Whether it's a reception, front of house or bell boy/porter position you're looking to land, this template will inspire you to write a snappy application that lands you that all important interview. • Their values. Commercial acumen can go by many names including business savvy or commercial awareness. What might they do next? Our one-page hotel worker CV template is a great starting point for those looking for a job in the hospitality industry. Employers and graduate recruiters know that. Sometimes they will scrutinise your presentation and listening skills too. Do you know what it means? Performing at a job interview When running through an example at an interview that demonstrates your commercial awareness, employers want to see a structural and logical response. Student Perspective: Planning your next steps in a pandemic. Asking the above question is missing the point really. What are their operational challenges, and how is their environment changing? Commercial awareness is more Part time work: are you being treated less favourably? Keeping up-to date-through news reports and articles is the best way to develop commercial awareness. To improve your commercial awareness, keep abreast of the latest industry news and fully research your chosen company and its competitors. Often, you will be given ‘essential criteria’ that will outline the competencies the company has identified as key. Providing information to staff and/or clients about special activities and events. Employers view candidates who can demonstrate commercial awareness as being able to add value to the business. I’m often asked, ‘should I keep this in, should I take this out?’ so I am here to tell you that only you... You're certainly not alone.. How do they stand out from their competitors, in terms of clients, services or products offered, their people, or their structure? Employers will be assessing whether you are able to work with others towards a common goal and graciously share credit. Free Word CV templates, résumé templates, careers guides and resources. Employers will probably be looking for you to demonstrate an awareness of the environment they are operating in throughout the application process – whether or not they specify “commercial awareness” in their job specification! Get as much work experience as you can, so you can demonstrate to an employer that you understand the role. Candidates that are good at taking responsibility are comfortable making decisions or taking ownership of their work. 2. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. How to prepare for the 6 different types of job interview, Security guard CV template (with example information), Recruitment consultant CV example: ATS-friendly template. Responding to telephone, e-mail, and in-person inquiries from clients, business partners, and other parties. Boost your chances of success. Here’s some recent feedback from a major employer on the importance of showing this in a cover letter: If a person is results-oriented they are focused on their goals and understand the steps needed to achieve them. Preparing for life after graduation takes thought and planning. You should therefore identify the key competencies of any given role at the beginning of the application process, and match your skills and experience to them. hospitality cv,hotel receptionist cv,hotel manager cv example,cv examples for hotel jobs,hotel manager cv example uk,hotel supervisor cv sample,how to write a cv for hotel job,cv examples hotel industry,hotel receptionist cv profile,cv for hotel housekeeping job, Free hotel worker one-page hospitality CV template (Word format), /cv-template/free-hotel-worker-one-page-cv-template/. One of the best ways to grab the attention of the employer is to ensure your CV oozes commercial awareness. • Their projects and services. Address: 78 Homefield Avenue, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GA, United Kingdom. What kinds of projects have they previously worked on? If you’re like me you have a vague idea of the sort of career that might interest you, but... Careers Perspectives from the University of Bath Careers Service, Take a look at this blog on how to structure an effective cover letter. Issuing room keys, leaflets and discount cards, etc. These 15-minute sessions can be booked via MyFuture. Printing updated in-house, arrival, departure, and room status reports every two hours. What kinds of sectors are those clients in, what are their clients’ challenges, and how is the employer helping clients to overcome those challenges? I see many students who feel that their CV is not good enough; that something is missing. Get as much work experience as you can, so you can demonstrate to an employer that you understand the role. Did you persuade a customer to buy champagne rather than sparkling wine, knowing tha… Give practical examples to demonstrate times you’ve actually shown your commercial awareness off. Key competencies are important benchmarks for assessing a candidate's suitability for a role. Demonstrate your trustworthiness by being honest and open in your application, and show good moral judgement if asked about difficult workplace scenarios. An employer wants to know that you understand how their business works. Running reports on the computer for management. See this page for more hints and tips on how to research employers, including online employer profiles, databases and other sources of information. Working in a team requires excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities, which you will need to demonstrate in any examples you give. They will also have the motivation to see projects through to fruition and motivate others to do the same. to get instant access to InterviewGold, the easy online training system for competency interviews. What does that organisation stand for? An employer will want to see that you can make the best possible decisions in the shortest amount of time, by gathering information, seeking opinions, analysing all possibilities and coming up with an effective solution. Download one of our 228 FREE Word CV templates - no registration required! An employer will be looking at how you achieve results by prioritising workload, effective time management, showing efficiency with resources available and monitoring progress. If not, a student will not be selected.”. It’s important to demonstrate that, when a problem arises, you are able to stay calm under pressure, research possible causes, identify trends and choose the most relevant solution. During the recruitment process, you will likely be asked competency-based questions, and the recruiter will use your answers to determine your suitability. Although “commercial awareness” brings to mind the private sector, you can apply the above to the public and "third" sectors too. • Their strategic challenges. Take a look at this blog on how to structure an effective cover letter, which includes how to include your research on the employer. So many great work and professional opportunities couldn’t happen this year, or at least not in the form originally intended. They all describe the same qualities – a strong understanding of the business world and an organisation’s market and environment, backed by a ready grasp of what the company needs to … Want to boost your chances of success by 97%? If you can, get industry-based work experience to acquire practical experience of commercial awareness on a daily basis. Commercial awareness is one of the key attributes cited by many employers as being essential to employability, but unfortunately one that many people seem unable to demonstrate. Have they recently done any brilliant research, developed new services, products or processes, or have they begun to operate in new markets? WikiJob also produces a psychometric tests app, available for both Apple and Android, which includes 8 verbal tests, with a timer and worked solutions. “…we need to see a passion and interest in [our organisation] specifically and some indication that even rudimentary research has been done into our organisation. If you’re not living in university accommodation, you’re likely to have put some commercial thinking into your choice of where to live. Want to boost your chances of success by 97%? A person who is trustworthy and aligned with the ethics of the business will build better relationships with existing staff members and enhance teamworking efforts. Posted in: Advice, Applications, Tips & Hints. Demonstrate this competency by thinking of real-life examples of when you stuck to a task despite overcoming problems, met a deadline or managed budgets. Even if you work alone or remotely, it is still important that you are able to communicate ideas and see the bigger picture of how your work will be used by others in the organisation.

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