Observing, analyzing the compatibility and effectiveness of past land uses led to the development of the future land use plan that has facilitated KSC’s transformation to a multi-user spaceport. Learn more about how we will realize our vision. Wheeled metal doors that ride on steel beams are attached to the Rotating Service Structure and the Fixed Service Structure. The height of the Fixed Service Structure (FSS) is 105.7 meters (347ft) to the top of the lightning mast (referenced to the pad base) and the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) is 57.6 meters (189ft) high. It weights 499,000 kg (1.1 million lbs). This room allows payloads to be installed or serviced under contamination-free or "clean room" conditions. The LOX tank, located at the northwest corner of the pad stores 3,406,500 liters (900,000 gallons) of liquid oxygen at a temperature of minus 183 degress C (-298 F). It is the United States of America's only launch complex for manned operations. Thoughts? This is enough pipe to reach from Orlando to Miami. These two protected areas, along with the Indian River, provide sufficient buffer zones to ensure that nearby populated areas are not affected by KSC launches and hazardous activity. Approximately 15,000 of KSC’s 141,000 total acres can be developed without mitigation or other restrictions. Das John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC, englisch für John-F.-Kennedy-Weltraumzentrum) ist der Weltraumbahnhof der NASA auf Merritt Island in Florida.Das KSC liegt nordwestlich der Cape Canaveral Air Force Station der USAF und grenzt an diese. There is approximately 1.25 million feet of tubing and piping at Launch Complex 39, varying in sizes from .25 inches to 114 inches in diameter. By sharing services and resources within facilities, KSC’s partners will have a greater opportunity to take advantage of the center’s unique infrastructure and capabilities. The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket made the trek from the Vertical Integration Facility to Space Launch Complex 41 at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Wednesday. A Product of the Information Technology & Communications Services Directorate. SpaceX launched 60 more Starlink satellites from the Kennedy Space Center at 7:29 a.m. EDT (1129 GMT) Tuesday aboard a Falcon 9 rocket. Major changes included the erection of a new Fixed Service Structure (FSS), addition of a Rotating Service Structure (RSS), and the replacement of the Saturn flame deflectors with three new flame deflectors. Von hier aus starteten seit Dezember 1968 alle bemannten Raumflüge der USA – zuerst die Apollo-Missionen und von 1981 bis 2011 die Space … Although it relies primarily on two launch sites, NASA has three additional location options. The pad base contains 52,000 cubic meters (68,000 cubic yards) of concrete. The central campus development concept provides a strategy for locating future NASA development in the areas least vulnerable to sea level rise. The orbiter flame deflector is 11.6 meters (38ft) high, 22 meters (72 ft) long and 17.5 meters (57.6 ft) wide. KSC’s future land use map identifies the most appropriate locations for development to occur at KSC based on environmental and operational constraints and adequate access to existing infrastructure. NASA safety requirements ensure that NASA operations and partner operations are coordinated and communicated effectively so that both entities are protected from shared workplace. Let us know! Doors slide together (to within 3 inches of each other) between the orbiter's belly and the external tank, providing protection for the lower portion of the orbiter. To protect land shown in this map that is particularly vulnerable to rising tides and storm surges, KSC should continue to invest in preventative measures to protect critical NASA and non-NASA launch infrastructure. The RSS pivots from a hinge on the FSS until the RSS spacecraft changeout room fits flush with the Orbiters's cargo bay. Patrick Air Force Base, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Als größtes Fortbewegungsmittel weltweit gilt der im, NASA and Northrop Grumman Sign Agreement for Use of Shuttle-era Facilities, NASA Explores Potential New Users For Some Kennedy Facilities, SpaceX breaks ground on Starship, Super Heavy launch facilities at Pad 39A, Moonport: A History of Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations, Countdown! The ramp leading up to the pad is inclined at a 5% grade. NASA Launch Vehicles and Facilities, Informationen zum geplanten Startplatz für Starship und Super Heavy, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kennedy_Space_Center_Launch_Complex_39&oldid=204163424, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. The central campus development concept provides a strategy for locating future NASA development in the areas least vulnerable to sea level rise. Launch Groundtrack Inside Hazard Areas >Blue Line - F9v1.2. Oktober 2020 um 20:44 Uhr bearbeitet. The doors measure 24.4 meters by 1.2 meters (80ft x 4ft). The Fixed Service Structure (FSS) and Rotating Service Structure (RSS) on Pad 39A underwent a renovation between June and September 1993. It is mounted on a semi-circular track which allows it to rotate through an arc of 120 degrees on a radius of 36.6 meters (120 ft). KSC houses some of the most unique facilities in the world. Through this approach, KSC is better able to promote efficient, sustainable development by separating potentially hazardous operations from less-hazardous operational areas and non-NASA operations from NASA operations. Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 (LC-39) ist ein aktiver Startplatz der NASA und der einzige Startplatz im Kennedy Space Center.Der Launch Complex 39 umfasst zwei Startrampen.Er befindet sich am Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA.. This map shows the major assets at KSC that will remain dedicated to NASA programs for sole NASA use. Liftoff is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7:05 p.m. EDT. The top of the orbiter is shielded by an inflatable seal extending from the Payload Changeout Room forming a semi-circle covering 90 degrees of arc between the orbiter and its external tank. Because of its coastal location and low-lying, poorly draining land, KSC is at great risk from future sea level rise. The SRB deflector is 12.95 meters (42.5 ft) high, 12.8 meters (42 ft) long and 17.4 meters (57 ft) wide. The LH2 tank is located at the northeast corner of the pad and stores 3,218,250 liters (850,000 gallons) of liquid hydrogen at a temperature of minus 253 degrees C (-423 degrees F). The Commercial Assets Map displays the facilities that are controlled or managed by commercial or non-NASA entities. The sides of the orbiter, between the vehicle and the external tank, are protected by a series of 20 metal bi-fold doors that fold out from the Payload Changeout Room. SC should continue to invest in preventative measures to protect critical NASA and non-NASA launch infrastructure. Questions? Of KSC’s 140,000 acres, a relatively small portion is designated for NASA operational use. To protect land shown in this map that is particularly vulnerable to rising tides and storm surges, K SC should continue to invest in preventative measures to protect critical NASA and non-NASA launch infrastructure. The Sound Suppression Water System is used to protect the launch structure from the intense sound pressure of liftoff. Launch Complex 39-A & 39-B. These are large ball-shaped vacuum jacketed dewar bottles used to store supercold cryogenic propellants for the shuttle external tank. There are 6 permanent and 4 extensible pedestals that are used to support the MLP at the pad. It weights 590,000 kg (1.3 million lbs). The LPS system interconnects to the MLP through Hardware Interface Modules (HIM's) located in Pad Terminal Connection Rooms beneath the pads. The pad is lit with 5 clusters of Xenon high-intensity searchlights (total searchlights: 40) around the pad perimeter. Consistent with KSC’s “divest without diminishing” strategy that was initiated immediately after the retirement of the Space Shuttle Program, KSC released a Notice of Availability (NOA) seeking potential industry interest and uses for assets no longer required by NASA.

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