Bill Williamson is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and one of the primary antagonists in Red Dead Redemption, and as a major character in Red Dead Redemption 2. AssaultMurderRobberyOutlaw behavior Weapon Alias The gang attempted to rob the boat, but the heist went wrong when Pinkerton agents showed up. Javier then takes part in the Saint Dennis bank robbery, which results in the deaths of Lenny Summers and Hosea Matthews. Javier became a gunman for the gang and would be involved in a number of robberies and various other crimes across the frontier. He also changes his attire, instead wearing a beige-colored jacket with a white shirt underneath, a bandolier and a sombrero, which are more suitable for the desert climate. Javier has a noticeable passion for music, frequently playing guitar and singing for the members of the Van der Linde gang during meals and parties. Javier calls John "brother" quite often. This doesn't faze Javier and he continues to try to coax a deal out of John, claiming that he'll give him Bill and claiming to know the location of Dutch, who is allegedly in Colombia. Ultimately, the mission results in Sean being rescued, unfortunately. Evil-doer After escaping from the Pinkertons, he and some of the surviving gang members board a ship out the city. Affiliations In 1899, Javier is a kind and idealistic man, friendly with most gang members. Javier witnessed Dutch murder a young mother named Heidi McCourt, before a huge gunfight ensued. Crimes Javier Escuella is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and a secondary antagonist in Red Dead Redemption, and as a major character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mentioned by Arthur and Javier during Companion Activity - Fishing (Javier). Javier then plays part of a security guard crew during a wealthy riverboat robbery. At some stage after the gang collapses, Javier returns to Mexico. Javier is responsible for defending Bill Williamson in Nuevo Paraíso. He is locked up in a cage until his brains say "rage" but Dutch and Arthur luckily break him out (Dutch did most of the work, of course), and bring him to safety of the rebels and his fellow gang members. When the latter's wheel comes off, Javier offers to help mend it, although Arthur and Hosea decline. Trelawny distracts two bounty hunters which allows Arthur and Javier to silently take them down. He did soon recover and joined the others in massacring the train, taking great pleasure from it. [1] At one time he heard that his mother had died and that his sister had gotten married; and he was deeply missing them both, but couldn't go back to Mexico because he would be killed if discovered. priests who will happily take your confession,,,,,,,,,,, Reyes promises to find the two men for John, and eventually finds out that Javier is in El Presidio. He came to see the gang as his family and his true home. Javier Escuella is a central character and a major antagonist in the videogame Red Dead Redemption. Ultimately, the mission results in Sean being rescued. He is well-known in Nuevo Paraiso because that is where he is originally from. Defending Bill Williamson while he is in Mexico.Drinking Tequila with fellow Mexican soldiers. Judging by some of John's quotes, Javier appears to be bisexual, as John says "So Bill and you are back together? Capturing Escuella, sticking him in front of the gate, and then using the cannon to blow him up will have the same effect as turning him in alive, as he won't die. Javier Escuella is a central character and a major antagonist in the videogame Red Dead Redemption.He is also a supporting character in it's prequel, Red Dead Redemption II. motives. It is worth 40 Gamerscore points for the Xbox 360, and a Bronze Trophy grade for the PlayStation 3. Javier calls out to John, saying he was "always the weak, the bad, and the ugly!" I think I've never met an eviler man than Javier. Javier is then locked up in a cage, until Dutch and Arthur break him out after creating a distraction; they bring him to the safety of the rebels and his fellow gang members, where he is left to heal. Upon arrival, Javier is seen at the entrance to the camp, and Arthur lets him jump on as he drives the caravan into the gang's new spot. He is a former gang member alongside John Marston. After the man pulls a concealed gun on them, Arthur is forced to shoot him, which alerts the ship's guards. It is through this idealism that he connects with Dutch and is unwaveringly loyal to him, sometimes to a fault. Javier plays the part of a security guard during the riverboat robbery. [7] John says to Abraham Reyes in 1911: “When Dutch lost his mind, Javier took it harder than any of us. Later, a standoff at Beaver Hollow ensues when Arthur and Micah draw guns on each other at camp; Javier appears when it is ongoing and announces that Pinkertons are coming, but unwittingly causes the death of Susan Grimshaw in the process as Micah shoots her while she is distracted by this. