[18] On January 20, however, it was announced that Storms would be unable to resume her role as expected, and that Lilley would continue in the role for the foreseeable future. Nathan tells Maxie that Levi is a con man and then Levi pulls a gun on Maxie. She gets a visit from Georgie, and explains how she's thinking about dying because everyone would be better off. Maxie is hopeful, until Spinelli finds a voice message left for him, saying Ellie was hit by a car the night before, and is at General Hospital, recovering. Later, Nathan and Maxie are FaceTiming each other and Lulu shows up. Maxie allows Coop to live with her and gets him a job at the Metro Court, although some suspect that he is untrustworthy. Twins Ashley and Jessica Clark in 1992. Maxie accuses Nathan of calling immigration but Nathan says that he told Dante and Mac said something about wanting Levi deported so she confronts them and then she finds the number on Nathan's phone and kicks him out of the apartment. However, she didn't know that Kyle had used a web cam to film them having sex and had posted it on the Internet. The next morning, Nathan and Maxie wake up in bed together and continue making love. It turns out to be Mac and Felicia, who were having sex in the park, so Nathan helps them out by not pressing charges against them and Maxie gives them hell for it. Twins Elaine and Melanie Silver from December 1992 to sometime in 1993. Maxie tells Lulu that Nathan showing up on her door step the night she was leaving, all kind and shy and gorgeous, was her cosmic message. Nathan is able to move so he can see Maxie and mouths to her that he's coming and goes around to the back entrance but before he can do anything, Dante shoots Levi. Maxie arrives at the hospital and barges into Nathan's cubical with Obrecht behind her. Hemorrhaged after giving birth to her daughter, Tried to commit suicide by taking pills [Dec 5-6, 2013], Held hostage at gunpoint by Peter Harrell, Jr. [Aug 13, 2014], Kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint (along with, Threatened and held at gunpoint by Peter, Jr. to make Lulu put down a gun [Aug 25, 2014], Rendered unconscious after breathing gaseous fumes [Sep 2, 2014], Handcuffed to a metal pole [Sep 8-10, 2014], Almost got stabbed by Peter, Sr. [Sep 15, 2014], Was trapped in a building that was about to blow up, but got out before it did [Sep 16-17, 2014], Hurt her hand after punching a bag at the gym [Oct 13, 2014], Was on a boat with bomb, that later exploded in the water (, Held hostage at gunpoint in a chapel-full of people by, Sprained her ankle after slipping on some water [Mar 14, 2016], Held hostage at gunpoint and duck taped to a chair by one of Valentin's men [Oct 21, 2016], Manhandled by one of Valentin's men during a failed escape attempt [Oct 21, 2016], Rendered unconscious after breathing carbon monoxide (also fell down a couple of steps), Locked in a medical exam room with Lulu [Dec 8, 2016], Experienced cramping during her pregnancy due to stress [Jan 15, 2018], Got lightheaded and almost collapsed [May 21, 2020]. Maxie is annoyed by Matt and Liz growing very closer, so in-order to get Liz fired from GH she turns her in for stealing drugs. However, Ellie finds out soon after about Maxie's miscarriage by snooping through her medical records. Maxie finally gets to see Nathan when the guys bring him in and chain him up as well. During this Spinelli breaks into the hostage room to save Maxie. Maxie gives birth to her daughter with Lulu next to her. Sadly, Levi catches them and ends the call. She explains that Nathan told her that he has feelings for her and that she's confused about her feelings but she wasn't confused when he kissed her. Storms was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2009. Maxie tells him she isn't going anywhere. He says that he did leave when she told him that her cab broke down because he couldn't stand the thought of her being alone at midnight. Morgan also says that she probably knows a lot more then she's leading on and that she needs to make the decision herself. On January 31, Nathan died from complications of his gunshot wound, leaving Maxie devastated and the baby fatherless. Maxie returns home on April 8, with her boyfriend, Levi and is greeted by Nathan. Although, Maxie and her younger sister, Georgie keep Frisco's last name they have always considered Mac to be their father. She was known for her feud and rivalry with Elizabeth Webber. She then leaves when she finds out that Diane can't help her and Nathan. To plant a tree in memory of Maxine Jones, please visit. Maxie and Nathan share a Christmas kiss. Kate hires Johnny to go on publicized dates with Maxie in order to stimulate press for Crimson that neither Spinelli nor Lulu liked. General Hospital Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Nathan is still outside when Victor starts talking about how someone is missing and he tells Nathan to come out or he will kill Maxie. Later on, Maxie sees Levi punch Nathan and then she goes to Gabriel's funeral. They were married on January 17, 2017 at the Metro Court Hotel surrounded by family and friends and with Lulu serving as matron of honor and Dante as best man. Bitter and resentful, she forces Maxie to help her sabotage the career of nursing student Sabrina Santiago, who has a crush on Patrick & who Britt blames for her break-up with Patrick. Maxie becomes friends with Lulu's boyfriend, Dante Falconeri, who is an undercover cop working to bust Sonny Corinthos. Fortunately, though, her father, Frisco, comes to