies, he graduated with an M.B.Ch. Fabricating conspiracy theories is their well-practiced weapon. The infamous Thapar clan is marked by two major distinctions. And he collaborated with the evil British empire! [16] Thapar's final appointment prior to Indian independence was as Deputy Director of Medical Services, Medical Department. When the intellect – deprived Sagarika Ghose, calls Romila Thapar the “crown jewel of Indian history writing,” it becomes instantly clear as to who deprived Sagarika of her intellect. RETIRED MILITARY PERSONNEL IN BUREAUCRATIC ROLES? Expectedly, Romila Thapar’s admirers and disciples and fans are having highly public seizures of grand proportions merely because the JNU asked her to resubmit her CV, which it is fully entitled to, according to Rule 32(g). They represented it at the meetings Mr. Chandrashekhar’s Government had convened… These leftist “historians” attended the initial meetings. father Diwan Bahadur Kunj Behari Thapar (uncle of Romila Thapar) was Rothschild’s business partner and was a commission agent for the colonial British Indian Army during WW1. The Thapar clan is one of the original Lutyens courtiers who sold their soul to the British crown for a few pennies more. Because the administration of the Jawaharlal Nehru University has merely asked the retired—but not tired—Marie Antoinette of Indian history establishment Romila Thapar to resubmit her CV “to evaluate if she can continue as professor emerita.”. When murder-accused Shashi Tharoor asks, “Can JNU sink any lower,” we’re sure that JNU is on the right path in its efforts to clean the Leftist drainage both on its rolls and campus. For loyalty during Jallianwala crisis, Kunj Behari Thapar was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1920. This among other reasons is why History is so pivotal to Marxism. A “Marxist Historian” is simply a Marxist wearing a Red Tuxedo at the taxpayer’s expense. Born in 1855, Karan Thapar’s paternal grandfather was Diwan Bahadur Kunj Behari Thapar of Lahore. His wife Bimla Thapar (née Bashiram), whom he married in March 1936, was the eldest daughter of Rai Bahadur Sahgal Bashiram and granddaughter of Rai Bahadur Ramsaran Das. He was the father of journalist Romesh Thapar and the noted author and historian Romila Thapar. It is a miscellaneous pile. 1 Battalion Indian Hospital Corps. (Copy of the Edinburgh Gazette). For the uninitiated, read Arun Shourie’s Eminent Historians for a near-complete list of these ideological and textual criminals who waged almost a century-long war against Hindu history. That was when this bunch of rogue historians stepped up the accelerator from merely distorting history to denying it wholesale. Kunj Behari Thapar did everything necessary to please his colonial masters to keep his hold in the British Indian Army. I had documented several years ago the doings of some of them in regard to the appointments in the Aligarh Muslim University. S. Gopal three times ?…. HATS OFF - INDIAN SOLDIER - MEAGER SALARY EVEN THE... WOMEN IN COMBAT ARMS - US GENERAL RESIGNS, SIGNALS -PARIVAAR ( INDIAN MILITARY VETERANS ). Please do not question its authenticity or source. How is it that over twenty five years persons from their school alone have been nominated to the ICHR ? [9] He was promoted to lieutenant-colonel on 25 September 1937. Jha, Irfan Habib et al, who were her contemporaries. A youth wasted in abusing and profaning the sacred memory her own ancestors who happily sacrificed their lives and families for upholding Dharma. Rai Bahadur Kunj Behari Thapar, M.B.E.. Lahore, Punjab. The “network” mentioned by Arun Shourie earlier in this essay is a euphemism for this. He was the youngest son of Diwan Bahadur Kunj Behari Thapar of Lahore. Chakrabarti meant when he said more than a decade ago that. (bachelor's in medicine and surgery) in 1916.

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