It can't be! [Kronk suddenly opens up the nearby window nearby, slamming it onto Yzma, letting the potion fly into the hands of Pacha and Kuzco]. [Kronk is playing jump rope with Chaca and Tipo]. Sam Hollis: Eh, if it was up to me, I'd give it back to the Indians. Junior Chipmunk Class: Squeak squeak squeak, squeak, squeaker... [Yzma is sleeping in a huge tent, while Kronk is in a tent so small it only covers his waist. 88% (998) Kronk. # meme # oh yeah # kronk # emperors new groove # the emperors new groove # new # imgur # sitepandawhalecom # pandawhale # groove # angel # devil # handstand # decisions # show off # animation # disney # high five # walt disney animation studios # disney # cartoons & comics # whatever # shrug # oh well # kronk Yzma: Just think of it as you're being let go, that your life's going in a different direction, that your body's part of a permanent outplacement. Yzma: Yes, Kronk. ChiCha: [holding the door handle] There's not? Kronk: Ok, but I still have 94 monkeys to go. Kronk's Shoulder Angel, Kronk's Shoulder Devil, Kronk: That'll work. And one laugh outta you and I'll boot you so hard your whole tribe'll fall down. Recent Videos 7 … It's dinner time! You might think about relabeling some of them. Yzma: All right. Riveting. Thanos the Mad Titan spend the course of several films in the MCU trying to get his hands on the Infinity Stones, the… Kronk's Shoulder Devil, Kronk's Shoulder Angel: That'll work. Yzma: This isn't poison. Yzma: [joins Kronk jumping rope] She's hiding something. Whoa! Kronk's Shoulder Angel: Now, now, remember, guys. Kuzco: Okay, I admit it. Chaca: Well, which is it? Yzma: Kronk, the emperor needs his... drink! Three pork combos, extra bacon on the side, two chili cheese samplers, a basket of liver and onion rings, a catch of the day, and a steak cut in the shape of a trout. This one simple thing! Yzma: Take him out of town and finish the job now! [pulls lever for trap door] Kronk: Ah. ChiCha: As I said before, you may remember, Pacha is not here. Kronk: Yeah, that would be kinda awkward, especially after that lovely eulogy. Kuzco: No! Faster, faster! Kronk: [mixing the drinks together before refilling all the cups] Oh, uh, the drinks were a bit on the, uh... Kronk: ...warm side. [an oil gusher erupts from the grave Lt. Sibley was digging]. When I give the word we search the house. Yzma: [handing him a bottle of poison] Take it, Kronk. I gotta go. [Kronk cuts the rope to the chandelier, but it falls around Yzma, instead of on her] Kronk: Strange. I was usually in the back because of my weak ankles. A recent Youtube meme involving a scene from The Emperor's New School where Yzma orders Kronk to pull a lever, and (as a running gag) a vase falls upon Yzma's head. I'll be sure to tell him you stopped by. Elbow! Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Reason number two. Get the snack. Yzma: Why, I'm his third cousin's brother's wife's step-niece's great aunt. Kuzco: Very good, Kronk! Yzma: [after knocking Kuzco out unconscious, having turned into a Llama] A llama? Should've seen that coming. Kronk: Hey, that's kinda like what he said to you when you got fired. [Yzma and Kuzco never see each other. Now have to move town. Kronk: Metal shop? Yzma: I know. Hehe. Tell me Kuzco's dead. Kronk's Shoulder Angel, Kronk's Shoulder Devil, Kronk: That'll work. Yzma. [goes to grab drink and realizes that he doesn't know which one it is; takes the drinks away to pour the poison again]. By Atlas3993 2020-08-25 20:30. Yzma: [walking away] Why me? He is the most memorable between his antics and his own struggle with morality. The poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison. You got all that, honey? Yzma: Thank you, Kronk. Want cheese on those potatoes? Yzma Kitty: [after successfully getting her paws on the potion to turn her back into a human before Kuzco] I win. I thought we'd start off with soup and a light salad, and then see how we feel after that. [very