town and she confides the truth to him about her baby & Britt. To get around this affidavit, Maxie marries Matt so that she does not have to testify against him. But Mac and Felicia didn't stay together, although Mac continued to be like a father to the girls. They play Connect 4, but Nathan is distracted because it was the day of Nina's hearing. They finish the ceremony, however, with Fr. James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten (2000-2003). It turns out that Victor Cassadine is behind this. Going to assume that he's dead because this was in 1995. She feels that the two of them have too much in common, both being computer geeks. Maxie and everyone else head for the front door but it's lock as well so they all agree to shoot at the door in order to break the lock. Maxie begins working for Kate Howard for her fashion magazine. After Lulu leaves Maxie continues to worry about Nathan. Maxie asks Nathan if he was responsible for the food, Nathan says that was Dante and Lulu. Moments later, Nathan and Dante walk in and Nathan and Maxie kiss. He then says that he will kill Maxie even if he is too weak. After they kiss, Nathan says that he has waited a whole year to do that, to touch her and look her. Maxie goes to Georgie's grave, and reveals that she's depressed over not being able to see her daughter, and is planning to swallow enough pills to commit suicide. Maxie and Georgie were excited over the prospect of Mac, who loved them as his own children, and their mother getting married. Maxie gives Nathan a Floating Rib card and Nathan gives her these expensive shoes she's been wanting since the spring. Maxie tells him that he shouldn't be jealous period. Frisco gets Britt to back off Maxie, and Sabrina is allowed to stay in the nursing program and complete her studies. Maxie offers to be Dante and Lulu's surrogate. On March 29, due to Storms' absence, it was explained that Maxie took a job in Portland, Oregon for 3 months. Maxie, shocked, says he's lying because he's mad that she asked him to leave. Maxie tries to get him to let Lulu go but they find out that Lulu is a part of it as well. After a bit of awkwardness between the two, they head to the bedroom and make love for the first time. Later on, Nathan and Maxie exchange Christmas gifts early because she is going to be in Portland for Christmas. However, Spinelli doesn't react the way she hopes. Nathan comes in, puts his gun down and checks on a sedated Maxie. Nathan says she could be right, he tells that the bartender is Jake Doe and Sam Morgan is sure that he is the one that took her hostage and shot him. They end up having sex all over the living room. Nathan later comforts Maxie and promises her that she will see Georgie in time for Christmas. In 1994, Maxie became seriously ill and needed a heart transplant to save her life. Maxie forms a quick friendship with Patrick and helps him care for Emma in Robin's absence. They also find out Levi's real identity and reasons for kidnapping them. [Aug 2011], Fell while trying to get away from Joey Bruzetta [Sep 19, 2011], Threatened with a knife by Joey [Sep 19, 2011], In the line of fire when Johnny shot and killed Joey [Sep 19, 2011]. Maxie walks down the aisle anyways and is about to say, "I do" when she has second thoughts but Levi talks her to her and changes her mind. Maxie later faces a crisis at the Black and White ball, in which mobster Anthony Zacchara forces her to play Russian Roulette. Grandpa Cesar also died. Maxie and Lulu continue to get on Levi's nerves so he throws his phone at her cup. While trapped inside the vault, Maxie meets the second man she shares a serious relationship with, Cooper Barrett. When they get inside the cabin Maxie and Lulu talk about how their men are going to find them and blow Levi and Scribner's heads off. They get back to the ceremony and Maxie says, "I do", however, just as they're about to be pronounced man and wife, Nathan walks in and says that Levi is under arrest. She also finds out that Johnny got out of prison. Then, Nathan and Maxie share their first kiss. Maxie starts to panic, but Alexis Davis comes to her rescue and tells her she will be filling in for Diane. During this time, Maxie's sister Georgie is conceived, but their father Frisco Jones leaves town again soon after and continues to have little involvement in his daughters lives. On New Years Eve, in Portland, Maxie discovers her flight has been cancelled due to fog. They had 3 children. Focused on becoming popular, she decided that she needed to hook up with a guy from the popular crowd to increase her status. She tells him that she can't go out with him at all because she just needs to be alone so he gives her a proposition: He will be at the Metro Court and she shows up great if not then thats okay. Was a hairdresser before joining the group, Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child, Ebony's 15th Annual Black Achievement Awards. She tries to tell Spinelli this, but is unable to because he spends most of his time with Ellie, and she tells Lulu how she's worried she'll never get to tell Spinelli about her change of heart. They call the wedding a "non-wedding" and begin to call each other their "non-husband" and "non-wife." [19][20][21] Required fields are marked *. After months of holding a grudge against him, she finally let go of her bitterness and is somewhat close to him and it has been hinted that she has feelings for him, like when she got jealous when she saw him and Lulu together.

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