It’s always great to start with a blank, clean canvas! One fan took to the Kmart Mums Australia page to rave about the containers. I have the same type of pantry as you Amanda but even less space. Unfortunately my glasses and mugs have to be in the pantry as I have very little other storage space, yes my kitchen is quite small. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Clean and dry the storage items you bought. Learn how your comment data is processed. An over the door storage rack can greatly expand your closet or pantry space. 6. Loving my freshly organised pantry. This will come in handy when finding the right storage solution. I knew I wanted to get my pantry sorted and Kmart had just bought out a great new, budget friendly range of storage solutions especially for the kitchen that I knew this was the push I needed to get my over cluttered pantry sorted. We purchased these spice racks from Kmart a few months ago, before they were discontinued, so we made use of them. Makes it all worth the effort. I’ll also post a pic of what wonders are found behind the front rowers… can’t wait to find out myself. Storage & Organisation Get that zen feeling with our versatile storage solutions to suit any space. Nikki is obsessed with all things celebrity and dreams she is a long-lost Kardashian. Don’t forget to tag us in your styling photos, we love to see them and so do our followers! Charlotte Scottoncharlottescotton (at) gmail (dot) com, Thank you so much. My cans will remain at the bottom as there is less height for them to fall from and potentially hurt little heads. Here is a snapshot, direct links can be found on my. I’ve email my photo to you. (And yes, we even cleaned inside the doors!) So good! Kitchen shelving comes with a variety of features and functions to make storage and organization easy. Decide what you use the most and are they in the most convenient place in your pantry? Grouping similar items together like cans, baking supplies, pastas-grains-rices, herbs etc helps to keep things organised. 2 x Large Pantry Shelves at the very back. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Kmart has made it incredibly easy and affordable to give your pantry a stylish and yet practical make over. Kmart has made it incredibly easy and affordable to give your pantry a stylish and yet practical make over. I knew I wanted to get my pantry sorted and Kmart had just bought out a great new, budget friendly range of storage solutions especially for the kitchen that I knew this was the push I needed to get my over cluttered pantry sorted. Kmart has the best selection of kitchen storage in stock. Keep all of your ‘go to’ items at eye level – this saves a lot of time when you’re in the kitchen. Take your shopping list to Kmart and pick out your chosen items. If you have any questions on this Pantry Makeover you can leave them below, or find us on FaceBook here. So we could organise properly, we took every single thing out of our pantry until it was completely bare …. We are loving this range of canisters! 2 x Set of 4 Glass Spice Bottles at $3 each. When styling any area, including a small area like the pantry, we always like to deviate from a set range of products. Here is what I used: Making choices in the comfort of your home makes it easier to plan your pantry layout. We’ve got our flavoured salts in the Set of 4 Spice Jars $3, and on the very right, we’ve used the Large Glass Candy Jar $15 and filled it with chocolate chips! Draw a picture of your pantry with dimensions. If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen pantry or cupboards a makeover, be sure to have a look at the range of storage solutions available at Kmart. Visit Cooking For Busy Mums's profile on Pinterest. And on the other end, to add a nice ambience to our space we added the Vanilla Fragrant Candle $6, the Dark Rose (STUNNING!) However the ‘Push Close’ Kmart containers require minimal effort, and you simply need to just press down on the button at the top of the lid to open and close the seal. Price Price. On the right hand side you can see we’ve used the Storage Turntables $5 for our sauces and dressings. Their range of storage solutions is huge, many choices and endless possibilities so we thought we’d put them to the test! Kmart’s ‘Push Close’ storage containers are a little different to most, in that you only need one hand to use them. They’re cheap! By tiering the shelfs you can see what you’ve got at the back of your cupboards. More stock is arriving in the coming weeks. Your tips, and information sure made it easy…..loving my Kmart purchases, Please be advised that KmartStyling will no longer be selling stones and glue. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Body & Soul x Kmart. I have emailed the photo of my unorganized pantry to, Name – sapna sharmaEmail – 8. Here are my simple steps to getting your pantry organised with Kmart. Repeat until all shelves are finished. Get the kitchen storage you want from the brands you love today at kmart.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.