Italy once ruled the known world and has given it some of its most important inventions. Later, this solution became the most common type of biplane used in the First World War. These brilliant inventors from Italy can also be sorted by various bits of information, such as what year and where the inventor was born. Italian Inventors and their Inventions (Inventions and Methods developed by Italians) Eugenio Barsanti (1821-1864) Eugenio Barsanti developed the first internal combustion engine driven by gas. 10 Italian Inventors that Changed the World. 9 World-Changing Inventions from Italian Inventors. May 24, 2019. See: Famous Italian inventors. The inventions invented by each historic Italian inventor are displayed next to the inventors name when available. By Christopher McFadden. Many of you probably remember genius like Donatello or Leonardo Da Vinci or Galileo Galilei, but there are many inventions in the modern era that you might not recognise as Italian inventions. Eugenio Montale (1896 – 1981) 1, 2. List features items … At the time, it was the fastest airplane in existence. Luigi Bezzerra (and Desiderio Pavoni) There's nothing like a sip of espresso to wake you up. Antonio Meucci (1808 – 1889) Now considered the first inventor of the telephone even if Graham Bell was the first to patent the invention. He patented his invention together with Felice Matuecci (1808-1887) in 1854. John Bensalhia | Thu, 07/26/2018 - 00:46. Find out more about the greatest Italian Inventors & Discoverers, including Guglielmo Marconi, Alessandro Volta, Antonio Meucci, Gerolamo Cardano and Saint Francis of Assisi. See: Famous Italian inventors. • Aircraft with tractor configuration propeller: the world's first airplane having a "Tractor" configuration, propeller on the front, was the Goupy No.2 (first flight on 11 March 1909) designed by Mario Calderara and financed by Ambroise Goupy at the French firm Blériot Aéronautique. Italian engineer, recipient of a Nobel Prize in physics and famous for having invented the wireless telegraphy. With its distinctive, strong taste, it's a drink enjoyed by millions worldwide.

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