pregnant, tries to squat to pick up cup]. The poison. Yzma: And so does *this*! And hold the gravy! ChiCha: So, remind me again how you're related to Pacha? Kronk: You got it. Why me? Yzma: Well, I suppose there's time for dessert. ChiCha: What do you mean the door's stuck? Every day updated. Just one more for exotic bird bingo. Waitress: Ordering. Talk about blue. Should've seen that coming. Why me? Why did I think you could do this? Are you sure? [Yzma sits up with cold cream on her face and cucumbers on her eyes]. Kronk: [to Yzma trying to make it sound like he's coughing] Don't drink the wine. Long live Kuzco! Yzma: All right, I've had enough of this. We just passed the 1/2 way point of 2020. Yzma: His legacy will live in our hearts... Yzma: Well, he ain't getting any deader! Sam Hollis: [In Kornk's language] Too mah kunoh tee hee sooti kaygoh-honi. Yzma: Excellent. Back to work. Hey, Nice Kronk. Oh, yeah, it's all comin' together. This poor little guy's had it rough. He must have taken him back to his village, so if we find the village, we find him, and if we find him, we find Kuzco. By all accounts, it doesn't make sense. I need to hear these words. Junior Chipmunk Class: Squeak, squeakin', squeak, squeakity. Kronk: Oh, yeah. They have a point. Suddenly Kronk jerks awake, falls back asleep, but then jerks back up, Yzma sits up with cold cream on her face and cucumbers on her eyes, the Death Label was actually that of a Llama folded up slightly, causing confusion, Yzma, fired by Kuzco, smashes stone carvings of his head with a mallet, Believing Kuzco is dead, telling the others in the palace, the palace guards begin to change the palace theming from Kuzco to Yzma, Yzma and Kronk are trapped in a dark locked room in Pacha's house, goes to grab drink and realizes that he doesn't know which one it is; takes the drinks away to pour the poison again, mixing the drinks together before refilling all the cups, to Yzma trying to make it sound like he's coughing, after successfully getting her paws on the potion to turn her back into a human before Kuzco, Kronk suddenly opens up the nearby window nearby, slamming it onto Yzma, letting the potion fly into the hands of Pacha and Kuzco, very pregnant, tries to squat to pick up cup, during an Indian attack, the settlers run out of ammunition, an oil gusher erupts from the grave Lt. Sibley was digging. On second thought, make my omelette a meat pie. Yzma: Kuzco is dead, right? Yzma: [holds up the vial of human extract]. [they look up at the chandelier which is illuminated with heavenly light while angelic music plays]. He's supposed to be *dead*. How did you get back here before us? Yzma! Kronk: Listen, you guys. Can I order the potatoes as a side dish? It's a harp, and you know it. Best kronk memes - popular memes on the site Kronk: Three oinkers wearing pants, plate of hot air, basket of Grandma's breakfast and change the bull to a gill, got it. Yzma: [even more angrily] Err, tell us where the talking lhama is *or* we'll burn your house to the ground. Yzma: A really, really big stupid monkey named Kronk! Yzma: And do you want to know something else? I'm gonna lead you down the path that *rocks*. It's called a "cruel irony", like my dependence on you. The meme typically involves replacing the vase with another object or meme such as Will Smith or WRYYYYYYY. Kronk: White man speak with forked tongue. [Kronk, Shoulder Angel, and Shoulder Devil all simultaneously gasp]. Hey, did ya see that sky today? That sounds like a pretty crucial conjunction. Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Listen up, big guy. 77% (660) 2020 Sucks bubonic plague another one Kronk kronk is sexy as well just admit it i love kronk. Kronk: But what does that have to do with anything? Yzma: Our moment of triumph approaches! When one exits, the other enters]. Tell us where the talking llama is and we'll burn your house to the ground.

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