Konrad Zuse’s Contributions to the modern Computer. It was the world's first electronic, fully programmable digital computer based on a binary floating-point number and a switching system. Contributions. He realized that an automatic calculator would require three basic elements: a control, a memory, and a calculator for the arithmetic. This was the first binary computer. A relay memory would have required about 2500 relays which would Production of the Zuse series of computers was eventually stopped. Konrad Zuse died on December 18, 1995, of a heart attack, in Hünfeld, Germany. He worked single-mindedly during many years to achieve this objective. His contributions were so striking, … The memory has 64 words with 32 bits (Z1 and Z4). Actually all the first computers of Zuse was named with V (V1 to V4), but after the WWII he changed their names to Z1 to Z4, in order to avoid the nasty association with the V1-V4 military rockets. This language was to be used for programming his machines in a powerful – more than only arithmetic calculations – way. Zuse wanted to overcome that difficulty. completely different from mechanisms in contempory cash registers or desk-, * The Plankalkül as the first complete high-, /SPEI98/ Speiser, Ambros: The Early Years of the Institute: Aquisition and Operation He died in Hühnfeld, Germany, in 1995. As his son, Horst Zuse, states, “This [thinking of computers] was prompted by the many calculations he had to perform as a civil engineer, Today it is clear to me that he really hated performing these calculations and he wanted to make things easier for engineers and scientists.” In 1935, he got his civil engineering degree. Z1 was built in 1936, but, like Z2 and Z3, built within 1938-1941, it was destroyed during wartime bombing. Zuse moved back to Germany in 1949 to form a second company called Zuse KG for the construction and marketing of his designs. The Z1 through Z3 models were shuttered, along with Zuse Apparatebau, the first computer company that Zuse formed in 1940. The Computer Museum History Center in Mountain View, California issued the following statement in 1998, when it made an exception to its bylaws in order to honor Zuse: “In 1941, Konrad Zuse created the first fully-automated, program-controlled, and freely-programmable computer for binary floating-point calculations, and later, the basic programming system, Plankalkül. This have more than doubled the size and the weight of the machine Z4. Again, due to the daily bombings and terrible life conditions in Berlin in 1945, when Z4 was about to be completed, Zuse didn’t finish his work, and fled with the remains of Z4 to South Germany. From 1959 onwards, he received many honors and prizes from international associations and universities, as well as from the German government. 1998. The Z3 used recycled materials donated by fellow university staff and students. this purpuse, the memory has two registers of reading contacts. Zuse computer, any of a series of computers designed and built in Germany during the 1930s and ’40s by the German engineer Konrad Zuse. One of the most difficult aspects of performing large calculations with slide rules or mechanical adding machines is keeping track of all the intermediate results and using them in their proper place during the later steps of the calculation. Konrad Zuse lost this fight in 1967. The memory has 64 words with 32 bits (Z1 and Z4). Konrad Zuse was a German computer pioneer who invented the world's first programmable computer: the Z3. Zuse's ideas were not fully implemented in the Z1 but they succeeded more with each Z prototype. He went to the high school in Braunsberg and later studied at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin-Charlottenburg. be restored is needed again within the next two instructions, the number id placed He Was the First, or Happy Birthday, Computer! They had five children: Horst, Klaus Peter, Monika, Hannelore Birgit, and Friedrich Zuse.

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