Someone accidentally backed into his vehicle. In fact I have his letter. Learn more about Randy Wayne at with exclusive news, full bio and filmography as well as photos, videos, and more. If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. I think you need to go back to math class. Is Randy Wayne A Dancer. I have a personal e-mail from Aissa Wayne where she very plainly states that Mr. John T. Wayne is not related to her and is certainly not her father's illegitimate grandson. Contrary to what you may believe, I don't hate you, Mr. Hammock. The John Wayne family has denied your claims. Evidence supporting Terry Hammock's claim: Because he says so. The minute I saw him. John Wayne News During the conversation, unsolicited, her given name and age was mentioned. John Wayne News Short story long, a man, in his 70s as i recall, & needing a heart transplant, claimed & truely believed he was an ill legit son of Mr. JOHN WAYNE, the actor. Randy Wayne Death Pool 2018 02 01, American actor, dancer (Famous from Series Regular on ABC`s "Sons and Daughters" and To Save a Life). Anyway, this guy, Dwayne, who came in w/another guy who i knew a lil, All of that aside, however, you cannot simply brush away the testimonies of the various Wayne family members, and Mr. Hammock's family members, and the comments made by Rex Allen, Jr., and Maureen O'Hara. As my readers are aware, Mr. Terry Hammock has been selling himself as the illegitimate grandson of Hollywood icon John Wayne, for some time now. Whether it be weeks, months, or years from now, I simply ask why waste our time playing poker with only half a deck of cards? Great scene. I will promote any and all speaking engagements and appearances you make on both this website, and our affiliate Facebook page, all with no charge whatsoever to you. And he also waited until my mother was not herself to where she could answer any of his questions. Your claim to be the grandson of John Wayne has been refuted by Maureen O'Hara, by Aissa Wayne, by John Wayne Enterprises, by your own family, and by me. DIDN'T MEAN TO RATTLE ON SO....HAVE A GREAT DAY, AND THANK'S FOR STOPPING YOUR RESEARCH LONG ENOUGH TO ANSWER ME... Dear "Halfbreed", The evidence is piling up against you and against your claim, and yet, you continue to make the same claim while continuing to be completely unable to produce any evidence whatsoever to support your claim. Glen Campbell Has there been any changes? Yet, he does not. Dear Question Everything, .I HAVE had respect FOR BOTH. John Wayne Film Guns No se pero Randy Wayne es el amor de toda mi vida, Do anyone else think Randy Wayne looks like a younger version of Scott Foley, Sean Astin and Richard Dutcher, Alex McKenna, Randy Wayne on screen together. Fact Check. My issue is with his claim to be the illegitimate grandson of John Wayne. Randy Wayne was born on August 7, 1981 in Moore, Oklahoma, USA as Randy Wayne Frederick. It was very minor, and he handled it with kindness. " |  I also ask this because I see from your IP address that you are located not far from Terry Hammock (according to his IP address). YOUR GRANDMOTHER. You know what I think of your attempts to discredit me. It was a cancer death. Never be ashamed of having a crush on Randy Wayne, The Nā Pali coastline, on Kauai, Hawaii by Randy Wayne. And don't fall for the old "just wait for my autobiography" answer, because it is no longer a valid answer. Even your own family has denied your claims, and yet you persist in spinning your fanciful yarn, now bringing Rex Allen Jr. into it! Where Wayne himself spent many a nites in the bar called the "Headquarters". 901 504 8341. I got no skin in this game, I personally believe what he's told me. Additionally, Terry Hammock's own family (his aunt, and others) have emphatically stated that Terry Hammock is not related to John Wayne, and they pointed out that he was previously claiming to be related to Mark Twain. In fact, the only person who supports your claim is you, and you have given not a single reason to believe you, not a single piece of evidence to support your claim. Another person should never have enough hold on you to ruin your life. Thank you for sharing your opinion, but please excuse me for not agreeing with it. Site And Blog News While I have been in contact with them (and they also categorically deny Mr. Hammock's claims), I am not privy to their intended course of action. He could lay all this to rest if he would just provide proof. It would be interesting to see if the Duke did have additional children. really? Mr. Constitution: John Wayne's daughter, Aissa, has repeatedly refuted this man's claim, and with good reason: he is lying. On the other hand, Maureen O'Hara says no you're not, Aissa Wayne says no you're not, and your family says no you're not. In fact, according to his family he has not asked for a DNA test at all. It was Mr. Hammock. John Wayne You Tube your dad was my half brother and your granddad is victor hammock i do not appreciate the lies that you have formed around my mother and your grandmother, and if your dad was still alive you would not have ever started this mess because he would have put and end to it since he did meet his father and it was not john wayne... other families member are tired of your lying and deceit\. I, too am a fan of the Duke, but I also despise those who complain about something that they can resolve, but refuse to do so because they don't want to admit they are wrong. Ms. Melton, I have presented Mr. Hammock with a proposition. Graham Leggett He looks like him, built like him, talks like him and stands like him. In other words, he thinks he is using them, but in reality they are using him. John T. is a quiet spirit. Either way, your argument does not stand. A history that he claimed was required by the doctors or med boards to get on a list to. Scott Allen Nollen Plus, I will promote his books and appearances on our New Frontier Facebook page which has more than 4,000 followers from around the world. Mr. Hammock, Maybe they just need to think they have met someone with a connection to John Wayne, and Mr. Hammock fits the bill good enough for them. So, in short, in spite of Mr. Hammock's unsubstantiated claim, and the ample evidence refuting his claim, he continues to make public appearances as John Wayne's grandson, and is using that claim to sell his books and make money. I also know, "What you are doing here is nothing short of pure evil." I have received communications from celebrities, from members of John Wayne's family, from others in the John Wayne community who have met with and spoken with Mr. Hammock, and I have even been in communication with Mr. Hammock's own family members -- several of them, and every single one of these people have all refuted Mr. Hammock's claims. I don't claim to know anything about this situation but this question popped in my head after reading this blog and a couple others plus seeing photos... maybe the representatives have been instructed not to speak the truth due to it being used against anyone in court. A lawsuit would have to focus on his claim to be John Wayne's grandson. I see it daily say no or don't say anything because as soon as you admit the smallest amount of anything it will be used in the courts. Can you just imagine the headlines? Get full address, contact info, background report and more! And all you have to do produce evidence that proves your claim to be John Wayne's grandson. I don't know what else to even say to you, that hasn't already been said. All for free, and that is a lot of free advertising for him. Shame on you. He stands to lose nothing and gain everything by providing definitive proof. But yes, you are right to say that what he is doing (making money by deceitfully saying he is the grandson of John Wayne) is a form of stealing. Are you someone from a local TV channel in the area? Again, if you have the evidence, produce it. She was quite stunning & a wild spirit is what was said of her. GOD IS SO GOOD AND FAITHFUL AND FORGIVING AND HE HELPS US ALL THROUGH OUR JOURNEY IN LIFE. Do you want to know what the official word is from John Wayne Enterprises? But any Wayne picture comes on if I can’t watch it I tape it. By the way John T. has visited in my home and is a friend of mine. The implication being that since both the doctor and the actor had the same last name (Morrison), they must obviously have been related, and the good doctor must have obviously assisted in the cover-up of an illicit affair between John Wayne and Mr. Hammock's grandmother.

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