(IL file photo). The six other judges were interviewed Monday afternoon. After those interviews, the committee will recommend nine candidates — three for each vacancy — to Republican Gov. The panel will interview judges seeking retention and candidates interested in joining the Marion Superior bench. Judge Tim Oakes playfully calls himself a “Metro Jethro” — born in Kentucky, he moved to the east side of Indianapolis at a young age so his parents could pursue job opportunities. She treats every litigant like her own father, brother or son, she said, because the person appearing before her is somebody’s father, brother or son. Judge James Osborn could have gone on and on about technology at the new Marion County Community Justice Center. Ayers recalled her days as a parole officer when discussing her ability to keep her cool on the bench. 29 grudnia 1972 w Lewisham) – brytyjski aktor filmowy, teatralny i telewizyjny, reżyser i producent filmowy, laureat nagrody BAFTA (1999) za drugoplanową rolę Dickiego Greenleafa w filmie Utalentowany pan Ripley, honorowego … One of those opportunities has already manifested itself in the county’s probation kiosks, the first in the country. But that docket has also helped her grow as a judge, she said, particularly by teaching her the importance of patience. The Marion County Judicial Selection Committee unanimously voted to recommend retention of all 13 Marion Superior judges whose names will be on the ballot in November. The “Metro Jethro” comment drew laughs, but Oakes’ interview turned more serious when committee member Katherine Jackson-Lindsay asked him about a drunken driving incident he was involved with that led to the death of another motorist. Her administrative work has also included pretrial reform, as she’s led Marion County’s efforts to move to an evidence-based decision for determining pretrial release. Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Submit profile for Corporate Counsel Guide, Issues important to Trump await Barrett on Supreme Court, High court won’t extend Wisconsin’s absentee ballot deadline, Lilly antibody drug fails in COVID-19 study for hospitalized patients, 7th Circuit upholds Indiana’s process for extending polling hours, Panel favors retention of all 13 Marion Superior judges, Website highlights 7 appellate judges on November retention ballot, ‘Kid from a cornfield’: Goff brings community mentality to Supreme Court bench, Key themes emerge in Marion County retention interviews, Justices reprimand 2 Indianapolis attorneys, Elizabeth Ann Christ, Criminal Division 24. Marcela Ann Keim Profile by Martindale-Hubbell. She also said preparation is key to keeping a case on track. If you are unable to resolve this issue after you have personally conferred, by telephone, with opposing counsel and filed a certification of good faith, then our office will be happy to provide you with hearing dates. Like this review? More specifically, prior to scheduling any hearings on discovery motions, including, but not limited to, motions to compel, motions for protective orders, motions for sanctions, motions for extensions of time, etc., counsel for the moving party shall confer with counsel for the opposing party and thereafter file with the Clerk of the Court, contemporaneously with the discovery motion, a statement certifying that counsel has personally conferred with opposing counsel in a good faith effort to resolve by agreement the issues raised, without court intervention, and that counsel have been unable to do so. Moores is a Republican, while Crawford and Dreyer are Democrats. David Jude Heyworth Law (ur. Three judges eligible for retention — Barbara Crawford, David Dreyer and Marilyn Moores – have chosen to step down from the bench at the end of the year. Our office is unable to provide you with any hearing dates on your Motion if your Motion does not contain (or you have not filed separately) a certification of good faith as required by the rules. If you’re going to preside over family law, she said, you need to be patient, a good listener and have a passion for that area of the law. Judge Donna M. Keim. Our office does not hold suggested dates for hearings and a hearing is not scheduled on the Court’s calendar unless you receive confirmation from our office/judicial assistant. Eric Holcomb, who will make the final selections. “I pledged that day to do whatever I could to be the best person I can,” Oakes said. More Info. The center will be equipped with tech tools that aren’t necessarily new, Osborn said, but are being implemented for the first time in the Marion County courts. Hon. Here’s a recap of what Monday morning’s retention candidates had to say about the future of the Marion Superior bench: Coming from a family of lawyers and judges, Judge Elizabeth Ann Christ said she grew up in the judicial world. Judge Phillip A. Pena. When scheduling by email, the final email confirming a coordinated hearing date and time should include the case number, style of the case, the motion or motions being set, the attorneys and the amount of time being reserved. Please enable JavaScript to view this content. Justice Mark Massa, right, chairs the Marion County Judicial Selection Committee alongside vice chair Cale Bradford, chief judge of the Indiana Court of Appeals, at a Feb. 12 meeting. Certain groups of people are less likely to appear for jury selection, such as those who are transient or who don’t have steady jobs. The goal of the technology — whether in a courtroom, a jury deliberation or even in the hall — is to deliver information quickly, cleanly and clearly. If more than one party is appearing by telephone, the Court should be contacted last at the scheduled time after all parties are on the line. A copy of any “Emergency” motion efiled with the Clerk of Court and served upon opposing counsel should be provided to the Judge’s office for review. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. In doing so, Miller said he’s identified young lawyers who he thinks could be part of the next generation of judicial leadership, and he’s encouraged those lawyers to pursue judicial careers. Click this link to view frequently asked questions about jury duty. Marcela Keim Historical records and family trees related to Marcela Keim. Multiple committee members asked Flowers about her reputation for efficiency, especially with a busy criminal docket. Click this link to be redirected to our jury excusal form. Working in family law also requires the right judicial temperament, as emotions can often run high. Judge Patrick Dietrick was a mediator before he became a judge in 2015, and he used to tell his clients that mediation was a “business solution to a legal dispute.” He’s carried that mentality to the bench, where he launched a settlement conference system, modeled after what’s done in Indiana’s federal courts.

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