SUPARCO is the abbreviation of the Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission. 5. Pakistan News: Pakistan's National Space Agency SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission), which was set up in 1961, took 50 years to launch its firs India’s space program is thriving as … Most of us are eager to know how the comparison of ISRO vs NASA will be. Formed: 1969 Annual Budget: $1.5 billion (2018) Indian Space Research Organisation harnesses space technology for national development while pursuing planetary exploration and space science research. Between 2001 and now, India has managed to launch more than 30 satellites. The Indian Space Research Organisation famously known as ISRO is the space agency of the Government of India headquartered at Bengaluru city. Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), the national space agency is mandated to conduct R&D in space science, space technology, and their peaceful applications in the country. ISRO has achieved a lot over the years making space exploration very economical. Its vision is to “harness space technology for national development, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration”It was … NASA vs ISRO . But why was SUPARCO left behind by (ISRO) Indian Space Research Organization and the Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) despite being a decade ahead? SUPARCO’s major space programs are the development of Communication and Remote Sensing Satellites. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) ISRO launching its 100th satellite on board the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. India’s ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is the space agency of the Indian government headquartered in the city of Bengaluru. It works towards developing indigenous capabilities in space technology and promoting space applications for socio-economic uplift of the country. India-UAE Join Hands In Space Exploration Pakistan’s Space […] This is a list of government agencies engaged in activities related to outer space and space exploration.. As of 2018, 72 different government space agencies are in existence; 14 of those have launch capability. Pakistan’s Space Agency SUPARCO is all set to launch an ambitious space program next year to keep an eye on India, and countering ISRO. SUPARCO has no bigger comparable achievements with ISRO. The allocated fund for SUPARCO in Pakistan’s annual budget is only 36 Million USD as compared to India’s ISRO which has 1.9 Billion USD in the country’s annual budget. ISRO VS NASA: Facts on Launch Vehicles, Technology, Missions & Achievements. Both NASA and ISRO are major space research organizations of the world. These two space agencies are consistently keeping their position as the top 5 space agencies in the world. It is very interesting to COMPARISON BETWEEN ISRO AND SUPARCO.. SUMMARY OF ISRO . The allocated fund for SUPARCO in Pakistan’s annual budget is only 36 Million USD as compared to India’s ISRO which has 1.9 Billion USD in the country’s annual budget. Both are involved in space research and exploration and as such there are bound to be many similarities in the functioning of NASA and ISRO. Whereas NASA is an organization in the US, ISRO is India’s organization. [1] In Pakistan, there are only 3 universities offering BS level programs in space sciences and only one university offering a MS program in the country as compared to India where more than 15 renowned universities offering … Now Elon Musk’s SpaceX is here with a challenge for India’s space agency. On the other hand, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has throughout its history been manned by scientists.

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