Judge of the Court of Appeals: Knox county rests within the 5th district Court of Appeals, which makes rulings regarding state-bound cases and comes before the Ohio Supreme Court. Court of Appeals | There are a number of contested judicial races in Cuyahoga County this election year. 0000039776 00000 n WV: I am a strong supporter of bail reform. 0000009517 00000 n The "Party Control" column notes which party held that seat heading into the 2018 general election. J: Why is political party important in judicial races? The following table details results of the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections by state House districts in Ohio. Pivot Counties are counties that voted for Barack Obama (D) in 2008 and 2012 and for Donald Trump (R) in 2016. She received a bachelors degree in Secondary Education at the University of Toledo as well as her law degree. Rick Carfagna (R): Running for his second term, incumbent Carfagna grew up in Columbus, and prides himself on being a fiscal conservative who has helped residences and businesses save money on gas bills and has mediated tax conflicts between villages and townships. Ballotpedia does not cover all local trial court judicial elections in this state. <]/Prev 97302/XRefStm 1080>> 0000004574 00000 n Common Pleas Courts may have more than one judge depending on the caseload of the county and district. Robert G. Montgomery It has been an amazing experience so far, and I would be honored to have people’s vote leading up to the November 3rd election. 0000002711 00000 n Court of Claims, Budget and finances | !function(){"use strict";window.addEventListener("message",function(a){if(void 0!==a.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var e in a.data["datawrapper-height"]){var t=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-"+e)||document.querySelector("iframe[src*='"+e+"']");t&&(t.style.height=a.data["datawrapper-height"][e]+"px")}})}(); In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump (R) won Ohio with 51.7 percent of the vote. In an interview with the Collegian, Weckesser expressed that he is not concerned about marijuana use so long as it isn’t by underage persons or when one is driving, but he believes that harder drugs destroy families, addicts need rehabilitation and dealers should go to jail. LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio — In 2019, Governor Mike DeWine appointed Judge Alfonso Gonzalez to the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas, when Judge Gene Zmuda was elected to serve on the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals. 154 29 The Ohio Courts of Common Pleas are trial courts in Ohio. Senator Sherrod Brown, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, a number of unions including the North Shore AFL-CIO, Plumbers Local 55, and many others. Public education | Between 2000 and 2016, Ohio voted for the winning presidential candidate in every election. He absolutely has my vote this election. There is usually about a 50% drop-off of people who vote for president or governor, but do not continue on to vote down-ballot. 0000001413 00000 n If elected he will make us proud of that decision. Energy | I implore you to look deeply into the candidates for judge in your county and engage with this election in an informed way. J: Can you start by telling me a little about yourself? Judicial Selection | Jay W Nixon (R): Incumbent, Mount Vernon native and former Knox magistrate Nixon is running for his second term as judge and is committed to addressing the drug crisis in Knox County. 0000000016 00000 n He sees many parents with drug abuse habits who require grandparents to take care of their children. She began her career working as a public defender in Juvenile Court. We want to know, Ohio politicians react to the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court justice, Election 2020 | Political terms, topics voters should know before casting their ballot, Lucas County sheriff's race: Where each candidate stands. If people would like to learn more, I hope they’ll check out my campaign website which is, Bike Cleveland Offers Free Bike Lights at Pop-Up Events, Journalist Talks About Why We Need to Abolish the Electoral College, Eliot Ness’s Cleveland Legacy & the Torso Murders Are the Topic on Online Talk, Cleveland Ballet Holds Online Benefit Auction, BW Theatre/Dance Redefines the Classical Greek Muses. Main articles: State judicial elections, 2020 and Local trial court judicial elections, 2020 Ballotpedia provides comprehensive coverage of elections in America's 100 largest cities by population.This coverage extends to every office on the ballot for residents of these cities, including local trial court judges. Click [show] to expand the table. You learn so much more about the 59 communities that make up Cuyahoga County and I have met people I never would have otherwise. We have a drug court, and we educate them and support them before they are on heroin and meth. County Commissioner: The position of Commissioner holds vital importance to the everyday functionings of local government by acting as an executive board. State Representative: The State Representative will acknowledge and advocate for the concerns of their constituents, and develop legislation to resolve those concerns in cooperation with representatives from other districts. �������!IP����6�1p�(��� 4�V`I�/* ��;Ͽ�,s҅���. Olender has been questioned about using a career in the prosecutor's office as a stepping stone to the bench. Data on the results of the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections broken down by state legislative districts was compiled by Daily Kos.