On the 4th of March 2002 during the early stages of the war in Afghanistan, John Chapman served alongside United States Navy SEALs in Operation Anaconda. Technical Sergeant John A. Chapman distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism as an Air Force Special Tactics Combat Controller, attached to a Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) Team conducting reconnaissance operations in Takur Ghar, Afghanistan, on March 4, 2002. United We Are One is dedicated to honoring our veterans and civil service members who protect and serve this great nation. This final assault saw John Chapman struck through the heart by an enemy round and after 16 bullet and shrapnel wounds, finally resulted in his death. Because John died exactly in the same way he lived – doing anything in his power to help others in need. Chapman was posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross. The plan was to insert two fire teams to the highest peaks on both sides of the valley which would later facilitate the liquidation of a large group of al-Qaeda fighters at the bottom of the valley. During this assault from an exposed position directly in the line of intense fire, Sergeant Chapman was struck and injured by enemy fire. As the men began to prepare for their insertion, the Chinook came under heavy fire from al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents firing assault rifles, heavy machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades. The modern warfare and usage of special forces were…, On October 3, 1993, Battle of Mogadishu attracted media attention worldwide and remained on the headlines for days.…, John Chapman: A last stand worth of the Medal of Honor, Russia’s Alpha Group compared to the Delta Force, Crash-landing and Chapman’s heroic actions, Quick-reaction forces (QRF) and rescue attempt. Sergeant Chapman and the team voluntarily reinserted onto the snow-capped mountain, into the heart of a known enemy stronghold to rescue one of their own. Batya (Батя) is the founder of Reaper Feed. Sergeant John Chapman, Medal of Honor recipient was awarded for his actions on top of a snowy mountain in Afghanistan on March 4, 2002. This was the first operation in the Afghanistan theater to involve a large number of U.S. forces participating in direct combat activities, according to the official records. US and Afghan sources believe at least 200 Taliban and Al Qaida fighters were killed during the initial assault and subsequent rescue mission. He subsequently served in the US Navy from 1865 to 1868. Despite being alone, severely wounded, and surrounded, Chapman began a one-man stand against the fanatical fighters around him. John Chapman (born as Charles Felix Kauffman) (February 10, 1844 to September 30, 1905) was a French soldier who fought in the American Civil War.Chapman received the United States' highest award for bravery during combat, the Medal of Honor, for his action during the Battle of Sayler's Creek in Virginia on 6 April 1865. The mission for Britt Slabinski and his warriors was to infiltrate the peak of the mountain and to establish an OP (observation post) and to act as a fire team if needed. It would later facilitate the destruction of a large force of al-Qaeda fighters at the bottom of the valley. On the 22nd August 2018, Chapman was posthumously awarded the highest award in the U.S. military and added to the Medal of Honor recipients list. Surrounded by steep mountains, the valley is located in Paktia province, in eastern Afghanistan. John A. Chapman – The Medal of Honor Warfighter. The United States had a lot of heroes in its history, one of them is John Chapman. By his heroic actions and extraordinary valor, sacrificing his life for the lives of his teammates, Technical Sergeant Chapman upheld the highest traditions of military service and reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force. He joined the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery from Limerick, Maine in October 1864, and was discharged in September 1865. The men were sharing the home, which only had one room with heating, with the Afghan family who owned it. As the SEALs withdrew, Chapman regained consciousness and made a stand worth of the Medal of Honor. Surrounded by steep mountains, the valley is located in Paktia province, in eastern Afghanistan. John Chapman Video Transcript John Chapman a US air force combat controller and the seals are attempting to rescue their lost teammate you’ll watch Chapman’s heroic actions as he saves the lives of his entire SEAL team and then another 18 members of a Quick Reaction Force earning America’s highest award the Medal of Honor. This operation was the first large-scale battle in the post-2001 War in Afghanista… Chapman was born in Strasbourg, France on 10 February 1844. John’s actions saw him sacrificed himself to save as many of his teammates as he could. On March 4, 2002 as the sun shyly emerged at Takur Ghar mountains in Afghanistan, a group of Navy SEALs was about to enter into a direct firefight with al-Qaeda terrorists. The following footage depicts the fierce firefight between MAKO 30 and the al-Qaeda force and the final stand of Chapman. As a result of this action, both Technical Sergeant Chapman and Senior Airman Cunningham were awarded the Air Force Cross, the second-highest award for bravery. “Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”, Medals Awarded to Members of the US Marine Corps, Medals Awarded to Members of the US Air Force, Medal Awarded to Members of the US Coast Guard. The MAKO 30 would be just another JSOC recce element directing airstrikes against the enemy fighters below — there were numerous teams dispersed throughout the mountains surrounding the valley. Chapman’s role would be to direct the airstrikes. With complete disregard for his own life, Sergeant Chapman deliberately moved from cover only 12 meters from the enemy, and exposed himself once again to attack a second bunker, from which an emplaced machine gun was firing on his team.

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