That is not just marketing talk, or spin, or ‘greenwashing’. I come from a background in investment banking, so it’s fair to say that I care about running a successful business. Amongst the results was the rather alarming fact that 21% of those surveyed would give up sex rather than lose their Wi-FI connection! Customers have repeatedly asked for an explanation of said ‘unrecoverable costs’ and have only been told, upon pressing the matter, that it is an amount to pay ‘ground vendors’. Intrepid Travel had also taken the time to shut down their website in order to alter booking conditions to favour themselves placing the customer at a disadvantage. Inspiration for his career change came during his travels in Brazil, when he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing something he loved, instead of helping the rich get richer. It’s just so hard to choose one when you first begin! I hope that with your support now, we’ll be able to continue for at least another 31. Absolutely appalling behaviour to take money from your customers for a service you couldn’t not provide. I was supposed to fly to Scotland today for an Intrepid trip. We even report on it every year. I work for megalithic US based travel company and was so impressed by the offers of credit. The survey showed was that all this shiny new technology is distracting people from the real reasons they travel. I was on your Cycle Vietnam trip earlier this year before COVID struck. Stay strong safe and well. I agree I hope the credit voucher for those include viable dates – reflective of when borders do open! That’s an incredible way to spend your career – and for me it is the future of travel. James your letter was well written and informative, hopefully your travellers will take the credit and help Intrepid and all who are attached to Intrepid. A class travel organisation that truly cares for customers over profit. We did not have any trips this year. If you accepted full responsibility when the ACCC came knocking then why haven’t you resigned? Great, open honest letter, I wish everyone at Intrepid the best, good luck guys. 15% from refunds taken to give 10% extra for credits it seems. I was getting close to booking when all of this happened. Inspiration for his career change came during his travels in Brazil, when he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing something he loved, instead of helping the rich get richer. I’ll always recommend you. I’ve loved the trips and made great friends through it. I will travel with you for many years to come hopefully and appreciate all that you do. I will be taking your company to all relevant authorities in Australia, until I receive the full 100% refund of all money. James left a lucrative career in investment management to join Intrepid Travel. When you became aware of the seriousness of this pandemic you reneged on your Intrepid Promise and offerings. I will take the credit. I can’t wait for the world to open up again and Intrepid Travel will be my first point of call once again. We know that after a disaster that travellers tend to stay away because they are worried about their own safety, the impact on their holiday, and also about being a bother to locals. Hello James. Assuming this is still the case, we’re currently reviewing what intrepid trips will be available in our own country for our next travels. The philosophy and ethics of your company has always been impressive. It was a great letter and I know it was sincere. Thank you for your honesty and for speaking from the heart.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.