[3][4]. Immigration | Hillary Clinton (D) received 43.6 percent. We see that their temperament, experience and education will qualify them to serve as lawyers. In presidential elections between 1900 and 2016, Ohio cast votes for the winning presidential candidate 93.3 percent of the time (28 out of 30 elections), more than any other state in the country. J: Should you win, you will certainly enter this position while Covid-19 is still a serious problem. 0000001820 00000 n https://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Ohio_Courts_of_Common_Pleas&oldid=5960314, Submit a photo, survey, video, conversation, or bio, Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing. Now, Judge Gonzalez, who was unopposed in April’s Republican primary, is running for re-election. Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. Largest cities | President and Vice President. [2], Qualifications It is a vitally important job, and I think citizens ought to know who it is that holds this power in their lives under the rule of law. Below are compiled statements from all the Knox County persons up for competitive elections, and a small description of their policy stances. If I have the honor of being elected, I’d like to encourage my peers to get more involved. What I would like to do now is take my experience, my skills, my passion and commitment to justice to a higher court. Two out of the three commissioner seats are up for election this year. Teresa Bemiller (R): Having served three terms and looking for a fourth, Bemiller has worked for the office since 2008. In 2020, Ballotpedia is covering the following local elections in this state: If the above list includes local trial court judgeships, click the links for more information about the elections. 0000069519 00000 n 0000005414 00000 n It’s hard to see how we will proceed with those at anything close to the level we had them before while also ensuring people’s health is protected. 0000005640 00000 n State constitution, Courts in Ohio | Most of my work there was with victims of domestic violence, helping them get civil protection orders. In 2012, Barack Obama (D) won 39 out of 99 state House districts in Ohio with an average margin of victory of 35.7 points. We cannot, under any circumstances, criminalize poverty. Candidates for Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations/Juvenile Division: For term commencing 1/2/2021: George W. Leach Hon. Judge Alfonso Gonzalez was appointed to the bench in 2019. Under the Ohio Constitution, a judge who reaches 70 years of age may be assigned by the chief justice to active duty, receiving payment on a per-day basis in addition to whatever retirement benefits he or she is entitled to. This coverage extends to every office on the ballot for residents of these cities, including local trial court judges. State Senate | 0000002266 00000 n [2] Statistics released in May 2011 by the Ohio Supreme Court show that case volume for all courts has dropped 16% since 2002. But, just like the rest of American society, we are still trying to figure it out. a district or county resident (for court of appeals and common pleas judges). Just saying people Need to be more connected doesn’t move the needle. Judges have broad powers over people’s lives, liberties and properties in a way that most other public officials do not. if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes').parentNode.style.display = 'none'; Ohio elections in 2020 | Ballot access for candidates | Judges have a huge amount of power and influence in policies that are enforced and argued in our day-to-day lives. %PDF-1.4 %���� John S Dilts (R): A general practice lawyer of 31 years, Dilts, father of two, has worked as a lawyer in the court of Common Pleas Probate/Juvenile to find solutions for the people of Knox County. Environment | The Cleveland Municipal Court, where I am a magistrate, is open, but we are still not scheduling many in-person hearings. WV: Ohio law is odd in that way — we have partisan primaries and nonpartisan general elections. Sheriff: Tasked with county security, the county Sheriff oversees the local deputy force, jail operations, and works with communities to prevent crime. Steven F Mount (D): A senior partner at Squire Patton Boggs, a large international law firm, Mount works in the tax industry, representing tax credit investor groups and counseling real estate investment acquisitions.

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