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Depending on how the player decides to deal with Escuella, two outcomes can occur. Javier holds the man at gunpoint as soon as he opens the vault, which he and Arthur quickly empty. However, they decided to let a stagecoach go when they found out that it was full of women and children. Javier Escuella was born in Nuevo Paraiso and was once a Mexican bounty hunter. The next day, Abigail asks Arthur to look for John, and so Hosea sends Javier to ride out with Arthur to find him. In 1899, Javier is a slim-built man, with black hair and a dark complexion, notably having a mustache that's shaved in the middle. After Abigail Roberts asks Arthur Morgan to look for John Marston, he brings Javier along, and they find John badly wounded by wolves sometime later. On Guarma, said attire regresses to a shirt and a waistcoat only, along with black trousers. Javier takes part in the assault on Cornwall's refinery, as the gang and the Native Americans battle against the U.S. Army led by Colonel Favours. If the guy had known what Javier does to his enemies, he probably would not have laughed. Unfortunately, Javier is shot while trying to flee, and is captured by Sausage men. Javier is responsible for defending Bill Williamson in Mexico. Javier was one of the folks that left John Marston behind to die after he was shot off the train. and then rides out of the fort with a horse. Even though he is a supporting character, Javier only appears in two missions and doesn't have much of his backstory revealed compared to Bill and Dutch. He remains unendingly loyal to Dutch, and his relationship notably deteriorates with Arthur as a result. In addition, he is well-known there because he was a famous revolutionary at one point, and his father worked on land cultivated by. On the other hand, "escollo", which sounds a little alike, has different meanings, like pitfall, stumbling block, reef, rock, barrier, hidden danger. Hitman He is a former member of the Van der Linde gang alongside John Marston. [5] His closest friendship seems to be with Bill, however, with the two having similar views on Dutch. Fearing for his greedy life, Javier fled to America. However, he could not speak any English and ultimately became feeble and starved. Apart from his role as Javier Escuella in Red Dead Redemption 2, Sloyer also voiced Oscar Guzman in Grand Theft Auto V, another Rockstar title. Mexican Javier is presumably still alive today and is living in Mexico. He came to see the gang as his family and idolised Dutch for his revolutionary and socialist styles. After spending some time in America, Escuella became a member of Dutch's Gang after robbing stores with Dutch himself. Javier laughs at this and tries to convince John to let him go. Gender At the Hive, Javier swears his loyalty to Shao Kahn but also warns him not to trust Strauss, as he betrayed his former boss, while he also learns about Kotal Kahn and realises what a weakling he is. Javier remains at Shao Kahn's side as he moves his new loyalists and allies to the Tarkatan Camps on the edges of North Outworld's wasteland beaches, where he prepares his army to slaughter all of them, being aware of Baraka's betrayal thanks to Almeida. Made up Characters Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He also has a knife with a similar handle, although it is rarely used. He is taken to Sausage's Prison, where Dutch van der Linde and Arthur see him being pulled by an El Senor, and surrounded by soldiers and Sausage himself, watching his every breath. Javier is mentioned several times throughout the Nuevo Paraiso chapter, by Marston and members of both Abraham Reyes' Rebels and the Mexican Army. By 1899, the gang had fled east and ended up in the state of West Elizabeth. He ultimately sides with him during a confrontation with Arthur and John, albeit reluctantly. Javier waits until John is distracted, and then he pushes a crate on John. Occupation Powers/Skills The player can see the knife holster if he kills Escuella. However, the four men later return without John, with Dutch and Micah falsely claiming that he had died. Location Revolutionary (formerly)Bounty hunterOutlawHitman Javier is responsible for defending Bill Williamson in Mexico. He, Arthur, Leopold Strauss, and Trelawny are then forced to flee the robbed ship. When Dutch's gang was disbanded after Dutch went insane, Javier took it easy and returned to Mexico to work as a bounty hunter for Allende. By 1911, he is a shadow of his former self, working as a hitman for the ruthless tyrant Colonel Allende. Gameplay Not long after moving to Horseshoe Overlook, Javier is in the saloon in Valentine when a brawl breaks out. Serve Dutch's gang (formerly).Become rich (failed). By 1911, Javier works as a hitman for Colonel Allende - the Governor of Nuevo Paraíso and an aide to General Sanchez. John runs after him, and then John can do one of two things; he can either kill or capture Escuella. During the assault on the Cornwall's train, Javier attempts to jump aboard the moving train, but misses, and falls to the ground messily. With the gang on the verge of collapse at their new hideout of Beaver Hollow, Javier takes a fairly minimal role in gang affairs, he is losing some faith in it after all, but he still remains unendingly loyal to Dutch, and his relationship notably lowers with Arthur as a result, similar to most other gang members. When John Marston arrives in Mexico in pursuit of Williamson and Escuella per the Bureau's request, Allende takes advantage of the situation, using Marston to aid him in fighting the rebels led by Abraham Reyes in return for finding Javier for him, but with no intention of fulfilling his side of the bargain. Mr. Escuella They soon learn that he was even ravaged by wolves, and Morgan is forced to kill off the wolves before returning to the camp. Javier is shown to be a skilled fisherman, with Arthur remarking how much better at it he and Hosea are compared to him. A mixture of "escuela" and "escollo" could mean that Escuella was really one of the many obstacles Marston has to endure to get his family back. Later, he takes part in the mission to help rescue Sean along with Arthur, Charles, and Trelawny. The links above will perform a search for the content that matches this page's name. Javier is encountered by Jack Marston as he attempts to escape from the Tesoro Azul Mine following his incarceration there.

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