Sharing his exciting news, he tweeted: “Got married last night on BBC One. Thank you so much for having me. [8] Chrissie becomes pregnant,[9] but later miscarries. We would like to wish you all the best and you’ll be missed! "[43], Introduced as a Lothario-type character, according to Anderson, Oliver "had a reputation for being the hospital bike. James, who played popular medic... James Anderson has bid a sad farewell to HOLBY CITY this week. After numerous troubles and storylines including an abortion and box of antiques. My leaving party was the night before my last day on set, so I was feeling a little delicate. James Anderson, Producer: Forgetting Betty. He began a downward spiral, and reached "rock bottom" when Penny was killed off. But they have similarities... in terms of dropping people in it." [16] Keen to earn praise from his consultants, Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) and Elliot Hope (Paul Bradley), Oliver claims Penny's research as his own, and is awarded her place in an operation. [81], A special flashback episode, centered on Oliver dealing with the aftermath of Penny's death,[82] was selected as recommended viewing by What's on TV, the Liverpool Daily Post, and the Daily Mirror. He goes up to ITU after the hospital is taken off lockdown. – 15/08/15, 31.43 Somewhere Between Silences (Part Two) – 22/7/17, 31.42 Somewhere Between Silences (Part One) – 15/7/17, 3.08 A Christmas Carol (Part 1) – 14/12/00, 3.19 Private Lives, Public Faces – 20/3/01, 3.09 A Christmas Carol (Part 2) – 21/12/00, 7.05 One is the Loneliest Number – 16/11/04, 19.63 We Need to Talk About Fredrik – 12/12/17, 20.50 The Right Sort of Animal – 11/12/18, 21.53 Mothers and Their Daughters – 31/12/19, 21.52 Be True, Be Brave, Be Kind – 19/12/19, Actor James Anderson sadly left this week after four years on the medical drama. "[68] However, Elliot refuses to give up on Oliver and makes sure the operation goes ahead. If you wish to change your mind and would like to stop receiving communications from, you can revoke your consent by clicking on "unsubscribe" in the footer of the newsletter. Furthermore, in the episode project aurous, Zollie makes their engagement official after Ollie gives Zosia a proper engagement ring. James Anderson has bid a sad farewell to HOLBY CITY this week. Greg's jokes at his expense left Oliver unable to carry out simple procedures correctly. Thank you so much for having me. [56][58] Their relationship remained unaffected by this: Catherwood revealed, "Well they are brother and sister, so you forgive your family for enormous amounts. "[39] Maeve Quigley, writing for the Daily Mirror, opined that Chrissie was more than a match for Oliver. Got a story? Thank you! I was adamant that Oliver’s decision to leave would be his own, i.e. Your email address will not be published. It probably explains why I’m also a fan of method actors, from Brando and Clift through to Pacino, De Niro and now Day Lewis. Her death was not shown on-screen: a conscious decision made by the production team to fully focus on Oliver's story. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. What are your future plans now that you’ve left? Three Returns in Holby New Year . Holby Online is a non-profit website. It's been lovely for us both." The fast-paced storyline saw Greg initially "kick[ing] against his newfound responsibility", before realising that Oliver could be beneficial to his own career, which resulted in an "unlikely friendship" forming between them. "[80] The Guardian's Daniel Maier ridiculed Oliver's supposed talents, and jested that he was "a doctor with the blue eyes of Fonda and the medical competence of fondue". He told Inside Soap at the time: "Weirdly, we shot the proposal a couple of days after I got engaged in real life.”. Tonight (March 27) viewers saw the departure of Dr Oliver Valentine, played by James Anderson leave Holby City. Filming resumes on Casualty with powerful episode highlighting difficult realities of... Joe McFadden returns to Holby City as Raf Di Lucca for... Kate Hall appointed series producer of Holby City, James Anderson as Oliver Valentine in Holby City ©BBC. Required fields are marked *. The post comes hours after his character Dr Oliver Valentine exchanged vows with Zosia on the BBC medical drama. He's struggling." I loved the challenge of playing a flawed character with so much to learn both personally and professionally. But Ollie's big, blue eyes belie darker truths that lead to his deceptive and sometimes devious nature. ", Dr Oliver Valentine got married on Holby City this week. [72] She found it odd they did not get along professionally because she thought "a brother-sister relationship would be one of the least troublesome at Holby. Hugely. I have had a fantastic four years and my decision to go was far from being an easy one. In season 19 Ollie and Zosia get back together. Sometimes Oliver’s negative traits overshadowed the good, and it was always interesting as an actor to plot my way through that. James Anderson grew up in a small village outside of London in the UK. [15], Oliver discovers that Penny has been having a relationship with a patient, Scott (Joshua Bowman), endangering her career. But time has taken its toll on Oliver Valentine – and now he is just a shadow of his former self" – a devastated and broken man, "tormented by the memory of his sibling and his guilty conscience. Fan favourites Guy Henry, James Anderson and Kaye Wragg will make a dramatic return to BBC One’s popular medical drama in the New Year.... James Anderson made his first appearance in HOLBY CITY in June 2009 as Oliver Valentine. Anderson was selected to play Oliver; he spent time with a real F1 doctor and trained with the programme's medical advisors to prepare for the part. They were deemed talented physicians with the desire to achieve by McHale, who noted that "one is more naturally gifted than the other", and suggested that their personal lives would cause conflict with their professional ones, as they attempted to progress at work. [59], Having arrived at Holby as an F1, Oliver quickly progressed onto his F2 training. James Anderson as Oliver Valentine in BBC Holby City The actor took to Twitter: “1 week ago my AMAZING wife pushed, pushed, and pushed some more and brought this little bundle into the world. [68] When it emerges that Oliver's condition is potentially fatal, he asks Elliot to fit him with his new surgical device. Click here to upload yours. The impending arrival of sibling trainee doctors Oliver and Penny was announced in May 2009, by executive producer Tony McHale and series producer Diana Kyle. Ollie finally proposes with a haribo ring in the episode named unbreakable. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Get 20% off Lindex baby and kids' clothing - here's what we're snapping up! I’ve loved… Oliver tried to resign from Holby, though before he left he responded to a dangerous RTA call and saved a patient's life. When he makes the wrong decision, or falls back on bad habits I want to shake him, slap him, push him in the right direction. [25] He moves back to the AAU, where he is shaken by an encounter with the boy's mother, which causes him to panic and embarrass himself in theatre. Watch unlimited royal shows with a free trial of True Royalty TV. Now off to get married in real life. From weddings to drugs scandals & arrests, Mum 'called c*** three times' after complaining to New Look over refund, I’m mum-shamed for looking ‘perfect’- I won't be scummy, I love my hair & nails, Brit scoops £79m Euromillions jackpot as ticket holders urged to check numbers, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. [17] He is promoted to F2 level, and betrays Penny further by revealing her affair with Scott, which results in her failing her cardiothoracic rotation and being moved to the AAU.

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